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Sunday, November 14, 2010

89th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Saturday, June 23rd, 1999 22:56 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Matrix and Election

Hey Dom…that makes sense...alluding to the Bellamy-rom-com...makes a lot of sense...

though I have to admit for a second I thought you were talking about two people we know…

I feel a little egocentric for thinking that…but I am prone to that mania…

I mean…as a kid…I actually thought the song Come on Eileen was about my mother (her name is Eileen)…so this is what you’re dealing with, buster…

And hell-yeah...I’d love to see a romantic comedy with you...sounds like fun...though I have to warn you...I cry in movies...very easily...and sometimes inappropriately...I once cried in Ace Ventura Pet Detective because there's something just so sad about Jim Carrey... when we go to the better bring some tissues or a really absorbent sleeve...100 percent cotton, please...


Whatcha do over the weekend?
Whatcha doing next weekend?


PS Hired Some Kind of Wonderful after you mentioned it. I really liked it. Though I thought Eric Stolz has quite confronting red hair.

PPS You will never be the Bellemy, trust’re far too interesting...


  1. Awwwww Stace! She's playing the game and it kind of looks like fun, while still being confusing and hard at the same time....I like this response, it's Stacey with a touch of Dom.

    You know what? Sometimes I think this stage in any relationship is the most fun, the part you really remember....the bit before you get together, all the flirting and innuendo, the angst and not-knowing if anything will ever come of it....all the anticipation and 'does he? doesn't he? what does he mean by that?'

    I know a few people said that they just want Stacey and Dom to tell it straight, be open and honest with each other in the last email, but I think this is much more fun - for them and for us. They arent in the position to be able to tell it true as they're both involved with other they have to wait for honesty until they are able to be honest with themselves as well.

    PS Olive readers (and Steven) I almost love reading everyones comments more than actually reading about Stace and Dom - you are a clever bunch and kindred spirits :-)

  2. i'm gonna say that I think Stacey is really starting to grow on me again. Very honest email and almost completely wearing her heart on her sleeve. She still used some caution which reminds me of another poor romantic sap I know.

  3. Oh damn, how did I get sucked back over to the S+D side. I was so rooting for Dom to fall madly in love with Elsa and just forget Stacey, or these emails, even existed. Now I'm wishing that they will fall madly in love with each other again....That is if they aren't already.
    Stacey is me, trying so hard to live in the moment and pretend that there isn't anything that can shake her. But inside both of us know that it only takes one person to say the right things or do the right things and its a pretty fast fall from there.
    I'm glad she had the courage to come out and say what she thought he meant in that analogy about Time and her games. I hope he shows the same courage and tells her she's right.
    I only started to notices the ellipsis that she continually uses in every single email.....reminds me of myself yet again....
    The resemblance is now starting to bother me as I found myself hating her for so long and now I realise she is me.
    I really respect her for this I said, hopefully Dom can man-up and tell her the truth this time...

  4. I would LOVE this response and the flirtatious element that's creeping back in if it wasn't for the fact that both Dom and Stacey are currently dating other people!
    It taints the sweetness of this.
    Stacey is a lot more lovely as the needy than the needed.

  5. And it all comes out...

    I'm with Fyfee. I would love it if they weren't both dating! Seems like Stacey lost interest a while ago, but I hope Dom doesn't screw Elsa over.

  6. He's not going to screw Elsa over because both Dom and Elsa have an agreement to get Stacey jealous.

    There's nothing going on between Dom and Elsa except that they are room mates and they're good friends. She's just helping him get what he wants. that's why he doesnt speak of Elsa in his emails. She went from banging that self-loving pretty boy with the small dick to being with Dom pretty much overnight. That just doesnt sit right with me.

    I must admit, this email is a breath of fresh air from Stacey. her other emails were plagued with innuendo and puzzling ascertions. While she's still throwing curveballs, their a lot more direct and its much easier to Dom to see them without thinking that he'll need to respond with a better wrong'un than Shane Warne's Graham Gooch delivery in the ashes many moons ago.

