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Sunday, October 31, 2010

85th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Thursday June 21st, 1999 10:31AM
Subject: RE RE RE Matrix and Election


Sorry my last message did sound curt

(message to self; if you ever have a son - never call him curt…)

(message to self; stop writing message to self!)

It’s no excuse but I have been preoccupied.

It’s funny – in regard to time – I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. I think of it as night and day. That’s about it.

Anyway, sorry I have to dash. I’ll write more soon. I promise. What are you doing this weekend?


PS sounds like you have some form of OCD.


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  2. I have to applaud Dom on his ability to apologize for sending short messages in a short message. This must burn her even more. I also enjoy that he said he has been preoccupied, so it wasn't like he forgot, she just wasn't high enough on his priority list to warrant a decently sized email. And then he makes that even more clear by saying he's going somewhere again so he can't write anymore than a short one again, thus putting her low on that list again. I love the reaction that I can see coming from her. I think I'll hold off on predictions but I'll let you know if I was right.
    Then at the end he throws in that he thinks she has OCD, and if I were her, I don't think I would appreciate being told that by the guy I secretly loved. That, no matter how true it is, is going to be a major blow to her ego.
    All in all, great email.
    Props to Dom for this one.

  3. I hope she doesn't answer him at all. Suddenly feeling a lean toward Team Stacey.

    Make him write again... he's not that important either, Stace.

    Ooooh... I'm all bitter. Bet she is, too.

    YAY DRAMA! I'm eating this up.

  4. hahaha Kimberly! Your comment has rocked my socks. I like it Steph T. mmmmmmm it is a funny email. And, its sorta like he's joking it up a bit with the "sounds like you have some form of OCD." when clearly he is OCDing with his messages to self hahaha Very funny :D

    PS. im in the last 3wks of my course so ima be scarce, fellow olives!! Wish me luck!

    PPS. idea for generating traffic:
    Stephen, your banners for this page - You should change them to excerpts from the email posts! "Dear Stacey, bla bla bla" People love reading letters!! Especially when it is someone else's letter lol - those nosey Parkers haha. But seriously. Really small writing, with the Letter #XY written on it, and only the first half of the letter shown or sometihng.. If you post you have 3 or 4 randomly picked emails that pop up on the web ppl will read it, and be like Hey! i want to read this whole thing! I secretly hate how advertising works, but surely that would spark some intrigue. AND we are already up to email #85 ! Surely people will want to know what on earth these letters are about? Who these random people are? How come they seem so real? And then *BAM* they are suddenly commenting on this here-fine-blog :)))

    Do i sound like i should have been in advertising? Don't answer that.. i despise those bastards - always luring me in.. ahhhh.. :D

  5. I agree brilliant still by Dom. While i can respect everyone's opinions, i'm sorry Kim still can't lean toward team Stacey. If she hadn't been so flighty and quick to judge Dom on an assumption she made, they might be together right now. However, I'm not anti-Stacey either, just still siding with Dom. Waiting for Elsa to screw up. As for advertising, make a facebook page for the sight, befriend everyone here and post an update every Wed and Sun when you write it... just a thought.

  6. I've been reading this blog since day one (in fact, Stephen, you emailed me once about it!) and every Wednesday and Sunday I'm up at nine, refreshing, refreshing!
    It's funny how we instinctively side with the person being hard done by, isn't it? As Dom loses interest, suddenly he begins to seem slightly heartless, and Stacey seems nicer, softer, more vulnerable. But what if you're just not into them... or just not anymore? Are you automatically a bad person?
    Stephen, how long do these emails go for?
    And I feel a little like Stacey when I admit that when I find something like this that I enjoy so much, my enjoyment is somewhat overshadowed by a foreboding sense that it will, inevitably, end...

  7. (ps- My name's not 'somewhatmorefree', it's Fyfee- but wordpress is sulking at me for flirting with the enemy... I may have fixed this problem now)

  8. I don't think I like how people are choosing sides. Team Dom or Team Stacey. Why do we have to have teams? I don't think there are teams in relationships. If I were Dom or Stacey I would be so annoyed that people were choosing teams, what right do they have to judge in that way? I don't think it is about taking sides it is just about enjoying this little insight into their relationship that we have.

    At the end of the day we are judging one of Dom's email in relation to one sent by Stacey's or vice versa they are both playing the same game. We can take sides but if they aren't then what is the point?

