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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

158th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Wednesday, July 24th, 1999 11:31 AM
Subject: Last night’s call

It was so so so good talking last night…it was a long call…but good to get it out in the open…how are you feeling today...?

I feel quite excited…a little nervous too…and a little evil…but good evil… I can’t wait to see you…

God…we are so going to hell…


  1. how would you have liked to hear that conversation?

  2. RedYeti, I hear you. I am thrilled.

  3. Chris, I'd have loved to hear that conversation. Anyone want to suggest a snippet?

  4. I don't have a snippet but I think I can safely say that there is an element to 'Therese Raquin' by Emile Zola here.

    Girl in unhappy relationship (w/ her cousin).
    Guy fancies girl.
    Girl and guy conspire to kill said cousin
    Above characters perform the above act.

    If you haven't read it, give it a read.

    Note: I only popped on the laptop to check emails for a break of studying and saw the new post of Bored Olives on FB. Damn you Steve for disturbing my frame of mind!! :P

  5. I've never wanted more badly to see Elsa's response.

  6. lol RedYeti ;P

    Hiranga is also excited. He was going to hell anyway :P

  7. They are so gonna do it.

  8. I get queasy feelings from this.
    What did you do, Stacey? D=

  9. Yippeee! I'm SO glad they had a phone call, it makes it more real for them and harder to put aside. Shame we can't see it/hear it though.

    I LOVE the way Dom uses the word 'evil' here - I probably would have used naughty but thats just me ;-)

  10. YES!
    That is all :)

  11. Phone sex as a prelude to the actual physical act?

  12. Anyone thought that the next email could be an awkward one? That after all this faffing about they finally get around to doing it and it sucks?

    Just saying....

  13. I agree with Anon 9:13. We could venturing into some form of awkward pre-Facebook status update territory. Next post "emails 159-202":

    "Miss you, baby"
    "Miss you, too"
    "Can't wait to see you later"
    "I love you so much"
    "Whatcha doin?"
    "Thinking about you!"
    "You were so great last night"
    "Whatcha doin' now?"
    "emailing you at the exact same time!"
    "We were meant for each other"

    I'm joking, of course (?)

  14. Am I the only one who is gutted and feels like Dom should come to his senses and avoid getting sucked into the vortex ?

  15. im back! i had some internet issues that i told stephen about.good to see you guys again!

    anon@8.44am - no. Dom got himself into this, and although im happy for him, it's his own doing. he saw the signs, he'll only have himself to blame.

    sorry to spoil the fun guys, but relationships take time and work. This is only the begining things could be a little less rosy in a few weeks/months time..

    sorry, someone had to say it.

    I like Dom, he's a decent guy. I just see him getting hamstrung by a passive/agressive woman with a personality disorder

    /pass the popcorn please

  16. shouldn't someone co-opt this into a movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?

  17. God no not Tom and Meg think younger. (just so you know anyone who mentions Justin Bieber or a Glee cast member is automatically out of my friend zone) I'm with ya Nabs, more bad in the future. So here's your popcorn enjoy, glad your back it from the restroom to see the rest of the feature. Wait did you wash your hands?

  18., but it's ok, i showered yesterday. The funk adds to the taste. who needs salt eh?

    what if one day, someone buys the rights to the story including stephens, and we're all part of the bigger plan and become stars. John Cusak would play me. I want my cut stephen!

    i'd cast Ashton Kushter to play Dom, and Penelope Cruze would play Stacey.

    anyone else?

  19. hmmm... Jack Black could play me... Dom I'm thinking even younger than that 19 year old with actual acting talent... hmmm No twilight people either I said ACTING talent... hmmm... how bout Shia Lebouf and Natalie Portman... He gets a lot of crap for the transformer movies, but he was great in Eagle eye and Disturbia... She's good in everything but star wars... just a thought...

  20. nabs and Chris, I totally agree with you that something bad is going to happen really soon. But at least something is happening, at least there is now forward motion rather than all the usual backpedaling bullshit.

    Anyways, Chris I totally agree with you about the actors who should play them. Complete genious.
    I don't know who would play me in the movie version of this but I'm willing to bet she would be crazy and a bit outspoken. Possibly a street walker :P

    PS nabs, I am starting to realize that you are quite right about most guys only being friends with a girl if they want something. I didn't want to admit it but the evidence is popping up all over the place :S

  21. Pete Kent, very funny - I love Zola.

  22. Hiranga - I will see you in hell.

  23. Jason, you blow my mind - what would Elsa say? What about her? Og man - now I'm feeling really guilty and I haven;t even done enything.

  24. Kimberley _ I agree - they so are and then maybe we'll get the lovey dovey sign offs - or perhaps a little sexy.

    Man I can't believe I just wrote the word - sexy. So sorry to all.

  25. Beautifail - no need to feel queasy. It's all gonna be alright. I think.

  26. I knw Miss Holly - I so wabt to hear that phone call.

  27. Steph T - a big yes from me too. And don't underestimate yourself. Sure;ly not a street walker. Maybe someone political in a good way. Glenda Jackson - anyone?

  28. Chris Dixon, I so want to call you now.

  29. Anon 8:44 - I sometimes feel similar but generally I happy to plunge into the vortex with him.

  30. Nabs, welcome back. Your voiced was truly missed. I lvoe your question and want to hear others thoughts on this. Could you repost your query at the top of commetns oin the next post so we get a chance to read other people casts of S and D and themselves.

    For the record:

    70s versions:
    Dom: Woody Allen
    Stacey: Diane Keaton

    Me: Woody Allen (prior to the scandal)

  31. Chris, Jack Black!? No You're much sweeter than that.

  32. Now see i've written out this comment 2 times before but my comp crashes just as I post it -- and now I won't have papa bear's reply to validate it... sobs... but here goes...

    will all the naysayers please just take a backseat for now as all of us try to indulge in this all-too-brief but oh-so-long-awaited moment of utter and absolute joy that is the beginning of a relationship between people who so good at making a mess of things?

    Maybe they won't work out, maybe there is unhappiness headed their way, maybe they're horrible for each other. but isn't that true for everyone?

    in the parallel universe where D&S's lives moves ahead only twice a week... for now there is a little warp where the world seems full of love, life, lust and hope... let them (and me) revel in it... please. this moment is so all consuming, so easily lost where nothing exists beyond the other's nose, where everyone looks like they envy u... I might not feel it again but I can feel it thru this

    and I really believe that we shud hav a movie made on us -- amazing funny, witty people who have nothing in common except the voyeuristic pleasure we all revel in thru this blog. people who r slowly becoming lifelong friends without even knowing it... i'd like the fat funny old janeane garofalo to play me please.

  33. Just got back from a party. And I gotta say, I want nothing more than to read a new post here.

    I'm in that semi-drunk mood for a Scott Pilgrim-ish teenage romance. I suppose I'm not far out of it myself.

    But seriously Stephen, get to it, before I start listening to Sloan or the Bluetones or something.

    J B


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