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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

134th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: Dom Borax
Sent: Wednesday July 18th July 1999, 20:55 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE Had an adventure

Thank you, Dom…but I’m not feeling unloved…I’m having great break up sex with Marcus…been going on a few days…




  1. oh, that hurts!!!

  2. Why oh why oh why...? :-/

    Hmmmm... I suspect (HOPE) that this may be a Marcus using Stacey's email...

  3. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! STACEY!!!!!!

    (Sorry for the copy/paste, but it was my exact feeling.)

  4. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! STACEY!!!!!! (To continue the trend of saying exactly what we feel.)

  5. First time commentor, long time reader, really felt the need to say out loud "Why Stacey? Why would you say that to Dom?"...

    And while it would be horrid if Marcus had hacked Stacey's account, I admit that I would feel much better...

  6. Brutal. Unnecessary. Off-putting.

  7. Fear not tis Marcus I tell you....(been reading this for months but needed to post today) not after opening her heart would she do this???

  8. Hahahahahahahaha!

    I can't even be angry anymore. Stacey has soul-crushing bitchiness down to a science. At this point I can only admire her craftsmanship.

  9. Must be Marcus, or Stacey has a horrible alternate agenda here

  10. Oh! Ohh!! Oh.. OHHH GOD. Excuse my filth but WHAT THA SHETT WAS THAT?!?? HAHAHAHAHA Wth is going on??! The last two emails nearly made me cry and now this one i nearly vomited on my keyboard! And just scrolling past everyones comments i am literally laughing my ass off, feeling sick, and about to cry all at the same time.

    Not that i would literally cry, but seriously! What the hell Stacey!

    And Tekkactus. Dude.. your comment ahaha.. im just gonna say i love you man haha - "Admire her craftsmanship"? LMAO this is gold! And i agree, if this actually is Stacey writing this email she certainly has got it down to a science.

    Stacey's brutality is off the charts!! I sit here shaking my head and laughing but deep down I know that it's highly plausible that she is in fact, much like many other women I know, a SUCCUBUS from hell.

    I think I need a cup of tea now having read that..

  11. Reflecting what people have said above about it possibly being marcus, the writing doesn't seem much like Stacey's. She rarely, if ever, uses the three-dots (name forgotten) or say "Love". She also always put(s) twos Xs under her name.

  12. Cunt.

    (Equally applicable to Stacey or Marcus, whichever of the two composed and sent this email)

  13. Well that was not what I wanted to read! God I hope its Marcus (but how would he be accessing her email account if they are not together.

    Otherwise all my respect for Stacey is gone, I could cope with the previous emails were she was a bit too forthcoming about Marcus and her relationship but this is too much!

    Dom deserves better! and Pete I have to agree not like her usual emails at all so fingers crossed there is a story to this that will be explained soon!

    if not anonymous 10:48am I have to agree


  14. Surely this must be Marcus, considering how in the 100th Email Stacey was deriding Marcus for his dry, predictable sexual performance??

    If it were Marcus it would be understandable, him feeling undermined and cuckolded (to a degree) by Stacey and Dom and wanting to seek his revenge in the most apt fashion — the email correspondence that he has surely despised since he learnt of it.

    However, Tekkactus' observation on Stacey's bitchiness is very astute and one cannot discount it.

    Some people are just emotionally damaged (or immature) enough to do the things Stacey has done (i.e. sleep with the first man who gave her a bit of attention after Dom left her hanging in the bar; taunt Dom with unnecessarily precise details etc) and whenever real closeness and affection becomes a distinct possibility their fear prevents them from embracing it, and instead compels them to fight it away and say spiteful, hurtful things.

  15. OUCH...slapped in the face. WTH was she thinking?!

  16. Wow. I was not expecting this!


  17. It has to be Marcus!


  18. From another perspective, I'm actually now very interested to see what Dom's reaction is. This email, if anything, will hopefully draw him out, probably with an ultimatum, rather than his previous 'lets be friends' approach when Marcus first entered the scene.

    It does sound like something from Marcus, especially in light of Stacy's last affectionate email. He has the motivation.

    Maybe it is from Stacy, maybe she's not being sensitive (!), or is more affected by the break-up than she's letting on, or maybe she's trying to push Dom to admit his feelings.

    Sunday should be interesting... If I were Dom though, I'd wait or ask Stacy if she actually sent that email/for an explanation in case it was Marcus. I just hope he doesn't burn bridges or anything in retaliation unnecessarily.