  9. Steph T, wow - harsh to poor Stacey. I didn't realises Dom was being so cruel. But I guess he's trying to distance himself and perhaps offer some pay back. I wonder if he's feeling any guilt?

  10. Kimberly, you must have already read these emails - you're spot on. You know your drama!

  11. Hiranga, love that he's ocding himself. Very funny. And good luck with course - do let us know how it goes. Exams? I know you'll nail it and soon you'll be designing great, like the wonderful parliament house in bangladesh.

    Hey and thanks for the tip - but a but stumped on how to achieve it. Any other thoughts? Perhaps you could design a bored olives hub!! :)

    Will miss you and hear from you soon.

  12. Chris, poor Elsa - we wait and hope.

    And thanks for the facebook tip. There already is a facebook fanpage which I post updates when there's a new email. Please join if you see fit. The link is on the left hand side just below the followers. And then if you do fanpage it - perhaps I could impress on you to 'suggest it to friends'. I know that's pushy and apologies in advance. I truly want this site to have no payment - hence no banner ads monitzing etc.

    My hope - is it's truly altruistic: no fee - payment, effort, expectation, social or the like.

  13. Fyfee, welcome to the comments. You mention you have word press - do you want to pimp your blog here? Happy to share link, if you want.

  14. Anon (8:58) - I think the team business is playful.

    But that being said, there is intent behind it. I love your observations here and in some ways I've been looking forward to someone stating them.

    Go team love, I say.

  15. PS: Fyfee - forgot to answer you quesiton of how long will thin go on for - it's a tough one to answer - and I've just started offering a stock response:

    It goes on for as long as you want it to.

    I hope that's not too smart arse - but what I mean by that is the reader is in control here. They can drop in, stay or leave whenever they want.

    Also - I've been plundering my address book wondering who you are. Any hint?

  16. Not a bit of it! It was with a different name, that's all I'll say.
    I think if you click on my name, it goes through to my blog, which is a baby-new and more than likely short lived endeavor, but we shall see..
    Also, I kind of resent Elsa a little bit, am I the only one?

  17. Stacey asked if he was pre-occupied with being in love and in his response didnt actually acknowledge her comment.

    Dom also didnt mention his new GF in the email either or what what pre-occupying him.

    Do i sense a shift towards Stacey? is Elsa just a strategic move to get back with Stacey? is Elsa in on it?

  18. Fyfee; too little to go on - but understand secrecy. I personally know so few of the commenters - that I'm dead curious.

    I kinda resent Elsa too.

  19. nabs, welcome to the bored olives comments. Great to read your thoughts. And I adore them. I love that Elsa might be in on it. What a strategic move from our Dom.

    You should write romcoms!
    (And of course, maybe you do!?)

  20. I think it's entirely possible that something else has happened to Dom that is non-relationship based and that's why he's not-available at the moment....I mean, it does sound to me more like a 'I'm having a new relationship fun time right now' but you never know, it could be something else....
    I guess what I'm getting at is that we're only seeing one small part of both Stacey and Dom's lives and who knows what else could be in the, family, hobbies, houses, health issues.....

    But I do think he's really just enjoying his new relationship with Elsa and
    * realised Stacey was a lot of work
    * is being respectful of the new relationship by not blabbing about it
    * is, well, just busy!

    I like Elsa. She's pulled Dom out of his little hidey hole and he's living his life in real life instead of via email (not that there is anything wrong with email and internet life!! But you need more real life interactions with people you're secretly in love with than once a fortnight or so.)

  21. I also think Dom actually wants to stay in touch with Stacey! He promised to write more soon and he doesnt seem the type to make promises lightly.
    He asked what she's doing on the weekend as well and I'm sure he's genuinely interested.
    They've built a friendship and he wants to keep that.
    Maybe this is a very female point of view (that's what I would do if I'd made friends with someone who I thought was in love with me but it didnt work out but I liked them as a friend.....actually I'm pretty sure I have)....but Dom seems to have a sensitive side......

  22. Miss Holly, great points. It's hard to imagine that D and S have lives outside of this interaction (sometime I don't)

    And I adore your observation that he's still keen to connect with our Stace'. He is being opne; keeping it alive - wanting to see her more.

    Nicely picked up.


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