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Sunday, April 24, 2011

193rd email

From: Dom Borax
To: Undisclosed recipients
Sent: Tuesday July 30th, 1999 20:01 PM
Subject: Party Invitation. Dom and Elsa’s – Sat’ 7:30

Hello All, sorry about the global.

Elsa and I are having an impromptu party on Saturday night. It's more of a celebration for Elsa than me as she is a way better person than I am.

Please feel free to debate:

Anyay – the address: 4/15 Albert Street West End – 7:30.

It's a fancy dress party.
The theme: Come as yourself.

And in case you’re not sure who that is we’ll have some cocktails waiting for you on arrival to help.

Apart from that please bring your own bottle, bag of jellied fruits and a secret that you’re willing to share to a small group of people for social buoyancy reasons.

Of couuse the latter is optional but if you embrace the suggestion you will certainly elevate the discussion beyond shared entertainment and take it to a place of a communual gossip.

Coz aint that what it’s all about, folks?
A little chatter stops us fearing death, right!!??

See you then.


PS Not sure if I should have mentioned the word ‘death’ in an invite for a piss-up excuse for a party.

Please don’t let it get you down.

And in a weak attempt to rectify that odd detour in tone I offer this triviality from my own life for you to ponder, be amused, dismissed and distracted:

Sometimes I pretend to be blind to get attention.


  1. Howdy Bored Olives community. It's been one year since this story started and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your support.

    Thank you all so much from commenters to readers. From the introverts to the extroverts. But all romantics deep down.

    I thank you and thank you again.

    Have a lovely day and happy first birthday Dom and Stacey.

  2. It's totally out of character but I really hope Dom stands up in front of all these people, Marcus and Elsa included, and says "I've been fucking Stacy".

    I have a hunch that's his plan here, but he's probably just psyching himself up for it and is more likely to pussy out than anything.

  3. happy Bored Olives day Stephen and all the whole gossip of Olives (did we ever agree on a collective?)

  4. he didnt bother responding to Stacey but decided to send this out first..hmm interesting indeed.

    Takkaktus - thats quite a theory. but like you said, i think Dom will indeed pussy out. I get the feeling that Elsa will again feel left out because of Doms eloquent speech. I get the feeling she feels like a commoner when Dom is around his friends.

    I think this little party will lead to a fight between one of the couples. i dont know who yet, but its a hunch. That's what usually happens after a party isnt it?

    happy birthday Bored Olives. Thanks Stephen for the dedication over the past year.

    im just wondering what secrets our readers could share here...

  5. Nabs, I believe it's actually Stacey's turn to respond to Dom following his afterthought bombshell that he did indeed shag Stacey.

    What I would give to be one of the attendee's of this party, I think it could be quite the evening of entertainment and disclosure. I like the theme and the ideas presented. Might just poach them myself at some point!!

  6. hmm interesting theory about one of the couples fighting... I would say Dom and Elsa break up and Staci and Marcus "strengthen" their relationship... hmmm maybe he'll make a fool out of himself for her (Marcus), profess his love, or give her some huge token of his affection... or he could be a dick and fight with Dom... I'm interested, and I have a little faith in Dom's backbone these days... I shagged Elsa in a matter of fact tone with an apology was the best... wow.

  7. Random, but I imagine Stacey as Zooey Deschanel. >.>

  8. Well, this story always has remindeed me of 500 days of summer, but I've always imagined Stacy as a blonde for some reason, or light brown...

    I actually have been reading this for ages but never commented... I know, stealthy... But as it is a year now I thought I would, as a birthday present. But yes, I do read all of your comments and know you well, I am like the child that lives under the floorboards of the Bored Olives manor...

  9. Strangely, I think different to you lot - I reckon Dom will wimp out and make something silly up like he doesn't like a certain food or something.

    I just can't see him standing up tall and announcing "Oh, I thought you lot should know, I've been shagging Stacey, and it's been goooooood!! *tokes a joint/necks shot*"

    But that's just me.

    Welcome to comments Valentine, you creepy stalker ;)

  10. Again I have been so slack in replying. My only excuse is the busyness of life. See I've got some big deadlines coming up and I admit to moments of panic - most emphatically is the grand possibility of failure.

    Nevertheless, I adore the feedback that is generated and please don't take my absnece as lack of intrest.

    Truly it is the opposite.

    And I hope my distraction won't incur a lack of dialogue from this delightful community.

    Thank you for birthday greetins and weclome Valentine - feel free to comment antime.

    A nod of thanks for first comment to Tekactus
    And gentle playful growl to Nabs.
    A Hello stranger to Randall
    A true boy hug to Chris
    A big kiss to Ipshi
    A fellow Bournemouth cheer to Jay
    And a manly double tap to the heart for Pete.

  11. PS sorry for the myriad errors above -
    Proof, Davis - proof!

  12. Happy birthday Bored Olives, and Ipshi I dont know that we agreed as such but i think the collective is very fitting :-)

    Not much to say but couldnt let the birthday pass without a comment, I would love Dom to state it matter of factly, but with no apology after all he was involved with Stacey first and Marcus swept in and stole her away, although I would like to think he would tell Elsa before hand, she at least deserves that.


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