  19. PS: What about Elsa? Dom technically isn't on the market. Stacy can always point to that fact.

  20. yes but Dom never talks about Elsa like Stacey does about Marcus, he may not be on the market but he is certainly more of a gentleman than many other men I know, and he has never really retaliated about Stacey's description of her sex life with marcus so I think (hope) he will handle this in much the same way - although I think an untimatum is warranted


  21. sorry that was meant to be ultimatum


    I can't think of anything else to say.

    Fuck you Stacy. Fuck you.

  23. Hiya. Long time lurker. Just felt the need to break my silence by saying:

    What the hell, Stacy?
    Just when I was beginning to at least grow neutral to you, you do this?
    Man, I hope that's Marcus just trolling because otherwise I'm going to have to build a new level of disgust and reserve it just for people who do this kind of thing. Ughh.

  24. Hello All, wow what a response. I never expected such emotional and honest catharsis.

    And so lovely to read responses from new commenters – welcome as always and thank you for engaging in this community.

    I started to respond to everyone individually as always –

    But as I started, I noticed I was saying the same thing. So if you’ll excuse me with this post I might offer a general global rave and hope it addresses all comments.

    Firstly some copy/paste:
    ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! STACEY!!!!!!

    I agree one hundred percent. How can she? How dare she?

    But then I thought of myself and how I have reacted to split ups, change, damage grief etc.

    For I have to confess I’ve participated in break up sex many times. Indeed this post reminded me of a relationship a few years ago. We split up three times, often returning for intimacy. It was never healthy of course. But it was familiar and happy for that briefest moment.

    Of course it was momentary and fixed nothing.

    But it was human and foolish and understandable.

    And though I was never in an epistolary affair and never offered the information thoughtlessly,

    I did treat myself poorly and often with dashings of cowardice.

    Now Stacey has done the same – but it feels like a betrayal because she is so damned frightened and had already sucked us all in with vulnerable seduction a few emails ago

    And trust me I FELT BETRAYED TOO. I hear you. I hear you all.

    But I also think it’s the exact thing she would do. She is, as most of us do I suspect, fast retreating to where it is safe.

    Because putting yourself out there is dangerous, it is frightening especially as one commenter noted, when the guy you put yourself out to, is already in a relationship.

    That's really complicated.

    Simply, I’m saying is Stacey is going back to the safety point, where it might be abusive, but at least it’s been done before. Coz the past can be cosy, right? Even when it’s shit.

    Not that this is right of course. I dearly hope our Stacey can stop being so damn scared – so much so that she tends to snap and fight back whenever her flaw is threatened. But don’t most of us do that.

    I mean:

    Change, they demand
    Why, we plead
    Because you have to, they state.
    I’m not ready, we reply
    Now’s as good a time as ever, they offer
    Don’t tell me what to do, we finally snap.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

    Anyway what I’m saying is, fuck you Stacey but I get it. It’s hard. It’s scary. Stop punishing Dom. Stop punishing yourself. You are better than that.

    And from here, I think it’s up to Dom. I reckon.

    He is the one that has to ‘nut up’ and save Stacey. Otherwise she will be lost to Marcus and unhappy forever. And that I could not bear.

    Rave out:

  25. And again thank you all for playing with me here. I so love it. It really means the world to me.

  26. it's like everytime she wants dom and he makes her an offer that could lead to more she has to throw it back in his face and say something to hurt him!

  27. My response, were I Dom:

    Not. A. Single. Fucking. Word.

  28. Dear Stacey,

    Yea I get it... thankfully Elsa and I never have to break up so that we can enjoy mind blowing, earth-shattering sex (well table-shattering atleast)... Guess I'm just one of the lucky few...

    Yours in a post-coital glow

  29. Wow, having re-read the email after Stephen's commentary, I now see it in a different light. That's email for you, you can't read the tone.

    I actually think she's sharing intimacy with Dom here. Read it again, I think you might see what I mean. If you focus on the warmth of the "Thank you, Dom..." and then see the remaining stuff as her being playfully intimate and close with Dom it actually feels like "we're close aren't we, we value each other don't we, here's some pathetic shit I'm going through -- break up sex, would you believe, pathetic huh. That's my crazy news." LOVE Stacey. Love! She said LOVE!!!!!


