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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

80th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Sunday, June 17th, 1999 13:52 PM
Subject: Thanks for dinner

Hi Dom, thanks so much for last night…It was a lot of fun…your cooking was great…the company was great…and…


…there was the smell of garlic and love in the air…
Bravo, sir…

I think you and Elsa make a great couple...

You looked really good together…I guess you’ve known each other for a while…so there’s an ease…you looked like you’d been a couple for years…

I kinda envied it…Marcus was so stiff…he finds it hard to play that celebrity head game…I guess he thinks it’s trivial…why would someone be Oprah when they can be Trotsky…

but you and Elsa were on fire…you got your celebrity so quickly each and every time…I’d hate to play you guys in Pictionary…

Hey I also saw you two holding hands under the table by the way…you don’t need to be shy in front of me…I thought it was kinda cute…

…anyway can’t write too much now…Marcus wants to go to the movies…

he says thanks too by the way…though he thinks you’re a bit of a ‘perv’ (his words) for liking that euro sleeze…(though I thought it was sweet that Elsa feel asleep in ‘Your vice is a locked door and only I have the key’…what a title…)

I’ll write more when he’s gone to bed…

S xx

PS I loved Oftenbark too…he is so cute…I can’t believe that he falls down dead when you say ‘bang’...

…also love the broken legs trick…very funny…maybe the Nazi salute is a little off…perhaps you could substitute the gesture as a romantic wave to someone as they sail away on a cruise…

And may I suggest Bon Voyage as a verbal signal to the trick and not Heil Hitler

Unless of course you’re waving goodbye to Hitler…and if so I wonder what cruise liner he’d use…the SS something or other no doubt…

…and I wonder what dinner time he’d select…I wonder if he’s a late eater…and I wonder if at some point (through force of habit) he’d invade the Captain’s table and burn alll the company’s pamphlets…

…okay need to stop typing now…

…and big thumbs up from me again RE The Elsa Adventure…proud of you, sir…


  1. Gee, I found that off-putting, even a little sycophantic. It was alright until she started putting Marcus down. Who knows what she wants? Though I suspect the Elsa Adventure is all in her head, I think Dom would be better off going down that road.

  2. There's a fine line between admiration for the new couple and admiration for the ex. I'm in that exact metaphorical boat. I wonder if she's crossed it.

    --Jonathan H.

  3. Oh god shes so jealous. Congratulating him is one thing, going on for an entire email about it is completely different. I think that this is hilarious, especially since she put down her own boyfriend in the process thus making her look even more jealous! Haha I like that Dom is moving on and that he gets to flaunt it in front of Stacey now as she did with him.

  4. Hmmmmm =/ I used to think Dom was a putz and a desperate mofo =P but after thinking about all this he's actually quite cool in still wanting to be friends, I say that because if this were me I'd be really vindictive or uncaring, plus it was quite considerate how he held hands under the table not flaunting it or anything =]

    oooh and just a thought maybe Stephen is Dom wanting random opinions on his life =P jokes but it would be funny though =]

  5. hahahaha - that is a very funny consideration Anon 4:06pm haha - i have to admit, of all the alternate realities to this, i did not imagine that one haha Very funny!

    Chris Dixon, i dont know what sycophantic means but i bet it's spot on! [psychotic + fanatic? ..i'll google it now lol]

    And i do agree with the other comments - I think she's become very excited by the sight of Dom being this great person that she now doesn't have the luxury of being with, and so in her admiration and excitement she's also let out peeps of jealousy in all of her rant. Speaking of rants, im going to stop typing also :P

  6. Chris D', no I still want them to get together. Am I the only one that desires this?

  7. PS my no by the way was more noooooooo, than a blunt no!

  8. Jonathan H', I hope your sailing fine in your metaphorical boat and that the squals (sgualls?)are behind you.

  9. Steph T', I know the tables have turned. I have to admit it was really hard not revealing this when folk got angry at Stacey earlier. I sdo wanted to write - it's going to get better, promise - Dom will find someone. But of course I couldn't.

    Now of course I'm biting my lip trying not to reveal more. But I'll keep quiet for now.

