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Sunday, February 27, 2011

140th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: Dom Borax
Sent: Monday July 22nd July 1999, 20:21 PM
Subject: Elliot Smith

I love Elliot Smith.


PS and apologising in case you offended me is not an apology even it wasn’t your intention…it’s a safety response…

no rue…

and a slight, I reckon…putting it back on me…

it’s like when people say ‘I’m sorry, but…’

the but usually implies that you should have never been offended in the first place or that…it actually might be your fault all along…

“I’m sorry…but you’re a liar…’

If you know what I mean…


  1. Ouch!

    I'm always Dom - I always try to be the nice guy but then when I get sick of being the nice guy and try and stand up for myself, I end up looking like a total douchebag - or at least feeling like a total douchebag because I apparently had no right to question the other person.

    But seeing this just makes me a little mad....pretty sure Stacey is either being a total bitch on purpose or just lying to herslf...I'm hoping its the 2nd one and she'll see the truth soon.

    And I hope Dom doesnt do what I do and just back off and avoid further conflict.

    I hope he fights back.

  2. I've just about had enough of this bitch.
    She's either complaining about her life and elements in it, going off on long tangents trying to seem philosophical and mature, or attacking Dom for being a friend.
    In the end she's just another 20 year old who's trying to figure out who she is, but is afraid of discovering that she's vain and petty, so she refuses to admit it.
    I liked her at first, I reall did. But the longer these emails are exchanged the more I feel like we get to see her true colours.
    She needs to grow up and set her priorities straight.

  3. I think she's picked up on exactly what Dom meant. He never wanted to apologise, and rightly so, because he did nothing wrong except react to her obviously provoking 'I just fucked your friend again' email. Stacey seems to be pointing out the obvious, because if she's right he never meant to apologise anyway, so why bother telling him?

  4. It SHOULD be put back on you, you conniving little bitch.

    If I were Dom this would have been my breaking point. The floodgates would have burst, and the meek beta-male persona would've crumbled, probably crushing some bystanders underneath. Hopefully Dom has more patience than I do, or else next email is gonna be a doozy.

  5. I have to agree with everyone. And also, i'm kinda glad she picked up on Dom's true meaning (in the previous email) and sent him another reply from hell itself.

    I'm also kinda hoping Dom's reply might go something like:
    You know what, you're right. As always. That wasn't a real apology. And, I am a liar. I really am.

    So here it is. The real apology, in my most sincerest tone:
    I am sorry Stacey. Really sorry. Sorry that you are a headcase.

    Good day to you dear Sir/Madam/Succubus/Bastard Queen.

    And is Stacey taking classes in comedy or something?
    "and a slight, I reckon…putting it back on me…"

    Isn't that "i reckon DOT DOT DOT" on a parrallel to her "*apology*, but.." that she was referring to?

    So really, she does get it that it's her fault!
    What a joke.

  6. Bing bang bong. Twenty is as twenty does.

    Are twenty year olds aware that they are twenty? I guess not.

    It would be difficult to act like one if you knew that it was an affliction. But then you read the Myth of Sisyphus, and you're twenty squared and it's okay.

    - Kensington Red

  7. This relationship is exhausting. Stacey is tedious... no wonder Marcus reads before bed.

    I'm not naive enough not to realize that relationships take work, but this is nuts.

    Run, Dom. Run.

  8. what a ****

    (that starts with a C and ends with a UNT)

  9. This is my impression of Stacey over these last few emails.

    "I've really turned a...corner in my life and I want to change...things but in reality I'm a fucking idi...ot and all I did was quit my...job and now I...have no job."

  10. if i were Dom i'd buy her that plane ticket and be rid of her.

    i stand by my comment that she's got some sort of split personality disoorder, and she's coming off her drugs.

    if she really thinks that its dom's fault because he perked up because she's lying to herself and Dom by toying with both men, then she's got something coming.

    if i were Dom i'd kick her to the kerb right now

    im trying to decifer what she meant with the elliot smith comment.. any ideas??

  11. Been lurking for the past few weeks waiting for this nonsense to end.

    I have to agree with nabs again and say that she is mentally disturbed. I also agree with Anon 2:10 about that impression of her.

    All I can even say about this is that it's complete bull shit.

  12. I agree with everyone, I think at this point Dom should say his goodbyes and see where the Elsa thing is at... I mean we haven't heard about her, if she's still bringing home guys I'd say bon voyage to both of them and hire a prostitute, he's getting fucked either way...

  13. Miss Holly, ouch indeed. I love your comment. It's so honest. And I agree with you (and everyone - so it seems) that Dom does need to fight back. The time is now or never. for if it doesn't happen soon you could be forever damned.

    Okay maybe that's a little dramatic.

  14. Andy, how harsh - vain and pretty - and how true of 20 year olds huh. I recall my moment where realised I had sense of entitlement and tendencies to being shallow. Hard days discovery that was. But needed.

  15. RedYeti, yes-yes-yes - I think you're spot on. I think Stacey is not only dealing with her own sense of solipsism but I also think she's testing out her bullshit radar - and with Dom it's peaking.

    Man, I see her in a different light now.

  16. Tekactus, I think Dom is the epitome of patience. :)

    (and as informed by RedYeti; a little bit of a liar - or at least a passive aggressive)

    I tell you all, this two character (S and D) are making my head hurt.

  17. Oops sorry Tekkactus for the missing 'K'

  18. Hiranga, great response email. I lvoe Dom fessing up to be a liar. But I;m not sure I concur with you about his lie. I think he's lying about something deeper. I think he's lying about the polite interchnage they've had of late. (prior to this explosive banter)

    I think about his love.

  19. Kensington Red, How wise you are. I love that myth - and how true regarding your comments of age awareness.

  20. Kimberley - nooooooo - please don't advocate for the reading before bed Marcus. It has to be S and D. I'm too invested. The world is better than Marcus (tedious at times, sure) but it has to be better.

  21. Anon (12:42) your message is too crytpic :)

  22. Anon (2:10) best use of ellipse yet. Very funny.

  23. Nabs, I've been thinking about your split persoanlithy comment and I'm coming to the conclusion that you are right as much as we all tend to suffer a persona and truth. I don't think it's in need of treatment. But I do think she (as Dom does too) needs to stop being so stubborn.

    Elliot Smith comment is probably factual and and some attempt to retain a common value with Dom. 'Cause I still think they're made for each other.

  24. Steph T, jot a truer word spoken, Bullshit. I agree. I think they're both wallowing.

  25. Chris, oh no - it seems you've lost faith. I hear you. Me too at times. But let me pass some faith your way. Let me have it for both of us.
    And maybe you could pass it my way in return one day when I'm getting empty.

    Good thoughts your way as always.

  26. As I said last week Dom, RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

    Where has all this crazy come from???

  27. At this point, this is almost like a TV show that has been running for 6 seasons. Just as it appears the couple that has been destined to be together will be, they have to throw a loop into the story so the show can run another 4 seasons. I don't understand what's going on with Stacey.


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