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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

206th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Sunday August 4th, 1999 13:21 PM
Subject: That was weird

Dom, are you okay? God I hope you’re okay…do you want me to ring? I think I should ring…but you might need time…if I haven’t heard in an hour…I’m ringing…


  1. i get the feeling someone got

    ..and i guess, rightly so! I wonder what has happened..

  2. Haha oh Hiranga, I hope you're right!
    And I hope that it was Elsa punching Dom as he has deserved for so long!

  3. I'd say Marcus told everything he knows... we'll see

  4. I'm gonna be "different" here and asy I reckon Dom broke Elsa's nose.

    In all seriousness - or as serious as this can be - Stacy sounds like a "nice boy" here =/

  5. It's funny how my love for Dom turned into loathing... I hope someone punched Dom. Or at least slapped some sense into him. Really rather wish Elsa would be in the fray, but it doesn't really seem like it. Although if he got punched wouldn't she have said are you okay before this email? I'm thinking it might be more something to do with getting hurt emotionally.

  6. Whoa, definitely meant Stacey, not Elsa haha. Elsa can do the punching.

  7. Almost twelve hours later? Yeah, something happened. New email subject and everything. It seems like each "oh-god-why-couldn't-he-have-already-put-up-the-next-one-what's-going-on?!" post is worse than the last.

    Also, different subject for you, Stephen:
    What does the name "Bored Olives" come from? Forgive me if you've already mentioned it (or if it's a British thing), but I've always been curious.

  8. Stephen here: I'm still having problems posting. I can post as anon - to at least answer some questions.

    Firstly Zombie: The name has been with me for a while. My primary occupation is a screenwriter and my first produced feature was called 'bored olives'. I have always loved the title and keep it close. The feature was also about romance and identity and I wanted to reclaim the notion dissatisfaction as opposed to the media slandered 'bored' as a happy qualifier for our youth.

    Simply just becasue they don't agree - doesn't make them bored. If anything it's polite anger.

    ALso the two words are hopefully interesting enough for readers to make of it what they will.

    Back to you yarn: Well I have been very interested in reading those accounts and thoughts regarding the current transgression. I for one found it all to fascinating and though morally I stumble I have to confess that I still remain on team Dom and Stacey. Maybe it's beacuse they deserve each other. Maybe it's because they're flawed. Maybe it's because they're human.

    As to what happened at the party...? I'm keen to read reports.

  9. -Dom and Stacey meet for a quite snog
    -Marcus catches them
    -Marcus punches Dom
    -Elsa punches Dom
    -Stacey for appearances, claims innocence and slaps Dom
    -Dom is left by his lonesome self
    -Dom cooks himself a cheeseburger, which he accidentally burns to a crisp
    -no love for cheating Dom

  10. No Love for Cheating Dom a new movie by Joel and Ethan Coen.

  11. I bet Dom caught Stacy with Marcus! Ooooooh!

  12. Just to put a different twist on things...I think they found Elsa and Keith together!

  13. Vee, gets the award for being the closest...

  14. Methinks that last anonymous stephen wasn't quite real..


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