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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

76th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Sunday June 13th, 1999 15:06PM
Subject: Coming down

Okay, I’m coming down hard. You too I bet.

But it was great to bump into you at the dance party (what did you call it) The 1999 annual glow sticks and herpes ball. Small world, hey.

And I’ve been thinking about the question you asked;

“Was I there because of you?”

I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of hours and I’m actually not sure. This was my thought process:

It was a Saturday night.
I didn’t have anything to do.
Elsa (flat mate) asked if I wanted to come. I thought about it. I had never been to a dance party before. I’m a little Amish about hallucinogenics. I’m a little bit of a control freak - as you’ve probably guessed.

I’d also hate to giggle while raising a barn (and deep down I’m a little scared of men circumference beards)

But whatever. Fight your fear, right?

So I took the drugs.
I was still a little scared.

Then I felt good. I felt really good.

I loved my teeth.
I loved washing my hands.
I loved those dancing around me. Though didn’t think of them as individuals – more like a one big person.

I loved the music - Buscemi, Fila Brazillia and demitri from paris…

I loved the moon. I really loved the moon. Thought it looked ‘like a big boiled egg’ as you’d say…

Then I saw you and Marcus. I loved you too.

Of course I guessed you might be there. But I didn’t look for you. That wasn’t the point. I guessed I might bump into you. And if I did that was a bonus (oops - wrote boner there initially).

But, after all that and deeply reflecting about your question – was I there because of you?

Answer: I don’t think so.

That being said – what a beautiful dawn, hey? It was chilled and pink and marvellous. I had such excitement of the new day – a new world. And you looked so happy with Marcus. His shoulder really suits your head.

But I do feel a little shitty now – tried washing my hands again and it wasn’t the same. I might go back to bed.


PS Elsa thought you seemed like a really nice person btw.


  1. All I can say is.... GAH! STOP IT ALREADY!
    I don't know if I can even sympathize with either of these two characters anymore. I'm so frustrated with their inability to openly communicate about what is actually going on (rather than their pointless rambles of useless trivia), and so frustrated at Dom's inability to just reach out and get what he wants.
    While their writing ability suggests that perhaps they are both a little older than their years; their immaturity in how they handle situations clearly shines through to show just how young they are.
    Damn, I'm a sucker for a good story.

  2. lulz, drugs

    Dom would be a great stoner/poet/writer

    I wonder if it was mushrooms or acid ... but it sounds like molly or x, which is the most likely. He'd really like mushrooms.

  3. HAHA, Dom! I'm glad he experienced that, I think it's hilarious that he did drugs for the first time and went to a rave! I'm proud of him. I'm glad he saw her there with Marcus and (in his drug-induced state of mind) did not flip his shit......Which is very possible if you have taken drugs. I like this, and I like that he didn't go because of her.

  4. yes Steph T... i like it shit flipping... he is a stronger man than i am i think....and drugs and he seemed a lovely unfucked up pair which is really saying something as he watched the girl that he loves with her head on Marcus' shoulder...and he offers boners to laugh at(do i hear you shouting Dr Frued)...and egg=moons and pink dawns to connect them and a real positivity..untainted love...pretty amazing...WW

  5. "His shoulder really suits your head"
    great line

  6. im with Steph T and WW.. this is really nice. He took it all in so well.. hmm. Yup. It is raining in my part of town. I've just been reflecting on all this fucked up shit that happens around us.. in our lives.. endured a wonderful friday night, and then a terrible saturday. And yeah.. the rain is coming down.. but i can see the sun through it all. and there is a certain vibe im picking up on.. which this kinda picks up on..

    and yeah.. it feels alright..

    Even this rumble of thunder ..Guess we are all part of a storm, one way or another. It's nice.

    No, im not smoking anything. Wish i had that excuse up my sleave! :P :)

    Wonder what happens next..

  7. I find it amusing how both still write flirtatious e-mails to one another even though Stacey is now "unavailable."
    I honestly believe (even though this is Dom's email) that Stacy is leading him on and keeping her options open, so to speak.
    I confess I've done this in my teenage youth; going on dates with one man while still openly flirting with another 'just in case'...

    Needless to say, I believe Stacy will end up with neither Marcus or Dom in the long run.

    My prediction is that, the frequency of their emails will start to wain.. that Stacy will realize her true feelings (she is simply co-dependant) and that she will move on. Leaving Dom in the dust.

    I'm hoping I'm wrong... I really loved this email from Dom.

  8. So I'm wondering if in the next email, she gets cold toward him... I could see her breaking their date... she thinks he's hung up, he's acting (note the word acting because I think this is him pretending to keep his shit together) cool. I can see her pull back a bit here... Such a chess match these two have. Everyone keeps trying to keep their pawns... but eventually you gotta let some of them go to get what you want in the end.

  9. Chris, beautiful analogy about the chess match.

  10. Anon (9:35) I hear your frustration. But I think it's interesting to look at the pop' culture references and see if there's any subtext going on. I think often it is.

  11. Anon (11:20) Wow Dom on mushrooms!!?? That's I'd love to see.

  12. Steph T - true he didn't flip out. It shows strength. Though a part of me thinks he's still covering. Or as one wise commenter said; trying not to be effected by it all.

  13. WW and as always your comments are beautiful too. Are you Dom :)

  14. Hi Mraiya, thanks for the comment and welcome to Bored Olives. It's great to have your here. Hope to hear more too.

    I agree, the comment was lovely (and a little tragic)

  15. oops sorry - Mariya. My fingers typing too fast.

  16. You're a bloody poet Hiranga

    "Even this rumble of thunder ..Guess we are all part of a storm, one way or another. It's nice."

    Love it. I love being part of a storm and it's nice. it is. It makes it feel all better.

    Wanna hear Ipshi's response to your line.

  17. Penny Pup, your response took me all over the place. So simple - but so layered. I wonder if there ever was a 'just in case'. Was there?

  18. Chris, checkmate! Like Jason, I too love the metaphor. I wonder how Dom will sarcrifce his pawn - what will it be? And is Stacey capaable too? or is she waiting to be kinged.

  19. Sorry that sounded vulgar - not intended.

  20. Jason, good on ya for the positive repsonse to Chris. Big fan of good-will, I am.


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