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Sunday, April 17, 2011

188th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Tuesday July 30th, 1999 11:26 AM
Subject: RE Close shave

That’s quite unnerving and a little exciting. Kinda like going back to a restaurant after getting a bad does of food poisoning because you really love their duck.

But you seem okay now; yeah?

Elsa was a little suspicious when I got home too. She was put out that she wasn’t invited to dinner. I stressed that it was impromptu. She stressed I could have called her.

I fudged it by saying it could’ve been awkward considering the status of your – whatever it is with Marcus - because another couple might have only reminded them of the good times.

Oftenbark rolled his eyes at that one.

So did Elsa.

She thought I simply didn’t want her around; she felt she didn’t fit in and she admitted that it’s hard to keep up with the banter sometimes.
She then had a bit of a melt down. She feels she’s not intellectually up to the group and they laugh behind their backs at her.

Now I know this it not true. But man, I felt guilty. Cause in a way you and I are laughing behind Elsa’s back.

I came so close to telling her about us. But Oftenbark barked at a car back firing in the street and the moment was lost and I returned to my role as Captain Sympathy to deal with a fast approaching War Ship called the HMS Self Dread; canons loaded, taking aim but missing. Just.

(Okay - went off on a lame metaphor there – sorry – back to literal. Message to self: If I’m going to be poetic be certain I have the text)

Back to Elsa:

Feeling guilty, I took action against Elsa’s worry. I suggested we have a party. Our place; on the weekend – and we can invite everyone - her friends, my friends; everyone.

I can’t believe I suggested it.

So do you and Marcus want to come over to our place on the weekend?
(Of course I’d really like to see you sooner)


PS And I have to ask, and I hate myself for asking it, but did you – you know – you know – with Marcus?


  1. Ahh, Dom you poor, lovable, loath-able bastard...

  2. if there is one thing i've learned in life from all my mistakes it's sometimes you gotta stop thinking so fucking much and just go with the flow... poor guy. He's about to get his heart broken and he don't even see it coming...

  3. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George drives Susan's parents all the way to his fictional house in the Hamptons.

  4. See, Oftenbark. That's one pup that's got his collar on straight.
    I think we should all follow what he thinks is right.

  5. Hooooooooo this is a good one.

    The question at the end... I suppose it's hanging there for him, but it would probably have been better not to ask.

    Or maybe he should call her out on it?! Yeah maybe. Depends what game she's playing, huh?

  6. what a dumb ass...

    he's inviting her to a party organised by himself with the guy she's supposed to have broken up with. where's the irony?

    then he asks her the inevitable question whether she and marcus- you know. of course she did! i dont think he realises that until he breaks the shackles with elsa and she does the same with marcus, that he doesnt have the right to ask those sort of questions! Going by Stacey's honest answers about marcus's prowess in bed, i dont think Dom's going to be very happy with the outcome.

    a final note...Dom's going back to his old self by introducing his imaginary talking dog/ alter ego again. He usually starts doing that when he realises he doesnt have the balls to stand up to a situation.

  7. "Going by Stacey's honest answers about marcus's prowess in bed, i dont think Dom's going to be very happy with the outcome."

    I thought Stacey insulted him, calling him predictable and vanilla?

  8. Oh Dominic, Dominic, Dominic. I think a few mistakes have been made here

    1. Dom's planned a party which is just going to be awkward

    2. He's feeling guilty which is NEVER a good thing when it comes to Dom.

  9. anon@6.49pm

    so why does Stacey keep going back to more bland vanilla if its so bad?

    i do believe that she was only venting to Dom at the time to show him that things werent smooth sailing between her and Marcus.

  10. @nabs

    So then 'Marcus' prowess in bed' is an extrapolation by one or more commenters, not stated explicitly by Stacey?

  11. anon (11:41) what a supurb back handed compliment--

  12. Chirs, wow you're driving tghe defeatist train all the way. Though I agree he is thinking too much. But is it such a bad thing if it's about him reconcilling his position or even coming to terms with his guilt?

