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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

166th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday, July 26th, 1999 18:12 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Last night’s call

Hey Dom,

I got here early…went across the road to this internet cafĂ©…I feel I need to write to you before seeing you…it feels familiar and though I have nothing really to say…there’s something right about it…

Perhaps we should take computers into the room and sit on the bed and write to each other…

I’m kinda being serious…email foreplay…me breathing warm air on my blind carbon copy tab as you fiddle with your attachments…

Of course neither of us is going to lug desktops into a hotel…but perhaps we should just speak in blocked sentences or…I don’t know…I’m a little nervous…I’m raving…I told you I have nothing to say…so…

How are you?

How was I?


PS God, I can’t believe I’m sending this email.


  1. Sweet Jesus - I love this. LOVE IT. SO MUCH. This one and the last set.

    At times, this string of letters honestly had me wanting to rip my hair out. I even recall feeling a little depressed at moments! It was so clear to me that they had some kind of *thing*... but they kept screwing it up for some God forsaken reason.

    And finally, it's as if what was supposed to happen all along is finally about to happen. *sigh of relief/appreciates a happy ending*

    PS- Her foreshadowing. 'How was I?' Hot. I swear this would probably make a better movie than 'You've Got Mail'

  2. Oh the anticipation!!! Bring on Sundays email. I dont care if their cheating cause is this not what we were all reading for? these two to finally get their shit together

  3. It is exciting, finally getting it together... here's hoping for the best... oh and a shameless plug for myself I know, but this kinda feels like my own little family here, so check out my poem, tell me how you like it Honest comments only.

  4. ahahahahahhahaahahah GO SON!! hahahahha Stacey you horndawg ;D

    *laughing so hard im crying*

    PS. You've got mail has got nothin on this shett :P

  5. I feel someone should make a graphic novel of this thing. Scott Pilgrim style.

    And then some clever kid would come and make that movie that nabs and Stephen have been talking about.

    P.S. You guys are going way too old... you need some unknown 20 year olds to do it.

    P.P.S. How do people imagine these guys look? For whatever reason, even though he's proved time and again that he's a suave, sly dawg, I picture Dom as being a real scraggly guy. Showers every few days. Wears lots of black, has long ratty hair. Stacey - no idea!

  6. "How was I?"

    I don't think any of us ever really believed she was a nihilist.


    Jack: I also think everyone is thinking too old. I see Stacey as Ellen Page. Small stature, cute and a little Bohemian.

    Dom, I see as clean cut, sharp, both in dress and intellectually. And despite his tendency to be a little anal, is about as laid back as you can get. Maybe, Andrew Garfield.

    No one TOO unknown. This story is deserving of some (semi) star factor. Not so much it overshadows what we've all come to love about it. I love me a good Indie.

    Stephen: More than ever before, I can wait to see the next one. Thank you.

  7. Crap. Just read Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman. Not sure how long he's going to stay "unknown". Still, he's a handsome chap.

  8. anyone notice Stacey's signature signoff?


    surely that wasnt by accident!

    Cindy, i dont think we are reading this for the anticipation of them cheating on their respective partners. it would be so much nicer and more family-friendly for the future movie if there wasnt any cheating involved.

    Alas, we cant change history.

    p.s. maybe we can coax the real dom and stacey to play themselves.

  9. Anon 11:48 - what a great jounrney you've been on. Frustration to depression to happinesss. That's great. I wonder what the next emotional beat will be?

  10. Cindy, you said it. It's what we;ve been waiting for.

  11. A Man de Clark, it is exciting. Good to read your comments again. Also I was wondering if you had any tips on traffic generation?

  12. Chris, shameless plug away. Go for it. I haven't read it yet but will do. And I encourage everyone to read. Chris is such a thoughtful soul, his poetry will surely reflect that.

  13. Hiranga, Stacey is a horndawg!!?? Gotta be the phrase of the day - gotta be.

  14. Jack, love the graphic novel idea. I guess you're a fan. Have your read Black Hole? I can't seem to shake it.

    And I reckon you're right - younger cast.

  15. Kimberley, you're welcome.
    And love your casting ideas. Ellen Page - great. Now that's all I can see.

  16. Nabs, wonderful - d and s to play themselves - it would be amazingly weird as they'd be 30 now. Bu I guess there's a strong tradition of 30 year olds playing teens. Anyone?

  17. did anyone read my comment bout how the movie shud b about all of us instead?

    sigh... im not excited... im just too caught up in feeling the emotions here... its not excitement really is it? its this rush of true JOY... of feeling something go right after really long...

  18. Kimberley, great ideas... Ellen Page does the cutesy teen very well - and I imagine she's plenty good at being bitchy and aloof too! There are touches of it in Juno and whatnot. I might even suggest Emma Stone but I dunno if she has the chops for it.. She can do bitchy, and also the super cool girl next door. But, Easy A knocked a few points off.

    As you were describing Dom as clean cut and stylish, Andrew Garfield popped into my head before I read your idea... definitely agree there. He was good in Social Network - kinda suave but self deprecating, sharply dressed but never sure of himself - mostly because of other people. He did a great job.

    Stephen, only just recently got into them, I suppose. I used to love comics when I was a kid... Phantom, all the (good) funny ones like Calvin and Hobbes, Farside. Recently I've been jumping back in. Scott Pilgrim, Shaun Tan's stuff (counts, right?), Joe Sacco's stuff. It's kinda heralded the re-surfacing of my artsy side. Drawing and writing. I don't know what came first though.

    I loved all sorts of hell out of the Scott Pilgrim movie though, let me tell you... Seemed like it was perfectly tailored for ME! Ramona... what a woman!

  19. I got you Ipshita, I already said Jack black could play me but Stephen disagrees... who's playing you? Stephen? Nabs? Stephanie? Hiranga? A Man de Clark? Jack? Kimberly? Cindy? or any of the countless others i've failed to name... I'd like to know thoughts on who you think could play these people by their comments? And who would play me? That one should be easiest for you. I encourage everyone else to supply with your pics. Pick 4 or 5 random people who comment a lot and tell me who they are? I'm enjoying this casting game lol.

  20. chris - billy gardell

    hiranga -- kal penn or any other cool indian subcontinental supercool dude!

    stephen -- i wud love someone like ian mckellan but seeing his sketches i wud guess maybe Bill Murray?

    beautifail -- Maggie Gyllenhall?

    steph t -- julia stiles? if too old then rachel mcadams

    stephanie -- anne hathaway

    a man de clark -- emily blunt

    jack -- Armie Hammer

    about me... u guys decide

  21. I would like to play John Barrymore or Strother Martin.

    I could also play Robert Duvall and Barbra Streisand in My Fair Lady.

  22. 'How was I'


  23. Ipshi - I'm a little late on commenting on this one but whoa, whoa, whoa.
    Maggie Gyllenhall? No. Way. Not in the appearance or presence.
    I'm more of a... Jasika Nicole or Rachel True. Jasika fits best in appearance and presence. I love her.


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