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Sunday, October 24, 2010

83rd email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Wednesday June 20th, 1999 18:03PM
Subject: RE Matrix and Election

Election gets my thumbs up. Ah Tracy Flick.


PS I don’t really have a recipe. But basically it’s a bit of everything. Anchovies, Olives, tomato paste, onion, garlic, capers, basil and chilli – all whored up.


  1. Anon )10:08) Ouch indeed. Though I wonder of he;s meaning to hurt?

  2. I think he has a right to.

  3. Wow, look at how many errors I made in the first response. Please let me redo:

    Anon (10:08) Ouch indeed. Though I wonder if he's meaning to hurt.

  4. I don't think he's trying to hurt her..
    Maybe he's just happy with Elsa, and isn't as interested?

  5. Anon (10:58) I'm not convinced he has the right to. Indeed I don't think he's doing it counciously. There was a great response in the last post by King O. It came late in the cycle so I'm going to repost it. Very interested to read what people say.

  6. REPOSTED from KingO:

    I'll somewhat stand up for Stacey.

    I think she's trying to be edgy and out there and portray confidence, but really she's insecure. Her excuse for living in the moment is because she knows there's a chance that extreme anxiety will sink in and going to a bar by yourself to meet a guy she's met once and might not even remember what he looks like is pretty intimidating. Maybe she's even tired of the dating scene and putting forth that much effort is just exhausting. Plus, women always try to play hard to get because men seem to lose interest if women aren't a little stand off-ish. No matter what people say, it's always a game.

    Then, when Dom and Stacey seem to be hitting it off, Dom gets drunk and leaves her at a bar. Most women are going to think, "Wow, he is NOT into me." We are left feeling rejected and doubting our feelings ("I thought he liked me... but obviously he didn't.). Then Marcus shows her attention and she thinks, "Wow, this guy likes me." Whether it's the alcohol, or feeling rejected by Dom, she sleeps with him.

    Then, as many women do, we want to justify our actions and we'll do anything to turn a one night stand into a meaningful relationship, even if the man is totally wrong for us. After so many failed relationships, Stacey wants SOMETHING to work.

    But of course, in the back of her mind she's still holding out hope that maybe Dom did like her and if things don't work out with Marcus, she can try it with him again. Then there is probably extreme jealousy that things fell into place with Elsa when they obviously didn't fall into place for her.

    I wouldn't blame it all on Stacey. If she pours her feelings out, Dom would get overwelmed and run. Plus, I'm a woman and I needed to be told 10 times before I'll believe that a guy really likes me. And leaving me at a bar and then hooking up with your roommate is going to really leave me saying, "Wow, I wasn't good enough," but it doesn't make those feelings just go away. Relationships are complicated!

    October 23, 2010 6:24 AM

  7. Anon (11:16) Maybe you're right. Maybe he is happy with Elsa for the moment. But surely his heart still flips for our Stacey!!??

  8. To me it seems like Dom is replying simply to be polite. Twice now they've been short and to the point. No more romanticism.. no more story-telling.
    Maybe this will finally give Stacy the hint he's no longer interested.

  9. You should know, Mr. Davis ;)
    But yeah, I think so too. On the other hand, I feel sorry for Elsa. She seems nice, and I don't see how this can end well for her if our predictions are correct..

  10. Yes, I like the D+E pairing better than D+S. I hope that you are just trying to keep all of the D+S fans happy with the constant hints at the repairing of their relationship. Although even though I know that can't be true. Oh well for as long as they're apart I will be happy. They don't do good things for each other.

  11. weird how many of us have parted from the scene getting D + S together hey..

    Im with Steph T, Elsa seems nice.. and Stacey... Our dear Stace. Im not sure how to think of her now..

    I read KingO's comment from the previous email and yeah -you're right. Has anyone out there got a "simple" relationship experience to share with us? I would like to think there are some cases..

    And yeah. I'm not convinced Dom's email didn't have intent. I think it WAS just a reply to be nice.. Maybe he had nothing more to say to Stacey. There does come a time when words are completely useless. Where nothing more can or should be said to try and make things better. Or more optimistically perhaps there are things that could be said - just i can't think of any. I dunno. I think this one also reveals a little agitation on Dom's part when he says "-all whored up." at the end.

    - Kind of disrupts the brisk, casual tone of everything else in the email with a a sharp bite.

    All whored up.. i keep thinking it over in my head - it almost feels like he can see her trying to come back.. but of course, she can't have the cake and eat it. Sounds like he's letting her know that.

