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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

90th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Tuesday 26th, 1999 11:32AM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Matrix and Election


God, last weekend was so far away.

Friday we went out with some of Elsa’s friends from the dance company she works for.

Dance types can certainly drink.

It was fun though. Not much conversation but come 3:00am they took over the dance floor. Elsa was the lead. Everyone wanted to dance with her. I wanted to dance with her. But I was quite far back in the queue. So I danced with Anyone instead.

Can you believe it? Amazing what vodka, jealousy and lust can make you do.

Saturday was a quite day. It was nice not having to entertain an odd man in our Kitchen. I think Elsa feels a little lost without a stranger wandering nude.

So I changed my name, put on a homeless hat and stripped down to make her feel comfortable.

My God, I’ve become the strange man in my own Kitchen!

Anyway for the rest of the day Elsa and I had a quietee. She’s not much of a talker – more a sleeper. Funny how I thought that was endearing a few weeks ago.

I cooked a big breakfast – at 3:00pm

And at dinner time and we watched a couple of movies. Elsa really likes dance movies so we watched The Red Shoes and The Turning Point. I liked The Red Shoes (fell asleep during The Turning Point)

Sunday we had dinner at her folks. I’ve known them for a while and Sunday roast is a ritual. We didn’t tell them that we were seeing each other though – still played the "just friends" game.

It was kinda awkward because the evening’s focus of conversation turned to Elsa’s romantic life with suggestions from all of her family about who she could possibly date.

Her mother thinks she should date a doctor; an Irish doctor; an Irish catholic doctor.

Her father thinks she should become a nun.

And her brother, Kieran, suggested -- me.

Kieran:Elsa should marry Dom as they are already kinda married.

There was a strained moment of silence.

I looked at Elsa. She looked at me. But before we could respond; both of her parents burst out laughing.

This was extremely awkward as this gesture made it apparent how her parents thought of me as a suitor.

After the laughter the brief conversation went something like this:

Elsa’s Mother: Actually Dom, if you changed your degree to medicine – you could be in with a chance.

Elsa’s Father: Dom, finish your potatoes.

Elsa’s Mother: And there’s some Irish blood in you, isn’t there?

Elsa’s Father: Dom would you like some more wine?

Elsa’s Mother: And I’m sure I’ve seen you at mass.

Elsa’s Father: Dom, would you like me to give you a lift home, tonight?

Elsa and I said nothing.

I have to confess that after we cleared the dishes we did duck into her old room and made out. But Elsa has a lot of dolls. Freaky dolls from all over the world. They are all lined up on one side, facing the bed.

And as we kissed, I felt they were watching me; especially the one from East Germany – who was taking notes and reporting us to her father.

So that was the weekend.



  1. Funny how this is playing out. Jealousy... hmm man talk about the Devil's tool. And dolls are creepy in general. Saw this destination truth episode about an island of supposedly haunted dolls... had nightmares for two days. Anyway, back to the love triange/square/circle... Dom's relationship with Elsa is in the beginning stages of a fizzle out already I think. We shall see.

  2. "Funny how I thought that was endearing a few weeks ago."
    Uh oh......Someone is already tired of the relationship and is waiting for it to end. Although it is weird that even though he seems to be fed up with it, he is concerned that her parents don't like him as a suitor. I just wish that everyone would stop pretending that they are happy in their relationships and end things before it goes too far.

  3. Chris, tell em more about destination truth. I don't know it. Is anyone else out there nervous of dolls?

  4. Steph T, isn't that truth - pretending to be happy in relationships. So true. I know so many folk out there who bide or settle. I guess love is dangerous.

    (sorry lame response - withdrawing and brain cells not firing)

  5. Wow, Stacey sounding like Dom sounding like Stacey...but still sounding like Dom!
    Is anyone else completely confused by this response? It's like Dom just doesnt know what he wants. Maybe if Stacey wasnt around he would feel more happy with Elsa.....but instead he's confused about whether he likes what he has or not....
    There are elements of 'be jealous of what I have' but also self deprecating "its not as good as I make out to be"......

    Hmmm. Confused.

  6. I read this whole letter with my jaw resting neatly in front of my keyboard.

    Oh my word. Did anyone else feel this was just brutal towards Elsa? He wanted to dance with her, she didn't dance with him, she would like to have a nude male stranger around, she sleeps until 3 in the afternoon, her parents are obnoxious, her dolls are possessed.

