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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

208th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Sunday August 4th, 1999 15:01 PM
Subject: Stalking now

Okay I couldn’t wait an hour… and I’m still not ringing…please email me back and let me know you’re okay…I just feel awful ringing if Elsa’s still there…man...

...I feel awful if Crisps (dickhead) is there too...

...I can’t handle this…I so want to be there for you…I feel useless...

...Marcus is ringing but I’m not picking up…I know he just wants to gossip about it…arsehole…I mean he’s not an arsehole…he doesn’t know all the details…

...but still and all…what if I came over…? Okay I can’t come over…that’s crazy…email me…please…


  1. Crisps and Elsa are carrying on?

    Or did Crisps let Dom & Stacey's secret out of the bag?

  2. Not sure :) what do folk think?

  3. I think I'm losing interest in their story...

  4. The betrayers being betrayed? I like it.

  5. I tried posting a comment using Firefox, but it didn't work. Now I'm trying with IE. If it works, does anyone know what setting I might have on wrong with FF to not allow posting here?

    (sorry, off topic)

  6. We forgot about CRISPS!

    Damn, you guys.

    ps. I'm on Firefox

  7. Anon: I don't know if there is a setting you might have wrong. I can tell you that I haven't upgraded to FF4 yet.

    Maybe that's it?

  8. Didn't Crisp and Elsa use to have a thing? I think I remember some old email about Dom saying something about that.

    Anyway, this is reads more like a mystery now!

  9. Hey guys, can someone point me to what email Crisp was involved in? It was a long time ago since I read it. Thanks.

  10. Here are all the emails that mention Crisps:

  11. This is just getting overly cryptic now. I want the story to become juicy again like the goode olde days :(

    Dom!! Just reply will you!?!?

  12. MOVE THE FUCK ONNNN!!!! argh i wanna know past her "going to call.. not going to call" thing... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

  13. Stephen, would happen to have (or will you make) a small button for your blog, so that I might put it on my blogroll?

  14. I reckon Crisps and/or Elsa found Dom and Stacey snogging. OR Elsa and Crisps were? I don't know...then why would Dom be bleeding?
    Marcus wants to laugh about it, so maybe it's not about Dom and Stacey...
    Sorry, I know this was ages ago, but I'm only now reading it and it's still fun to think up theories!


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