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Sunday, March 27, 2011

167th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Friday July 26th, 1999 18:22 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Last night’s call

Stacey, I think I’m sitting in the same internet café as you. I’m sure I just saw you.

I’m just going to peer over the monitors:

Yes, that’s you.

I can’t believe it.

Are you emailing me as I email you? How funny.

I’m checking my email.
(A few minutes later)

Okay you are emailing me.

If it helps I feel the same way. I feel nervous and little guilty.

Elsa thinks I’m out with the lads.

I am such a liar.

I wonder if you’ve told Marcus anything.
Indeed do you need to tell Marcus anything?


I shouldn’t be talking about them.

I am so excited about seeing you. I just watched you cross the road and move into the hotel. You looked around the foyer.

You’re back outside now; having a cigarette.

You’re trying to look busy and you are so beautiful.

Maybe you’re in the moment.
I hope so.

I can’t stand it any longer.
See you in a second.


  1. Hello, all - I'm sorry for asking again and intruding in your experience, but I was hoping this little commeting and reading army would mobolize once more and get the word out there about this humble blog.

    The numbers are solid but it has evened out recently and if I could request a sharing of the site among friends, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Any suggestions about building traffic would be welcomed too.

    Again I apoligise for asking and hope it doesn't intrude on your experience.


  2. How could they have missed each other earlier!
    Hah. I love how they've both arrived early and are just scooting around doing nothing much at all. Probably their minds are blowing out of their heads...

    I do the same thing sometimes, before a great big moment in life which I need to think about. But I've never had an illicit hotel room rendesvous.

  3. HAHA oh man, I enjoy how they're at the same place.

    Anyone else thinking that eventually this email thing will be a problem?

    I don't know how well they'll be able to have a real relationship after the majority of it has been over email.

  4. Steve, there's a site I use which helps me to get web traffic on my blog:

    Just fill in the details and send it off :)

  5. Wow. I kind of called it on that one.
    /Giving myself props.

  6. Steph - Sometimes I think that one of the others [Elsa or Marcus] will go a-snooping and hell will break loose.

    Stephen - I already told all of my friends about this. So, I'm all tapped out.
    Having found it on Gaia is what got me here in the first place.
    Maybe more buzz about it there might help?
    I could slap it on to my signature and waltz around the forums if you think it might help.

  7. Haha, I misread "Indeed do you need to tell Marcus anything?" as "Indeed do you [ever] tell Marcus anything?"

    To me, this plot development is bittersweet. They're finally getting together but they're doing it in entirely the wrong way. It seems like it will cheapen their relationship : (


  8. Well, I've met my girlfriend sort of like this way. By cheating. Hasn't cheapened anything, as far as i'm concerned. Me and her just... bumped into each other and instantly realized our current relationships were nothing compared to what the two of us could have. So I guess I can kind of relate to the anxiety Dom and Stacey are going through. Kind of...

    This is my first comment by the way, have been lurking for a few months though. Stephen, just wanted you to know that you developed one of the most beautiful communities I've ever come across on the nets. And thanks for sharing this wonderful story!

  9. Steph T, I've been wondering the same thing. How will they communicate without talking in slabs and able to edit. Hmmm--

  10. Pete Kent, thanks for the heads up. I went there and pinged - not sure if I did it right. But I'll try again (self annoujnced luddite I am)

    Hey also if you want to pimp your blog please do. I;m sure other commenters would like to read/see it.

  11. Beatifail, that would be amazing. yes pleae slap it on sig and waltz areoud to heart's content.

    And of course a big thanks to you and other who've been spreading the word. I really appreciate it.

  12. valerie, I know but I still find it delicious. Does that make me bad. Man, I think so. I guess I alwaty read that Marcus and Elsa where not the ones. And perhaps they shiould come out and be honest - but man - who is that noble :)

  13. Anon (9:21) thank you so much for commenting. Please feel free anytime -

    And wow what a story you must have. I so want to know more - but that would surely be too nosy.

    And thanks for the kind words. It really makes a difference knowing that others are enjoying this little community.

  14. aaah little children... why do they need to cheat on poor elsa tho? she has such a sad choice in men... first keith who had so many things wrong up there and now Dom... who is in love with the idea of another woman... and is going to cheat on her...

    they're not married... why doesnt he let her go? unless he knows stacey wont/cant stick around and he doesnt wanna let go of what's safe...

    or alternatively, hes scared stacey wont like him anymore if hes easily available...

  15. he's hanging onto Elsa because he's scared that Stacey wont like the real-life Dom.

    thats why he hasnt broken up with Elsa. Its not fair, but thats the way life goes eg? Elsa'd have had 2 rotten tomatos in the space of a few months. go figure

    if he falls, he's got Elsa to fall back and, and things are back in gear like nothing ever happened.

  16. except for the fact that Elsa's been cheating on him with Keith. I would put money on that. yeah the cheating is sad but the world is not perfect and relationships are not always black and white. Sometimes you have to get down and dirty. You have to go through some serious shit to come out with true happiness, if life was a walk in the park we'd all be in Stepford... just saying.

  17. thats bullshit... no offence... life does NOT have to be serious shit... i have seen this first hand

    u can decide if u wanna hold on to a shitty situation and wallow in it everyday or just let it go... and letting go -- it actually works!!

    elsa "may" be cheating but d&s definitely are! and cheating is never ok... especially when it is so unnecessary... dom doesnt need elsa except as a security blanket

  18. I agree with you, Chris. Down and dirty grey areas. I'm not concerned with the cheating or the lying at the moment. I'm in selfish-mode, right along with them. Not saying it's right, either.

    And just to step back a minute, they haven't actually done it yet. Is the intention just as unforgivable?

  19. I'm definitely siding with Ipshi on this one.
    There may be grey areas and things can get complicated but it doesn't have to be. A little bit of integrity can change an entire situation. These two know what they're doing and proceeding to do it when the obvious, honest path is right there in front of them and they aren't taking it. It's a really crappy thing to do in general. Especially to two people they don't seem to even care about very much.


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