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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

59th email

----- Original Message -----
From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Wednesday, June 2nd, 1999 23:00 PM
Subject: RE a New week

Is horror at fang rock the one in a lighthouse…?

If so I do actually like that one. The lighthouse keeper with a beard, huh…? Actually are any of them clean shaven – surely being a lighthouse keeper means you have to have a beard, right?

God, I’m beginning to sound like you…

…If that was the one, I found it really frightening…he had a mad, evil look…and though I actually find ‘doctor who’ really embarrassing most of the time…that one scared me…

I think my folks were splitting up when ABC played it and to offer more punishment I sat down to watch it…I kinda thought me father was the creature…or the lighthouse…daddy’s phallus…or something like that…

Anyway I haven’t thought about it in years…

I actually remember thinking while watching it - well it’s not the end of the world, Stacey…at least you don’t live in a lighthouse or are crashing on rocks…or live in Victorian times…or are being possessed by some evil creature…or are fighting for your life against some inflated afternoon-made monster created by the BBC props department…

…all I am is a chick whose folks are going their separate ways…and good on them…for if they stayed together I’m sure she would possess him or he would try to kill her or both would crash into each other’s rocks at some point…

After they split, I didn’t watch doctor who anymore…see my mother thought TV was generally bad and though ABC was acceptable…she really meant ABC news was really acceptable…so TV just slipped away…

…but I found books then…

my mother approved…and I guess it’s hard to beat bronte…and in a way horror at fang rock and bronte have some connections… rocks, rain…Yorkshire…and a girlish yearn to kiss at least one person in the story…

Oh fuck it…I’ve just reread what I wrote

…I’ve become one of those people I hate…

…talking about childhood and the TV we watched…as if others are interested in kiddie reminisces…and I’m not even drunk…I’m not even trying to find some common place based on try hard pop culture…

See now I’m looking back…shit and fuck…man…how did you do that to me?

Anyway happy to read that you’re back, buster…that’s good…

Happy to read we’re back…that’s better…


PS I guess a good name suggestion for your next dog could’ve been Tom Barker :(

PPS If it helps, I forgave you over a week ago…

I forgave you after I read your email about the Hilton…indeed it made me feel more like the monster…it made me feel like I needed forgivness…

So there you have it…Stacey M is actually one of those foam bubble wrap creatures created by the BBC props department to scare the shit out of five year olds on a Saturday evening…hide behind the couch little ones coz here comes Stacey…arghhhhhhh…


  1. I think at some point during Stacey and Doms correspondence emotion slowly oozed its way up to Stacey's brain and slowly began to entwine itself around logic, rendering it completely useless. That's whats beautiful about this E-mail, and all of the emails, that you can slowly see Dom working his magic through Stacey's writing.

    Slowly but surely Stacey fell madly in love with Dom, even her unruly act of sleeping with Marcus - the logic behind that, even the pain both Stacey and Dom must've felt, was swiftly thrown out of the window by them both, and they're not wasting any time in falling back into love.

  2. "Happy to read we’re back" - nice. "Tom Barker" - even better. Great email Stacey. Points to you. I think I'm finally officially moving from Team Neutral to....Team D&S! Woohoo!

  3. Hi!
    I'm Neville.
    Love from Neville.

  4. To be honest I didn't like stacey she seemed a bit arrogant..... but I'm beginning to like her =] Happy that she let her guard down

  5. see she adores him!... she adores him!...and now i think i am beginning to adore her!... we have already established that I am a revelation addict!.. but she made me smile so much ... i am so enjoying getting to know her..

    back to dog jokes :a sign to rewind... to times of the tentaive firat moments of their love...yup they love each other.. and i love them...

    (preparing bubble for bursting sequence commencing now.... need to protect myself somehow!!!!) WW

  6. I love what Anon 11:56 said about Stacey letting her guard down. Interesting that Stacey mentions her parent's split - perhaps that's the reason she was so guarded and came across as arrogant?

    Either way, there's hope yet. I never doubted that there was a team S&D.

  7. You know what, I'm actually a bit jealous of S&D, because I think it's all gonna be okay, and even if it's not, it's a lovely journey to watch unfold. Sigh.

  8. I know it's not relevant, but I thought I'd share with the Bored Olives group a bit of the love I saw unfolding on my way home, on the bus, earlier today.

