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Sunday, December 5, 2010

95th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Friday 29th, 1999 14:48 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE Friday Night Dinner


Elsa just read the email. She’s not happy. She stressed to me that she will not be showing off her flexible prowess at dinner.

I wish I hadn’t written that.

Now Elsa believes everyone will think she’s a bragard at best and a slattern at worst.

Sorry Elsa.

As punishment Elsa said that we’re not going out for at least half an hour.

So I’m single until 3:15. Wanna dump Marcus for fifteen minutes so we can have an honourable affair? ;)




  1. Why do I get the feeling that he's not kidding?

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd he would write that only an hour after Elsa read the other e-mail? Is she able to read this one too? (Especially considering he apologizes to her directly)
    Could this possibly be Elsa responding and not Dom?

    So strange and confusing... I hate that I have to wait until Wednesday to find out more.

  3. i'm with you, Pennypup, wednesday seems a long way off. Looks like he's in trouble.

  4. did i not tell you guys that Dom made Elsa look like a stripper? pffft!

    was it intentional? hey, its a strong possibility that he did it on purpose. Elsa may just become so enraged and embarrased that she wont attend Stacey's birthday party. Leaving Dom to weave his own magic as the centrepiece of everyones attention. Of course, he's the guy that dates the stripper, they'll al think he's a cool cat. Any guy that dates a stripper is cool.

    I also see that Doms' grown some gonads in this email with his last comment. With both Dom and Stacey being tired of their partners crap, it seems like a tempting offer from Dom. Im betting that Stacey gives Dom some hope in her next email.

  5. thats what i thought too... why cant elsa read this mail too... and what is she going to think about D waiting for a 1-hr window to hook up with S... that's mean in the best (worst?) of situations!

    this whole hide and seek has worn me out and i feel relegated back to the lurking grounds i used to inhabit when i first chanced upon this blog... im not sure if i like that or not but it is what it is... hopefully the "finally!!" moment will come sooner than later and my lurking tendencies will be a thing of the metaphorical past once again (atleast in terms of this blog)

  6. I believe in Stacey's mass email invite Elsa and Dom are listed separately, likely that they have separate email addresses, Elsa must have given it to Stace at some point... then when Dom "replied to all" with his lengthy RSVP, Elsa was on the recipient list.

    This one was just addressed to Stacey. I don't know if I'm being clear or not, sorry.

    Cannot wait for the next one!

  7. Sorry again... that last post was for Ipshi and PennyPup.

  8. @kim -- that makes a lot of sense!! thanks so so much :)

  9. Yes, well....he's not kidding. He is secretly hoping she will accept his offer, even in joking everybody knows that she wants to accept in reality too. Also I don't know if she considers herself monogamous with Marcus or if they have an open relationship, that seems like something Stacey would demand. She would pass it off as part of her nihilistic "live in the moment" personality that a relationship of any other kind would be too much of a tie down that would prevent her from her lifestyle.
    Elsa probably did receive the mass email and this one was sent to only Stacey to she is the only one who would see it. I'm sure if Elsa had read that email on Dom's computer, she would have read others and the stripper comment would have been the least of her worries.
    I'm with Ipshi on this one, waiting for the "finally!!" moment. The suspense is killing me. I'm back at the start where I'm rooting for D+S and hoping they will finally drop the charade and be with each other.
    Maybe at this point Stacey is moderately satisfied in her relationship and worried that maybe this whole D+S thing will be a major let down in the end. Maybe she always wants what she can't have as is human nature.
    I think that if I were in this situation I would be thinking something along those lines. "Well, I love you but is it just a lie my mind is telling me? Do I really want you or is it just because you are with someone else and I know you want me?"
    I think Dom really wants Stacey but doesn't want to say anything until he knows for sure that she feels the same. He is one of those guys who won't know until she tells him and even if he does know it he won't accept it as truth until that point.

    Sorry for the ramble it's just my interpretation at this point.

    PS This the only thing I have right now that keeps me sane. Lots of crazy stuff happening right now, never mind exams and final essays :S
    Thanks for the distraction!

  10. To Stacey with Love and Squalor...

  11. Anon 11:59 - I think you're spot on. He's being way serious.

  12. PennyPup, and I hate to wait 'till wednesday...

  13. Chris, yhes hang onto your hat, Dom (or at elast your metaphors)

  14. Nabs, your thoughts on Stacey offering hope in the next email is spont on. Well predicted.
    (albeit a brief email from her - sorry in advance - but i think it says it all)O

  15. Ipshi, You are always welcome here. Never a lurker; I often think of you in this blog so even if you're in the shadows you are bright in my mind.

  16. Kimberley, I think it was a post for all of us. It really cleared up some questions. Thank you. We;d be lost without ya.

  17. Steph and thanks as always for engaging so truthfully. I've always been a fan, youn know. Glad to hear you're back in team d and s and sad to hear crazy things are going on where you are. Me too. Had a crap couple of weeks with folk being foolish. But there's always next week, right?

  18. Anon 3:13 - not sure what you mean but kinda love it.

  19. Anon 3:13 -- J.D. Salinger wrote a wonderful story called To Esme with Love and Squalor. It's a quality of the best stories. Dom is Holden Caulfield grown up and chilled (and Catcher in the Rye is by no means the best of J.D. Salinger). Stacey reminds me of Esme -- an upstart intelligent scared cold 9 year old who showed compassion to a soldier about to go insane. To Stacey with Love and Squalor. These kids have got to fall in love and then REALLY discover what love and life and everything is all about. I hope these 95 emails are just the beginning, the whisper before the bang!!! Warmly yours, Robert Taylor (Neville's brother).

  20. Love and Squalor -- having both -- is a quality of the best stories (just to be clear) -- just like this one.


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