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Sunday, December 12, 2010

97th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax, Marcus, Elsa, Dominique, Crisps, Fryman, Wilma Petranoff, Lou, Sus’, David M, David A, Pete, Cath, Kiki, Gill, Lou H, Nick
Sent: Saturday, June 30th, 1999 14:04 PM
Subject: What a night

Hi All…

...thanks so much for last night…it was a hoot…

Marcus feels a little guilty for getting a little aggressive at the waiter…and thank you Dom for stepping in and making sure that he didn’t spit in our food…

Indeed Marcus wanted to say to all of you that he was off his game last night…works been tough and he admits he brought this baggage to the night…so he’s sorry he left early but knows that he’ll see you all soon…


Stacey (now 20 and already planning what retirement home she’ll book into –should I trust one that has the word ‘Pasture’ in the name?)

PS Cath, I think my tits are nicer than yours.

PPS Dom, okay I believe you that your ‘days of the week’ underpants gift is second hand and fresh…I will endeavour to keep them…wear them even…indeed I might wear Monday’s undies on Sunday just to keep Sunday’s clean at all times...


  1. Baggage from work? Yeah, I don't think so. No-one knows when they're being played as much as a player. Marcus, game over.

  2. Marcus....aggressive....Dom.....awesome....retirement home....tits....underpants.....?
    Anyone else a tad confused?

  3. My interpretation of the preceding email:

    Thanks everyone you're just not worth mentioning by name.

    Marcus was a dick and admits it. Thanks Dom for showing him you're the better catch.

    Love Stacy who feels old but knows she isn't and just wants reassurance as always.

    PS Cath I needed to mention you in this email so I could say "tits" and give Dom the mental picture once again.

    PPS Dom I'm mentioning only you and your gift so you know this email is indeed really for you and fook everyone else.

  4. Penny, perfect! Couldn't have said it better so I won't even try - kudos to anybody who does though!

  5. Penny hits the nail on the head with that response.

  6. +1 for penny

    but yall forgot that

    a) Elsa didnt get a mention whatsoever. did she show up? or did the stripper comments force her to be a little more conservative and pushed her into a quiet little corner?

    b)for someone who says they live for the moment, Stacey seems to be preoccupied with the future with talk of retirement homes. was it all an act previously?

    her email was a little all over the place, and confusing. is this the real Stacey? or is she just trying to impress Dom?

  7. Marcus seems to have one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. PennyPup, seems you hit the nail on the head as previously stated. Wonder what she sends in Dom's personal email, or if Dom will respond to this first?

  8. WOW @ Penny Pup -- that was bloody brilliant (are you stacey?)

    And yes it is rather interesting that E wasn't mentioned at all while D's present was the only one to be mentioned...

    this to n fro is beginning to annoy me now...

    Everytime both of them know the other isn't available, they go out of their way to show how interested they are & how much they'd love a chance but the minute the other shows any interest... its back to playing hard to get...

    that being said... i'd love to have someone to go back an forth like this with... sighhhh

  9. Chris Dixon, love that you see thorugh this excuse. Game over, indeed Marcus. Serves you right. Right?

  10. Steph t, you know what I think your picking up is Stacey's not telling the whole truth. She's keeping things back in this global. There's a private one coming that might help with confusion.

  11. PennyPup, as many have said bravo. Great response. Unpacked the subtext wonderfully.

  12. Jason and Jay - good on you for championing PP's response. I love the goodwill.

  13. nabs, like Steph T, this email is all over the place and I think that's because there's so much unsaid. What exaclty happened? And more importantly what happened when they all went home.

  14. Chris, you picked it - Stacey personal email coming up next.

  15. Ipshi, you make me sigh. I know we all think of you fondly and hope the frustration here calms soon. I think it will :)

  16. Haha thanks everyone.
    Ipshi: I'm not Stacy, I was still in nerd mode at 20. =D
    But I said in a previous comment a while back that I see a lot of my young self in her. So it isn't too hard for me to get into her head sometimes.

    Stephen: I'm really looking forward to the personal email from Stacy.


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