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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

92 email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Wednesday, June 27th, 1999 20:12 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Matrix and Election


Yeah – let’s catch up…actually it’s my birthday on the weekend…Friday…I wasn’t going to do anything…just hang with Marcus…but maybe we could go out for a bite to eat?

I’ve got this friend….whose folks own a hotel…Il Mondo…anyway…the restaurant there is really lovely…good Italian…they do a mean calamari…so tender…marinated in passionfruit, I think…or some citrus…actually I think I’m making that up…but it is good…

So if you’re free maybe we could have a bite there…bring Crisps and some of the gang…what do you think…?

I know it’s short notice…that’s because I’m a little neurotic about birthdays…reinforcement of time, I guess…

But this year I’m feeling sorry for myself…no longer a teenager…I feel...maybe... I need to do something…

What do you think…if you’re keen…I’ll send out an invite…


PS Do you think I should invite Keith…?


  1. "...whose folks own a hotel..."


    "...maybe we can get everyone drunk enough so that you and I can end up in a room and finally empty this can of worms in hours of intoxicated foreplay before waking up and not really knowing whether or not we did what everyone reading this wants us to do or not..."

    I'm so frustratingly excited for approximately the 96th email.

  2. Zombie, that's a really funny reading. A laughed alot. And I jusy checked out 96th email. It's very interesting.

  3. And Crisps enters the picture again! Hahaha.
    I just felt like saying that.

    When Dom wrote: Do you think I should invite Keith? I cheered: Yes! Do it! Invite him.

    I'm up for another comical awkward situation.
    And it would be really interesting too -- seeing him squirm, maybe even see how Elsa responds to it too.

    Will Dom and Elsa's relationship crumble? I think there is a good chance that it could.
    I wonder if Stacy is thinking the same thing as I am: Yes, do it. Invite Keith...

  4. Stephanie, Crisps has entered the picture again. Wonder what we know about him.

    Yes I agree it'd be great if Keith was invited. But will he? And what would Stacey make of him in real life?

  5. I think Stacey is suspicious of Keith and wants him to come just to see is her suspicions warrant any merit. I also agree that somewhere in the back of her mind she's thinking maybe this is her chance to move toward a S&D pairing. I can see a lot of controversy coming. I wonder if since Marcus has been lame so to speak and Dom is with Elsa and unresponsive to her Marcus bashing if possibly she's stepped out on Marcus with... well you get where I'm going. Curious situation. Love it.

  6. Is this the first time that Stacey has signed her email "Sxx" - similar to Dom's "Dxx"? I just noticed that. But maybe I just never noticed it before.
    Get to the fireworks!!

  7. Chris, I love the story your're creating. It's great. More of it please.
    (Also I think you might be channelling Stacey at the oment - vgreat stuff)

  8. Anon (4:38) great pick up on the sign offs. Makes me wonder if 'love Dom' or 'love stacey' will soon be mentioned.

    Fireworks coming soon. Promise.

  9. (Reposted as requested, further comment may follow later today)

    The person I feel for in this situation is, oddly, Elsa. I don't necessarily feel there is enough in the story to suggest so far that Elsa is cheating on Dom, but there is sufficient to suggest that Dom himself would consider cheating on Elsa, if Stacey were to show an interest once again. Dom has a fragile ego and his reactions to being spurned certainly rankle and put me in mind of someone who has low self-esteem on an emotional level, but perhaps view themselves to be rather an intellectual fortress, above and beyond what he perceives Elsa to be capable of.

    He compares Elsa to Stacey in a way that is designed to be subtle and yet is glaringly obvious at the same time to those in the know.

    I feel Elsa deserves better than what Dom is currently offerring. His semi-barbed comments about her ex-partner suggests he would be jealous if she tried it on with someone he perceives to be moronic, like Keith, and yet his subtle-and-yet-clearly-unsubtle flirtations with Stacey show he enjoys the power play with Stacey and could consider dropping Elsa like a bad habit if the situation was to his liking.

    Dom is, in my mind, manipulative on a different level to Stacey and perhaps on a more damaging and sinister level. Stacey's manipulations have been obvious and blunt from the start. Dom has played it from a different, and yet clearly very effective angle and currently holds all the cards, despite appearing on the face of it to have been left in the shadow of Marcus. He has succeeded, in my opinion, in making Marcus APPEAR to be walking in Dom's shadow and that my friends is no mean feat.

  10. Thank you Jay for reposting as I requested. I just wanted others to read your fascinating thoughts.

  11. I read the comments on this blog sometimes thinking they're either bang on, or a bit wide of the mark but I've never offered my 2cents, so here is a little one:
    Perhaps Dom wants Keith and Marcus to be viewed together as the 'other' guys, the guys that are just in the way and both obviously different from Dom. Don't know if that makes sense, but the way that Dom brought Keith up was as if he were trying to give both himself and Stacey a male figure to ridicule. Stacey puts Marcus down the whole time and Dom barely talks about Elsa in a boyfriend kind of way (apart from the make out session last week).

    Anyway, Stephen, would you let us know how many more emails there are left so I know whether I'll be obsessed for a month more or 6 months more! If you don't let us know, no worries man, mystery is probably a good thing :)

  12. Anon (5:08) how great to read your words in the comments. Most welcome indeed. And the reading is a really interesting one. I wonder if Dom is quite aware that he's potetentially bonding with Stacey over a common enemy. And if so - how wise he's electing someone distant. Smart move.

    And in regard to your question of how many more - I will remain mysterious and offer a somewhat annoying answer - stock answer -

    It's as long as yuou want it to be. You are in control of reading and can drop and out whenever you want. But do please stay - it's great to have a new voice among these commetns.

  13. "…I feel...maybe... I need to do something…"

    Stacey showing desperation? is time really running for Stacey? is she talking about her age, or is she really speaking about her relationship with Dom?

    i sense a more sombre mood coming from Stacey. I dont know, its the Vibe of this email. Sounds like she's in the dumps of some sorts. Maybe that's how she wants it read by Dom. She's definately not as articulate as she was a while back, im just wondering if this is all coming to grinding halt, or an explosive end?

    Stacey also refers to the calamari as tender, and marinated in passionfruit. am i the only one to pick up the fact that no one marinates seafood in passionfruit?

    if i re-read it, these things stick out

    calamari - a soft rubbery tube from an animal that is eaten
    so tender - soft, squishy, nice to eat and bitable
    passionfruit - love juice - jizz, call it what you want.

    is it just me reading too much into this?

    P.S.Just out of curiosity, wasnt there an Il Mondo restaurant in Enfield in Sydney somewhere. I swear it rings a bell!

  14. Nabs, very funny and playfully shocking response. I wonder if it is deliberate or it there are accidental allusions.

    And I wonder if there was a place called Il Mondo in enfield...? We have to check this out and find out if it's any good.


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