  10. Anon (4:06) Hahahaha. I wish I was Dom. He has a small fan club here (as well as some critics). No me - I'm quite boring in comparison. Been happily married for many years.

    But I do love your observation that he held hands under the table. I missed that. It is so considerate.

  11. Hiranga, you can rant all you like. Your rants are one of the things that make this page.

  12. I quite enjoyed this e-mail from Stacy.

    She is starting to realize the mistake she made with Marcus.. he's not living up to her fantasy of romantic i suppose.
    I love how she thinks Dom is trying to hide his relationship with Elsa from her. Did she stop to think, maybe they are hiding it from Marcus?
    Perhaps Marcus was with Elsa at some point. It wouldn't surprise me since he effed Dom's date the first night he met her...

  13. Another reason I love the comments: I somehow missed the part Stacey mentioned them holding hands under the table.. Upon reading the comments went back and read it again - would have missed it otherwise!

    Stacey making it quite obvious now that she is not happy with Marcus. Is she perhaps trying to hint that she's available if Dom wants her? Maybe even doing it subconsciously.. maybe out of jealousy, and now that Dom is in a relationship, Stacey wants what she can't have.

  14. PennyPup, I love the idea that Dom is hiding it from Marcus. I'd never considered that. Perhaps it's not because M and E had and affair but more sohe doens't want Marcus to know he's won or to show any vulnerability. Whatever it is, I love the psyche evalution of this.

  15. Jason, I have the same experience. I miss things and it's only until I read these generous comments that something is illuminated. It happens each post for me.

    I'm fascinated by subconsciously motivated action as you've alluded to in your comment. It does make me wonder what Stacey is feeling. I kidna think she's not operating with intent. But there is something in her observing this new romance that's rocked her slightly.

  16. Hahaha. Okay, I'm somewhat creeped out that my hypothesis was right.
    This is probably the second or third time I made a guess and it had been right.
    Anyway, I'm rooting for Dom still. I think it was good of him to sort of try to move on... see other people.
    He deserves to be happy to.
    And I guess Stacy's relationship is backfiring on her.
    Maybe she was trying to test out how much Dom really liked her. But that is a little insane, maybe...
    Then again, I know I personally have tested people to see how dedicated they were to me as a friend, etc.
    It's either loneliness or from my own experience I feel like I'm always the one trying for people...calling them to go out or hang out...but when I wait it one ever calls me...kinda of sad.
    Anyway, I'm off topic I suppose.
    My brain is fried from school.
    Midterms are coming up and I'm getting stressed out.
    Waiting for sunday, as always...

  17. Stephanie, keep your head up! People are waiting for your phone call too - you're not as lonely as you think.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. i was lost when i read this mail... there is so much sub text here that S herself seems confused as to the real reason why she's writing... i just wish D wud move on now... fervently

    but what i really wrote in for is Stephanie's post "I feel like I'm always the one trying for people...calling them to go out or hang out...but when I wait it one ever calls me...kinda of sad."

    its not sad at all... i do this all the time... im always pulling ppl towards me n it turns out the other way entirely... cud u possibly think of me as a friend? i know i might not be around u... but id like to think i had a friend somewhere out there who i cud count on n vice versa

  20. Stephanie, you are a true prognosticator. I knew you were right and hinted as much. I wonder wht you think will happen next?

    And if those out don't ring, it's their loss. If it helps, you'll always be welcome and valued here.

  21. Jason and Ipshi, you're damn fine people.

  22. Subtext... yeah I'd say. I think the sad part is, at this point even if Dom were to go for her, once she had him she'd screw it up... At this point. I always keep in mind how young they are, and while their dialogue is very mature for their age, their emotions are still that of very young people. I believe currently she has the "Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone" Syndrome. If he gives her a chance now he'll regret it later. Let her live some, learn from some of her mistakes, get to know him, see what kind of guy he really is. Then when she has matured to the level she really knows what she wants out of life, if he is still interested and available, give her a chance. I'm sure that's not going to happen, I can almost see them having a chance encounter one night fling that they both "regret". Or he and Elsa are such good friends, she knows his true feelings and is helping him to win her over. Who knows? Only time will tell.


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