    I think it's obvious he's nearing the point of Sartresque nausea in this relationship with Elsa. He's pleading for Stacey to save him. If she tells him she's in love with him, he has a chance to escape the relationship, and maybe believe in romantic love again. Very annoying he doesn't just ball up and do it his damn self.

  7. So interesting to me that he confesses his waning interest in Elsa and tries to make Stacy jealous with make-out stories in the same e-mail.

    Green-eyed monster indeed.

  8. That Dom is a big vag has already been established by his continued contact with the girl that boned his buddy after their date. How is Dom's continued literary emasculation a surprise for anyone? He is a loathsome character. I wish he were using this open line of communication to punish Stacey, but I suspect it is his aim to guilt her into having sex with him when circumstances are appropriate.... wait, Dom might be a shrewd SOB!

  9. Miss Holly - what a great response. A classic reading of romantic comdies too. They say that's what happens in romcoms. He becoems she throught he film and she becomes he until they find a common place at the the end.
    A 'they', I guess.

  10. JulieB, not sure if you've commented before. N But in case this is a new voice, welcome to Bored Olives.

    And what a new voice it is.

    "Sartresque nausea in this relationship with Elsa"

    Love it. Hell is other people right? In camera? Very nice.

    Love the punctuation of possessed dolls. Makes his purgatory seem that little more exhausting.

  11. Jason, nice unpacking of Dom's behaviour. What a condraction. Deep reading. Do you work in behavourism?

  12. Ah Sketpic, a nice balanced gutter reply as is well needed. Very funny. I really enjoyed how you ended up debating yourself in the course of the comment and losing. That takes talent.

    Again very funny.

  13. Destinaton truth is a show hosted by a guy named Josh Bates. Each week he takes some myth (bigfoot, loch ness monster, haunted whatever) and goes to find out the real explanation for it. It's an addictive show to me and you can episodes on you tube. Just type in island of the dolls.

  14. Stephen, in response to your question - I'm currently a student at the University of Rochester. I'm majoring in English with minors in business and philosophy.. Pretty used to analyzing my readings. So I guess my answer is that behaviorism, whether in real life or in literature, plays a large part in my educational journey.

    Hope that sufficiently answers your question!

  15. Dom’s kind of twisted in this e-mail.
    It’s a toxic mixture of maybe wanting to get Stacy jealous but also teasing her with some ounce of hope that he is getting tired of Elsa. I’m a little disappointed in Dom. But, then again, I have to remind myself that they are still young and are bound to make mistakes.

    If I were Stacy, I’d call him out on it. If they are trying to be friends, she should outline the things she is open to hearing and what she doesn’t want to hear. I know I certainly do not want my guy friends telling me about their love life (sometimes, sex life). It’s. Just. Awkward. About two years ago I was seeing a guy that didn’t have a good judgement call. He would tell me about his previous relationships. Anyway, some nasty stuff happened and I broke it off. A month after, I hear he is dating a minor and having a baby with her. I’m glad I was smart enough to get away from THAT.

    In other news, I applied for more jobs. I e-mailed a few companies and I heard back from one yesterday and I went to the interview. I was offered the job on the spot. It’s a research centre, where people call out to ask people surveys. I have a feeling people might be rude and hang up on me. But I just need a job to help me get by for now. I’m still hoping for a job that entails books or writing.

  16. oh and josh Gates not josh Bates, sorry didn't catch that last night.

  17. This is all fake!! You said a while back you made up the name.... then why, in one of the emails, did dom say "russian, isnt it?" and then stacy made russian references?!

  18. Chris, I'll check it out - Island of the Dolls - sounds great.

  19. Jason, it does answer my question. English Lit' Philospohy and business...? You're a real triple threat as they say. Why the combination of all three?

  20. Stepanie, great phrase 'toxic mix' love it. I agree - this is not Dom's finest hour. But it still undercuts it all with humour.

    Great to hear you've got a job. Strangely it has conenctions to an upcoming email. Different source but same kinda gig. It'll be interesting to hear your comments when it comes.

  21. PS: Stephanie - so glad you got away from the guy by the way. That sounds awful. Happy to hear you survived and though he might make bad judgement calls - you didn't. Bravo Ms S'.

  22. Anon (3:23) Not sure if this is your first comment but in case - welcome.

    Not sure how to respond as not sure if there's a question.

    Yes names have changed which needed some minor pruning. But that's all.

    But I also take the stand if you think it's fake - that's fine by me too. It is what you want it to be. You are in control of the reading.

    For me it's real.
    For you it's fake.

    Both are valid and quite fascinating in their own right.


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