  30. The thing that I don't understand, and i think Stephen has confirmed it is Stacey, is if everyone will recall many emails back when she went into vivid details about her and Marcus having sex to Dom; she later apologized and said she did it to hurt Dom basically. Dom, now has let her know he loves her, has been there for her, and has accepted her opening herself to him... Why in the HELL would she write this, I mean this way. If anything, she could have said thanks for the offer but I believe Marcus and I are trying to work things out, or I need to be alone for a while, or whatever. Why would you rub the person who is your supposed favoite's nose in the fact your screwing your asshole of an ex again... Trifling bitch would be what i would use to describe her at this point... I mean WOW

  31. PS I wonder if her real name is Michelle... that would explain a lot...

  32. Uuuggggghhhhhhhh. Stacey...........

  33. June 30th: "Then we went to the bedroom and fucked…but I had revenge…I wasn’t in the moment with him…I was absent…I was breaking my rules again and thinking of someone else…someone from another time…and he never knew because he presumed I was faithful…but he was wrong…he was so wrong…"

    July 16th: "He started railing that I was being intellectually unfaithful [...] …but as he talked, I wasn’t listening…I was thinking of you..."

    July 18th: "I’m having great break up sex with Marcus…been going on a few days…"

    Anyone else wondering if she was thinking of someone else, maybe that Paul guy.. or perhaps Dom?

    I'm actually wondering when Oftenbark will end up back in the e-mailing marathon... Sonner than later I hope =O

  34. I wonder what a sonner is... LOL *sooner!
    Baby brain, I swear.

  35. @PennyPup, You're allowed slip ups, trust me lol.

  36. Oh shut up, Stacey.

    Oblivious or cruel? I don't care to decide right now.

  37. Hi All, still amazed at all the responses. Wonderful.

    I just reviewed the email again and reread the first statement - "I'm not feeling unloved"
    NAd it hit me. This is a reaction email to Dom saying he'd hate her to feel unloved. Stacey has taken offence at this comment. Sh's annoyed that Dom is assuming she is unloved. This is frustrating to her; insulting. And perhaps we don't agree but this is how she feels and trherefore has to be valid.

    I guess I kinda understand in a:
    Don't tell me how to feel
    Don't assume
    Am I unloved worthy
    Don't pretend to understand
    I am so angry
    Kinda way.

    Not that I think Dom deserves the response but I suddenly understood the context.

    @Chris - Michelle!?? Feel for you, buddy,

  38. I'm a long time creeper, but this post has finally drawn me out.

    Oh, to cling to the fragile hope that it was Marcus hacking Stacy's email.
    I am so disappointed!
    How, in Stacey's mind, could this end well for her and Dom? Clearly her blunt statements would hurt Dom on a fundamental level. It just reinforces for me how cruel and selfish Stacey is-even if this is Stacey's was of drawing Dom out.
    Gah! So, so disappointed.

  39. What a stupid little girl Stacey is.

    "This is a reaction email to Dom saying he'd hate her to feel unloved. Stacey has taken offence at this comment. Sh's annoyed that Dom is assuming she is unloved. This is frustrating to her; insulting."

    I can understand Stacey possibly mistaking Dom's sentiment for pity, finding it to her chagrin and being offended by it, but a spiteful reaction such as this — if this is truly Stacey's overblown reaction — then I'm afraid I find her ego-maniacal, immature, troubled, vindictive and thoroughly unpleasant.

  40. @ Jamie,
    Yeah, but probably hot and definitely crazy, and therefore most likely rather lively in the arts of the courtesan...

  41. LOL god you people are awesome! All the comments coming through have thrown me into an absolute mindfuck. There's so many way things make sense and sooo many possibilities. This is worse than Inception haha and that movie has nothing on this, credits to you, Stephen, discoverer (or creator) of this wild adventure.

    Also having read your initial rant Papa Bear (Stephen), i have to say, you are one of my biggest heroes. I honestly look up to very few, but somehow a stranger such as yourself have landed a shiny spot on my shabby podium for awesome people. You continue to open my eyes wider, as do many of the other olives here. Thanks. :) And i am loving the rantage. ..And Anon's exploding out of the woodworks :P :D

  42. Is this trollop taunting him? Insinuating with "been going on a few days" that Dom missed a window of opportunity to sleep with her?

  43. I was thinking that too Anon 7:35. She just reminds me of every CANIVING BITCH I've ever met. And don't get me wrong ladies. I'm not usually so... blunt but GOD...

  44. Yes ladies... Chris is never so "blunt" nor is he always so bad with spellings either... but seeing his reaction has brought the pain this letter can cause a very personal twinge... I am sorry for him and all the people who have gone thru shit like this

    @hiranga -- look at you going all soft... awwww! but yes this site has given me so much to be thankful for... some AMAZING friends (u know who u r) and an completely new lease of life --- and no im not being too dramatic

    i wish i knew who all of these anons were... I may be missing out on some more amazing friendships... I'd love to know more about them

  45. What does breakup sex have to do with LOVE?

  46. ...I bet Stephen is Dom.

  47. @ Anonymous 3:25am

    When you're shallow, fickle and immature like Stacey it's rather easy to confuse the two.


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