  12. Wow, this e-mail was short. Been reading everyone’s comments so far.
    Alot of good points... Instead of repeating what everyone else has said,
    I tried to come up with another theory.
    Maybe he isn’t trying to be mean or push Stacy away at all...but just trying to be buddy-buddy.
    Another outlook may be that Dom is just keeping a certain loyalty to Elsa so he is easing up on his carefree, flirty self with Stacy. Since he has Elsa, he is creating boundaries.
    I don’t think he is the type of guy to go behind some girl’s back and cheat on them.
    (I really hope I know him well enough to assume as much).
    And seriously, good for him for not waiting around. Sometimes you have to live for yourself rather than other people.


    P.S The job interview seemed to have went well. I’m going in for a second interview (with the head honcho of the bookstore) on Monday. I’ll keep you all updated if I get the job.
    I really want it! Working at a bookstore would be like a kid working in a candy store.

  13. Im sure she knew Dom was interested, like he put in so much work into getting to know her... he even tried to kiss her =/, Now that hes not available she decides to reciprocate those feelings... Im happy my life isnt that complicated =]

  14. It's very polite of Dom not to join in on her bashing of Marcus. I wonder how she feels about him not responding to any of that.

    I've noticed that Stacey is treating him almost like a girlfriend... complaining about her boyfriend, telling him he's deserving of his new relationship and general self-esteem boosting comments. Asking for recipes for Pete's sake!

    I know remaining friends is what they agreed upon after the whole "sleeping with Marcus/spilled drink" incident... but maybe it's weirding Dom out. The correspondence has gone from very personal confessions (Dom's OCD etc.) to this superficial nonsense. It's like what happens on soap operas before they break for the Holidays... a whole lot of nothing. Yes, we read between the lines, but the epidermis is a whole lotta blah. We are in the midst of a buildup, leading to some sort of culmination. It will be fantastic.

    Still, I agree with the first poster. Ouch.

  15. PennyPup, or maybe he's trying to convince himself.

  16. Anon (11:36) Yes you're right - I should know. But I can forget.

  17. Steph T', wow what an interesting point - they don't do good things for each other. This is fascinating and one I havn't considered. But I'm curious there's a few lobbying for D and E pairing. But what do we actually know about Elsa?

    Anyone want to give a summary on what we know about Elsa?

  18. Hiranga, I know - all whored up!!! I know he's responding to the puttanesca (sp?) and its literal meaning - but it's hard to not take meaning from it - even if not intended.

    If it helps (and you're reading) Stacey - I don't think you're a whore.

  19. Stephanie, I love your thought that Dom is creating bounderies. This reads true to me. He's trying to not overly complicate it and keep it simple. And if this is the case I wonder if it's hurting him.

    PS: Kudos on second interview - I am sure that I and many of these commenters are putting good luck vibes out there. Please let us know how it goes. I reckon you'll nail it.

  20. PS Stephanie - your job interview is like a sub plot here. I truly want to know how it goes.

  21. Kimberly, so many good points. She is treating him like a girlfriend. Good tactic. And she might mean it too. It is an opportunity to get closer.

    I also like your observation that D didn't engage in the Marucs bashing. He must want to. But it's smart not to.

    Finally your comment about Soap Opera rhythms is wonderful. But I can promise you all - it's not about to break for the holiday.

  22. Well it seems to me that if they were already roommates, they must have been able to get along for at least a little while. What exactly could be better about the mutually destructive relationship of D+S. No matter what happens I don't think I will ever be on the D+S team again. They might be good people in their own ways but together they're awful.
    Also @ Stephanie- coming from a fellow Steph I'm very happy for you! You're making our name look good :) I hope the other interview goes well!
    GOOD VIBES!!!!

  23. Ahhhh, he says he likes Tracy Flick, the character, not Reece Witherspoon, the actress. Ah, so he likes cold ruthless characters who are determined and unlikeable.

  24. I so want to hint, Steph T' - but I won't.

  25. Cordelia - what are you saying?? :)

  26. Hi. Longtime reader (found this blog via 4chanarchive), first time commenter.

    I'm inclined to agree with PennyPup and Kimberley's point here, but with a slight twist. I think Stacey asking for the pasta recipe is more like an attempt to obfuscate the meaning of her e-mail - i.e. that she is clearly hoping to get a word or two at least from Dom regarding Marcus. Note that after her previous attempt Dom made no comment on Marcus in the 81st email. Has this riled her a little bit?

    Dom makes nary a mention of Marcus in this reply too, simply because it is of no advantage for him to do so. Dom has read Stacey's intentions here to a tee and in avoiding the topic completely - and politely conversing solely on trivial matters like recipes and movie ratings - he is denying Stacey the in-road she clearly wants and earns himself the upper hand in doing so.

