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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

141st email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Tuesday July 21st 1999 8:41 AM
Subject: RE Elliot Smith

Now I really don’t understand. I don’t think I was being safe. My apology was genuine. I don’t think I play it safe at all. Look at how I’ve been with you.

I was the one, waving the flag high above me head, remember.

I was the one that emailed you first - back in April, remember.

In was the one that poured his drink over your head, remember.

You must have seen it.

I know you’re not blind.

Or is there something else going on here?

Fucking Hell, Stacey!!


  1. Wow. Dom finally got some balls. I really liked this post, though I'm nervous to see how Stacey reacts (or how long it will take for Stacey to react). Only time will tell. Keep 'em coming, Stephen! I love this so much.

  2. Fucking Hell, Stacey!!

  3. YES!!!



    thank u lord! now all i want for my birthday is for dom's next mail to be addressed to me...

  4. Fucking Hell, Stacey!! indeed.

  5. BOOOOOM SHAKALAKA!! Fucking Hell, Stacey!! Fucking Right, Dom!!! Yeauh boi! About time he exploded.

  6. Dom's spelling mistakes are indicative of his level of anger.

    Fucking Hell indeed Stacey!!!


  7. Fucking Hell Stacey is going to be my catchphrase for the next 4 days. Thank you Dom for finally pulling your backbone out and standing up for yourself... playing it safe is ok to a point but don't get run over.

  8. THANK GOD!!!

    And just so that I fit it... Fucking Hell Stacey!!

    Finally :D

  9. This is what I wanted.
    So happy right now.

  10. Yay!! Go Dom.

    Except...did anyone else pick up that this email was sent BEFORE Stacey's? Her's was the 140th email sent on Monday 22nd July 1999 at 8:21pm. This was sent on Tuesday 21st July 1999 at 8:44am.

    Also, the days are all wrong for the date and year. E.g. 21st July in 1999 was actually a Wednesday...

    Does Stephen put the dates in himself (hence a reason for why the dates are mixed up) or are these maybe not actually real emails? (Please let it be the former!!)

  11. oh veee -- oh no... now u got me doubting it all over again... oh this hurts

    anyways--- just cos it feels so very good to type this... fucking hell stacey!!!

  12. Well I might as well say it too, Fucking Hell Stacey, now Chris how to drop it in to every day conversation with out being considered a bit odd as I dont know a Stacey?

    although I got to say I kinda want to use Boom Shakalaka as my catch phrase instead!

    Oh and yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dom! about bloody time

  13. ha Vee, I was just about to say this!!


  15. It's satisfying isn't it? :P MMMHMMM Yes it is :D

  16. "In was the one that poured his drink over your head, remember."

    Is that an expression or am I just forgetting something?

    Can't wait for sunday... :)

  17. i wont pretend that i know what drink was poured over whos head..what's Dom talking about??

    oh fucking hell stacey!!!!!!!

    Finally!! Dom had two body parts suddenly appear in his anatomy. Balls and a spine. Kudos to you buddy...

    Fucking Hell Stacey!!!!

  18. Confused About the Drink People: It all takes place around emails 43-46. Thereabouts. When Stacey tells Dom, over lunch, how she went home with Marcus after a night at a bar... when Dom left her there with his friends.

    I think this email was our collective sigh (or scream) of release.

  19. good? good what?

    are u happy about Dom getting pissed off?

    do you think its a good thing that he stood up to her?

    Is the collective sigh good?

    come on guys. if you're going to spend a minute or two posting after going through selecting your name and putting in the random word, at least make an effort to add something we can work with. one word?..pfft...

    fucking hell jason!!!!

  20. Fucking hell nabs!! Calm down! :P

  21. It's about time he found them! His balls i mean...

    Fucking Hell Stacey!!

  22. This catch phrase has turned into an epidemic.. lol

  23. Nabs, interpret "good" how you will.

    "Fucking hell nabs!!!"

  24. Also, if you wanted to send me your criteria for acceptable comments by Sunday, I'll be sure to reference them the next time I decide to comment.

  25. bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    JASON --- EPIC!!!!

    Nabs --- the whole point of being an olive is being able to say whatever u want to... we're all here interpreting things that D&S r saying, what the others r saying... u can interpret Jason's "good" anyway u want to... that's kinda the point!

    and just for good measure -- Fucking Hell Stacey!!


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