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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

220th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Monday August 17th, 1999 22:11 PM
Subject: RE My new home

Hi Dom…that’s fine please do pop around tomorrow…maybe later in the day would be decent…after 1:00?

And yes…happy to pretend to be ‘just friends’ as long as by ‘just friends’ you mean I can grab your arse the moment I see you…

See you tomorrow, dear…

PS: I’ll never fall away...I’m a lifer, baby...


  1. these really are going nowhere. they could easily go somewhere if more were posted at once. this is probably the most boring post yet. i'm sorry but. it's getting so slow!

  2. Juan:
    Wish I could 'like' what Anonymous 1:09 just said...

  3. NO negativity today!! IT is papa bear's BIRRRRRRTHDAY!!! Take a bow Papa Bear!! Thanks for everything Stephen! MUAZZZ!

  4. Meh. I don't agree with cheating but that emails were a lot juicier and more interesting when they were :(

  5. that's the problem with relationships, when they are exciting and daring and there is that sense of excitement; when you feel you literally have to fight for them, they are all you want. When, however the time comes when things start to fall into place and it seems the time to be together is here and life has settled down people get complacent. I appreciate these emails. If only I could be so happy with a woman,that people would look at me and say that's boring. I think I'd be the luckiest guy on the planet. While there is still a bit of mystery around the relationship, i'd like to say Congratulations "Dom and Staci" for overcoming.

  6. Happy Birthday Stephen!

  7. Bored, bored, bored.

  8. I can't help but agree with Chris.
    Why is everyone so bored when this is pretty much the moment we've been hoping for/working towards with all the lovey-dovey emails preceding it?
    Nothing wrong with contentedness.

  9. Why are we bored? Compare the length and writing style of the first emails to the crap we get now. That's why.


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