    Perhaps it's wrong of me, but I nosily sneaked peeks at some people's text messages. Here's one:

    "I love and only love YOU!!! I love everything about you"

    Here's another:

    Guy: "you seem like a honda girl to me."
    Guy: "so can i walk you to school?"
    Girl: "I'm more of a scion tk kind of girl, and school doesn't start for another hour. If you want to come keep me company that would make me happy"

  9. My hamster is delighted with his new wheel.
    Do you like new wheels?
    Bye everyone! See you soon.

    PS. Is bored like making a hole or not enjoying things?

    I think you mean "pitted".

    PPS. I wish I could make a joke about lethargy and tapenades or something. Do you like tapenade?


  10. I like blogging. Do you?

    I think I shall do it more.


    Neville the blogger

  11. Hey this is fun.

    When I just posted my blogs, the machine asks me to type in words like "antish" and "bmislyte".

    What interesting words have you been asked to type in for verification purposes.

    Do you?




    Thanks Stephen. By the way do you spell your surname "Davies" or "Davis"? I can't quite tell.

    Bye everyone!

  12. By the way, I think "blogging" is a stupid word. It sounds like Mary Poppins or something. I think it should be called "keeping a loose literary notice board type of arrangement" or "keep-a-loose" for short.

    Let's all revolt.

    Nice keep-a-loose, Stephen the Bear!

    A landslide I must say of kindness and lovely-tude. A cakey of sprinkles. Slurp. Slurp.

    By the way, I'm autistic.

    So let's keep this tidy, listeners.

    Over and out.

    Nev! (you can call me Neville. trash mouth cat worshipers)

  13. By the way, Stephen I can't afford a blogspot account so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind and I posted my own blog here in your comments section. I won't take up too much space.

    I'd like to post useful words.

    Please don't feel tormented if you don't agree. Let's say we do this on a three week trial basis.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Neville Taylor xox


    USEFUL WORDS FOR USEFUL PERSONS (except wicked ladies who eat my mid-afternoon roll at the community centre cafeteria, sinful witches)


    Amplitude is the magnitude of change in the oscillating variable with each oscillation within an oscillating system. For example, sound waves in air are oscillations in atmospheric pressure and their amplitudes are proportional to the change in pressure during one oscillation. If a variable undergoes regular oscillations, and a graph of the system is drawn with the oscillating variable as the vertical axis and time as the horizontal axis, the amplitude is visually represented by the vertical distance between the extrema of the curve.

    In older texts the phase is sometimes very confusingly called the amplitude.



    (blogging at ya!)

  15. something like that. nothing too intrusive.

    maybe your guests could try to use these words in their telegrams

    thanks once again, Stephen.

    I like your bear.


  16. Hi Neville, thank you for your interest in Bored Olives. It's great to have such enthusiasm.

    In regard to your question about blogging here; I would appreciate it if you set up your own blog and perhaps I could link it.

    It is free to set up an account with blogger and very easy.

    That being said please feel free to comment on the posts or if a discussion occurs in the comments please feel free to participate.

    But in regard to off topic or thread mis direction in the comments please keep the focus and tone apt.

    Thank you and welcome
    Stephen Davis

  17. Hi guys - will respond to other comments shortly.

  18. Dux, how beautiful. But it's all so complicated now. Man why isn't love easy?

  19. Missy M; Team D and S - yes!!!! I hear your woohoo from far away and woohoo back

  20. Anon (11:56) but it took so long to wear her down :)

  21. WW, I know what you mean by preparing and protection. Possibly wise. I also agree that I'm falling for Stacey too. Though I think I always had a crush on her.

  22. Jason, well picked about Stacey's folks seperation. It does help us understand her caution and fear. I quite like that she didn't mention it 'til now. But I do wonder if this is a deliberate and subtle addition here to help Dom understand her previous actions. Hmmmm.

  23. Missy M; you made me sigh. I think you're great.

  24. Randall, thank you for sharing your observations on the way home. Please continue to share too.

    I also had a look at your blog. It's great. I'm going to add it to the links for others to look at. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  25. PS - R, meant to say please share more of your romantic observations/eavesdropping - I think we'd all like to eavesdrop on them.

  26. Finally, Neville thank you again for your comments. They're wild.

  27. Thanks, Stephen. There are very few things better one can do for a blogger than having his link posted; I really do appreciate it.

    I will definitely continue to share my little lovely eavesdropping. To be honest, I didn't even realize just how much that comment related to this blog until now - it's the same sort of thing! xP

    Purely coincidence, I promise, but I also promise to bring more back when I find them. I'm a nosy person when it comes to love, haha.


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