    I guess it all don't mean much unless htere's positive action.

  13. Anon (12:45) hahahhahhahhhhhahhahhah - love it.

  14. bautifail, I agree - I loe that pooch - I love his morality.

  15. Jack, I love how you let your mind spill out on the page. So many wuestions, reroutes and answers - all tied up with a big oooohhhhh.

  16. Nabs - the jury's still out on Stacey's moment with Marcus.

    And I heat you about the return of the dog alter ego. is it cowardly or just passive agressive???
    I have to ponder.

  17. Anon (6:49) like Nabs I think this good/bad in bed has been extrapolated by commenters. Youg guys might know it better - but I believe (as stated later in this section) Stacey was just venting and though she's mentione toimes of intmacy she hasn't habitually gone into detail.

    Though I'm happy to be prooved wrong.

  18. Pete Kent, love the observation that Dom - when he gets guilty isn't a good thing. It's true. he tyurns it on hiomself. Gets defenseive, raves and finally becoems a tad wet.

    Or am I being cruel?

  19. Anyone remember those halcyon days of lore?

    14th email
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Stacey Marchenkova
    To: dom borax < >
    Sent: Friday, May 7th, 1999 11:29 AM
    Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE WOW You’re up early

    Dom, I just want to prepare you…I might not be there tonight…

    having a moment of panic…I kinda feel sick and I’m not sure - but this morning, I think I saw a rash forming on my skin that looks like letters…I’m not joking…I looked in the mirror and I swear I could see the word ‘doubt’…

    and not only that I could see punctuation too…a semi colon…really…and it made me think of time and rhythm and perhaps I was truly betraying my values…that maybe this moment we had decided to share was an semi colon…a break in the random pattern where anything can happen…a moment to take it in…pause…reflect…and then start to fear, hate, judge and doubt…fuck I’m sure it said doubt…

    So I bought some camomile lotion and it seemed to calm me a little…I even drank a little of it and feel better… :)

    But if it flares up again:

    I’m going to smash all the clocks,
    toast some bread,
    make a tent out of my doona
    and stay home in bed.

    And truly it has nothing to do with you…you wouldn’t want to spend the night with a fuck-up like me anyway.


  20. And to the "Is Marcus a good lay" debate:

    From E-mail #44:
    "And then Marcus was there and we started talking too…we connected too…and he sat in your seat at the table once you’d gone…

    …he stayed…

    …and we drank and we talked and we flirted…

    …and he said, come back to my place…

    And I did…

    …we went back to his place…we fucked…it was good…we played Big Star…the good third album and fucked to Holocaust…it was sad and kinda funny…

    and after we talked…we talked about Asterix and The Devils of Loudon in a weird francophile/belguim stream of consciousness way…even Tintin…

    I never got Tintin…I liked the white dog but found Tintin looked too much like my Aunt who never married…

    but hearing him talk about Tintin made me want to read it…and marry my aunt…and then we put on Jesus and Mary Chain and fucked again to April Skies and Darklands…

    …and in the morning it still felt good…he made me cup of tea…leaves…in this kitsch purple home made mug…he taught me how to do a cryptic crossword…and we watched a movie on telly…Doc Savage…

    …and when I went home, I still thought of him…it was painful not to ring…it was more painful to want to see him in the future and think of him from last night…he had made me move out of the present…I had memory and hope…

    ...and parted of me hated him for that and parted of me could see myself getting old…quilting and kissing and baking and toying with the idea of god…

    I kinda felt human"

  21. While it would seem this email would clear up the debate ANON 11:44 it also has to be said that that was an email she sent to hurt Dom. she even admitted to as much. Love, doubt, lust, trust, hope, it's amazing how words can just be words when you see them but they are so much more when you feel them.

  22. I feel like Dom doesn't care about the answers to any part of his e-mail except for the PS.


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