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Sunday, October 10, 2010

79th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday, June 15th, 1999 21:21 PM
Subject: RE RE RE coming down

Cool looking forward to dinner and looking at some of those pictures you drew with Elsa…

…I think I dated someone like Keith a couple of years ago…only difference – he spent longer in the bathroom than I did…he liked mirrors too and on this fateful Sunday in 1997…he declared that reading was for suckers… so I dumped him…

I then went straight to Book Nook and bought my first anthology of Lorca poems…

Lorca was a far better boyfriend that night
than he ever was…
See you Saturday.


PS My favourite Lorca:

If I am dying,
leave the balcony open.
The child is eating an orange.
(From my balcony, I see him.)
The reaper is reaping the barley.
(From my balcony, I hear him.)
If I am dying,
leave the balcony open.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Is she hurting?
    (From my insides I can hear her.)

    If this was real, would I understand?
    (There's too much hurt, to peel myself open again. From my wounds, I have risen again.)

    She is there, her presence rippling to a still.
    (But I can't be her. From my guard I see that.)

    If she is dying, she must know.
    (I built perspective. But she filled a moat. From my tower I sense her disarray.)

    My rung are steep. But her water is deep.
    (It will take humility to cross. And clarity to navigate. From my lighthouse I will offer to shed hope. But from afar I can give no more.)

    My gates never closed. But the distance has grown.
    (From this journey you will ascend. At halfway, we may meet.)

    Your understanding will be my security.

    Integrity will be our keep.

    ..just felt like this email went very subliminal on us (moreso than the usual) because of the solemn poetry at the end. i figured i might respond to it in kind by writing the above, from a Dom-like point of view.

    Wonder how Dom replied to this..

  3. "From my lighthouse I will offer to shed hope. But from afar I can give no ROPE."

    ahhh - i think this works a little better :)

  4. VERY subliminal... I think it may be saying she senses he's getting over her, and maybe she even thinks he's found someone new... she knows it's going to hurt and she wants the pain to be quick. I think it's her way of saying if there is something between you to just put it out there. Maybe i'm digging too deep... Maybe she just likes the poem... but with her is anything simple really?

  5. wow@hiranga... that was really awesome, very sad (maybe in a poetry appreciation course i wud find problems in it, but the moood this letter is in, u life phase u and i are in... all of it kind of truly makes sense.)

    chris - u hav no idea how ironic it is to see u saying "ur digging too deep" espeoially in the context of this blog... and today of all days...

    but as far as im concerned, she's just trying to show D a part of her that isnt true, a Lorca-loving-free-spirit she wishes she was someone who glides ethereally through existence gathering experiences that she fondly smiles on without ever getting attached to...

  6. Did you know, June 15th, 1999 was actually a Tuesday? Not Friday. Check it with the calender in the taskbar. Or am I stupid and missing something?

  7. u r right juan ... wow... wont that b something if none of this was real? no offence stephen... just wondering out aloud

  8. Hiranga, I wish I'd seen the posted you deleted!

    It's such a thrill to have such a wonderfully sensitive community. And here, dear H' - you have put yourself out there - even been brave enough to let us into your creative mind by adjusting your work too.

    Lovely poem - I think I prefer:
    "From my lighthouse I will offer to shed hope. But from afar I can give no ROPE."

    And isn't Lorca wonderful. I bought a book of his work as soon as I read this. Well worth it.

  9. Chris, I think I agree with you. I think Stacey does just like the poem and isn't fully aware of why she does and why she's even offering it to Dom.

    I wonder how she'd feel if she was aware that we
    all analysing it??

  10. Ipshi, seems you and H are having a rough time. My love to both of you.

    You've touched on something really interesting here - the free spirit she wishes she was -

    I find this fascinating as it backs up my feelings that Stacey (and Dom) are still presenting their constructs - their personas. I guess they're still defining themselves as late teens. They both have hidden behind personas (Hey have you seen Bergman's film of same name - I think you'll love it)
    The Nihilist and the Depressent - this has been admitted. But they both are challenging these personas.

    Simply I guess they so want to be good and cool but they are human after all and this has and will always challenge until a the ID is revealed.

    Anyway thought provoking commnet, Ms I'.

  11. Juan, welcome to the Bored Olives comments. Feel free to drop in anytime.

    And well picked on the dates. This is my error. The only elements I altered for these postings were names, email addresses and any literal connections to the real people. I thought this was only fair.

    In changing the names, addresses etc - some elements of the titles/headers where changed and I had to manually put them back in - here you've picked my error. Please forgive me and thanks for the gentle nudge.

  12. Thanks =D And great emails/story either way. Real or not, I check every Wednesday and Sundays (And sometimes re-read them in between the weekdays). I'm always eager to read the next email.

    And a small comment on Dom and Stacey, does it seem they're trying to pretend there's nothing inbetween by 'going out' with someone else? Stacey with Dom's friend, and Dom with Elsa? Like they're trying to make each other jealous almost. :P

  13. Thank you, Juan - so glad to hear you're a regular reader. And please pass it on if yu think it's apt. I'm sure an endorsment from you would really help this humble site.

    Sorry for the grovelling by the way.

    Love your reading of D and S situation. I think it's spot on.


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