    Anyways, the emal can be broken in 4 parts

    1) i thought u were talking about us.
    2) we should see a rom-com, i cry a lot and i get emotional
    3) bring tissues (really absorbant sleeve - otherwise known as a condoms)
    4) when are we hooking up..this weekend or the one after?

    a like a straightforward woman :D she's got my brownie points on this one.

  7. "He's not going to screw Elsa over because both Dom and Elsa have an agreement to get Stacey jealous. "

    OMG, nabs! You just blew my mind!

    Ok, Stephen. I like Stacey much better now that she's stopped trying so hard.

  8. I must agree with everyone here. Def a good e-mail from Stacey.
    I'm starting to look forward to her emails moreso over Doms when it used to be the other way around.

  9. I don't know so much that he and Elsa have something going on as, she's just using him. She seemed to sleep with a lot of people before if I remember correctly. I think maybe Dom represents something that she wishes she could have but really isn't ready for. I believe she'll end up sleeping around and he'll see he didn't really care that much in the first place. Only time will tell

  10. nabs- quite a good take. crude. but amuzing nonetheless haha - i like it.

    yeah its been a while since i've liked one of stacey's emails. this is cute. an excited puppy, cute.

  11. well i saw link to this love story/email posts on Friday on Pedigreedatabase web site for 87 e mails in one sitting and than 2 today (monday)...this is addicting, interesting and for someone who loves to read this is fresh and different...thank you for posting although i think its a bit too long to wait for 1 week for 2 emails..also, how many e mails are there in total? and if it end briefly without much of conclusion of either break up or get together, if it ends when someones computer crashes in mid of relationship than i almost not read it at would be like a very good book with twists and turns that ends w/o ending...leaves you more frustrated and incomplete.

  12. Hello Commenters, sorry for tardy reply. I've recently quit a major stupid habit and am suffering some vague moments and a desperate need of a substitute to punctuate time.

    Any suggestions?

    To make this simple, I'll reply to all in this one comment.

    It sems Holly set the tone with her warm and generous comment. The narrative of these comments were also established by Holly and reinforced by Chris: We like Stacey better when she's vulnerable.

    And I agree.

    I thought Steph T's comment was an interesting one. A brave assertion of the self. An admittance of empahty tied with antipathy.

    Aint that the way.

    From here, Fyfee and Jason acknowledged that they wished Dom and Stacey weren't dating other people. This is true and a genuine example of Dom's bad timing riff.

    I guess that's where the idea of fate or romantic kimset looms large.
    (the above feels like a bad pop lyric)

    Nabs presented her narrative that Dom's relationship with Elsa is a ruse. Like Kimberely it blows my mind and wonder if Nabs is really a master storyteller.

    Chris rebutted Nab's prognostication with a rationale read of Elsa and her behaviour. Pehraps it's because of Mr C's perfomrance background but the reading is an analyitical one based on habitual actions - ie it's what people do habiutally that defines them.

    PenyPup and Hirange (emerging from end of the year study madness - hope it's going well) rah-rah-ed Stacey's point of view to round of this shift to Team Stacey and conclude the great narrative already established by Holly.

    Finally as a Post Script, Anon (2:21) arrived, to the comments and is welcomed by all; I'm sure.

    And in regtard to their question - hiow many emails? I respond with stock -

    It's as many as you want them to be,

    Until tomottow, dear commenters - this hazy hairy fellow needs to stick another patch on his arm and hope he doens't go too crazy.

  13. Good luck Stephen!
    Maybe you should replace that habit, with something harder.
    May I suggest heroin?
    I know a guy who knows a.....

  14. Stick with it Stephen! It'll be worth it in the end :-)
    Looking forward to Dom's reply!!!

  15. MR C huh. That's funny, there is a guy who is a fellow coworker of sorts we call Mr C because no one can pronounce his last name. It's like you know me.


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