    If i were to attempt to read between the lines of Dom's reply and paraphrase, it would be:

    "Stacey, you've made your bed with Marcus, now you have to lie in it"

    I would like to think that Stacey will be more frank and candid in her next e-mail to Dom, but i'll have to impatiently wait to find out!

    @Stephen Davis: Thank you kindly for creating this blog. It's a wonderful read!

  27. Hang on Stephen, what are YOU SAYING!??????? :D ??

    Is THEE Stacey reading this :O ?

    PS. Wouldn't it be hilarious if we all turned on each other to find out who of us is the Stacey? ..or Dom even? Cluedo! My mind wonders.. I should get back to work. arghh. Stacey, if you're reading our comments, throw us a few hints ;D!!

  28. threads .. i keep seeing threads..that make the tapestries of our lives .. that weave around and around and bind us to each other...i will stand up for Stacey..and for Dom..and Stacey and Dom... cos i loved the way they knotted and wove .. their words and jokes and puns and secrets
    But i really want Stacey to cut the threads that bind her to Marcus sooner rather than later.. she already knows that she should do it..there is too much dog-earing in him, too much disrespect of the beautiful and profound. And then she will not be with him and she will not be with Dom...and she should grab the fear of that and take the leap and be alone and herself..and construct her own story from her own threads which can include Dom as a friend for now, and all the other things that she herself can find to make a beautiful picture. she has to learn to truly live in her own moment.. not just the moment... one she choses and makes real.
    and Dom? i am happy for him and I think he is entitled to keep it brief... it is his choice to keep or cut threads that are useful/ not useful to him.. i want him to feel happy and strong... but...Somehow i don't quite believe in Elsa ... i mean i know she exists ( well that actually strikes me as an interesting statement in so many ways!!) and yes she seems nice... but until I read an email by her.... she will never seem quite real..
    so for me ... in the face of evidence to the contrary i know ....i still keep faith with Dom and Stacey... WW
    ps been sooooo busy guys .. missed you!

  29. Jamie, welcome to bored olives comments. Another great voice in the mix, especially one that uses the word nary. Love it.

    And thanks for coming from 4chan. I was aware there was a poster who was placing these emails online there and claiming them for themselves. Strange. Though I suspect I owe them a thanks as they ended up generating an audience on this blogs behalf.

    Glad you found your way here.

  30. Hiranga, maybe. Who knows. It'd be great and terrifying if she was. Are you there, Stacey?

  31. WW, weclome back. I understand the busy-thing. Really do. And we've missed your poeteic take on the emails too. It's such an added bonus to the posts and I know other commenters love reading your skill.

    And what a defence of Stacey. It's great to read someone who doesn't think of her as a villian but just as human as all of us.

    Finally - this is why we miss you. WW:

    "she should grab the fear of that and take the
    leap and be alone and herself..and construct her own story from her own threads which can include Dom as a friend for now, and all the other things that she herself can find to make a beautiful picture. she has to learn to truly live in her own moment"

    This is why we miss you.

  32. He's definitely gained the upper hand in the relationship by remaining neutral toward her Marcus relationship. I think that while he is purposely being vague and answering things that can't be construed as flirting, he's still leaving the door open for a future should/when things fall through with Elsa. As far as Elsa, I'm afraid she's going to end up sleeping around, it seems (and i'm not going back searching at this point) that I remember Dom mentioning that she had lots of guys there before... We shall see. I think that our roads go in all directions in life, and if it's meant to be D&S will have intertwining paths. If not, we as readers have an interesting story for two interesting individuals... I do since very soon something big... maybe after a long period of not talking... in my personal experience when you have time to let feelings build without contact, they eventually explode.

  33. Stephen, I meant Stacey is going to lose her cool with Dom soon. She might of thought the last one-line response was cute, but not two in a row. I'm predicting angry Stacey for the next response.

  34. Well picked Chris, Elsa does have a history of 'sleeping around' I wonder if this will play out later?

  35. Jason - ahh angry Stacey - I wanna see that!

  36. Could Stephen be hinting, how Ironic would a Marcus/Elsa hook up be? hmmm

  37. Chris, how delicious - Marcus/Elsa hook up. Love it.

  38. Haha. I like the idea of my life being somewhat of a sub-plot. Maybe I should start up a blog.
    Do I even have time for a blog… I don’t know.
    Who would be interested in it anyway.

    @Steph T: Thanks! I’m trying my best!

    I’ll probably wait to post what happened at the interview once the new entry is posted up.


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