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Sunday, April 10, 2011

185 email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Monday July 29th, 1999 23:01 PM
Subject: Close shave

Okay that was close. Did you know Marcus was coming over?

I did feel a little awkward having dinner with both you. And I didn’t know he was such a good cook. I mean what that man can do with a chicken!

Is he still there? I felt he wanted to stay the night.

The overnight bag was a give away.


PS I love your apartment by the way. It’s so minimal - small but perfect. Everything is needed. Everything is placed. Hadn’t heard of Hundertwasser before, but his paintings are really something.

And I love how you consciously display pointless items – Monkey with Fez salt and pepper shakers next to that great tight ball of collected chewing gum alfoil paper. It gives it value. I love that.

And I love your books. So many books. I love books.

PPS And I thought it was really hot how your foot rested on mine under the dinner table as we ate ice cream by the way.

PPS Thanks for the lift home. I’ve developed a bruise on my thigh from your hand brake. I touch it and it’s painful. Good pain though, really good pain.


  1. That handbrake comment sounds like something went on in the car after they left.

    I get the feeling that Stacey is going to get a little angry at the overnight bag comment though and accuse Dom of getting suspicious.

    (Just a bit of whoring there)

  2. Gah! I was going to guess that Marcus would interrupt somehow. Too bad about the shrine-closet, though.

    Car sex. Nice.

  3. I'm with Pete--I definitely think Stacey's going to freak about the Marcus comment.

  4. She may well casually point out that the thrill of sex with Dom is in the nearly getting caught, the risque locations and the naughtiness of it all, whereas she still enjoys having sex with Marcus who has technique and a bigger wang. Or something. Maybe.

    Either way, all this underhandedness will have to end at some point. Dom needs to end things with Elsa as my respect for him thus far has gone through the floor.

    And I never really respected Stacey, who appears to feel the need to conjure up some kind of disassociative personality as an excuse for treating people badly.

  5. She's doing both Dom and Marcus? :/

  6. I'm pretty sure that like everyone else, this isn't exactly how I imagined Dom and Stacy finally being together.

  7. Hello all - sorry for absence
    perhaps like you I'm just dealing with the connection between the two and how I feel a little odd that it's transgressive.

    Pete, feel free to pimp site. I'vehad a look
    great writing
    and I encourage others to check it out.

  8. Kimberley, very funny about shrine
    Great comment
    full of energy and fun.

  9. Man, that sounded way patronising, K.

    Just really liked your shorthand.

  10. Liz, I think you both could be right. It is habitual for Stacey to take things personally

    Let's hope she's basking in such afterglow that she might miss it.

  11. Jay, what analysis.
    I hadn't spotted that they are engaging in risque behaviour. It's so true. It's as if the thrill is taking precedence over their feelings and they are blind to the personal damage they might be incurring.

    Problem is; I kinda like it.
    Man, what does that say about me!!??

  12. Juan - maybe
    let's not think about it, I reckon.

  13. Jason, but are they together.
    I think this is just another chapter in they working each out and finding out how they fit.

    They make mistakes sure
    But I guess mistakes are part of the journey??


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