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Sunday, January 2, 2011

107th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: Oftenbark Borax
Sent: Saturday July 7th July, 1999 18:29 PM
Subject: RE RE Stacey here…

Hi Oftenbark…thanks for your email and your lovely words…I was having a rather shitty day…cash poor…been living off Marcus for a few days…hate that…so I went looking for work…had no luck…

But today…I got a part time gig…yeahhhhh…

…it’s telecanvassing…nooooo…

I know that’s so dull…but it is for the Guide Dogs for the Blind…so I thought you’d approve…

I wanted to tell them when I applied that I was having a correspondence with a dog…but took your words of advice and elected to keep silent…

I mildly flirted instead… (though I’m sure a letter of support or a reference from you would’ve seeled the deal earlier)

Interesting to hear your thoughts on Elsa…but pretty hard core…as she seems rather nice, I thought…but perhaps nice in my language translates to plain in yours…not sure…

I also think it’s important to say that though I think Dom is great…but it’s not going to happen between us…not now...he’s got someone…I’ve got someone…timing is out…shame, I know...

I’d just hate for you to get your hopes up…

But on a more positive note when will I see you again…?

You should convince Dom to bring you over for a visit…do you have a favourite treat? I’ll get it in!!!



  1. And to All Readers, I hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year. Happy Hogmanay to all. Let's make it a wise and wonderful year full of kindness and humour.

    And maybe happy endings too.

  2. I has sad. :( Not the response I was hoping Stacey to give Do- Oftenbark.

  3. @ Anonymous (11:49am) you're reading it too literally, i think.

    Stacey, in her way, is putting the situation firmly in Dom's hands.

    In previous e-mails she's made it evident her relationship with Marcus is dead in the water. Dom has now made the same case for his relationship with Elsa.

    Despite her statement otherwise, i think she thinks it can now happen between Dom and herself because the obstacles presented by Marcus and Elsa are close to being toppled. The timing could soon be perfect again.

    I read this as an invitation for Dom to man up and speak from the heart. I'd commented on e-mail 106 that that should be done in person...

    "You should convince Dom to bring you over for a visit…do you have a favourite treat? I’ll get it in!!!" — is an easier, light hearted, way of telling Dom she wants to meet him, alone.

  4. hmm, I like your take Jamie, but i'm not so sure i'm not with anon on this one... I think she kinda shut him down here. Not gonna happen seemed pretty blunt and to the point. Looks like we're down the hill of the roller coaster, time to climb again.

  5. I think it truly depends on how Dom will read into this as to what the meaning actually is. That sounds cryptic but Dom seems a rather pessimistic sort and he may read into this that actually Elsa isn't interested and therefore he should stop skirting the issue and just drop it altogether.

    Or, he may read between the lines and see that this is Stacey telling him to grow a set, ditch Elsa and take a risk.

    Initially relationships are all about risk and I think this could be Stacey's way of seeing just how willing Dom is to take a risk on her. It sounds like she's putting the ball back in Dom's court, but I think she could be lining up an overhand smash to follow because the tricky thing about Stacey is, we just don't know if she will follow suit and dump Marcus or not.

    Which makes her latest response all the more intriguing.

  6. Anon, 11:49, oh no I hate you're sad on this the first of the new year. I must admit, I tend to side with Chris here. I think she's playing still but also trying to be good. It must have been so hard. You have feelings but others are in the way. You want to act out those feelings. But you have commitments. A truly strange web indeed.

    For my thoughts, I think they need to examine why they got stuck with Marcus and Elsa to begin with. What drove them their what are their flaws thay got them there?'

  7. Oops sorry - meant Jamie, not Chris - my error.

  8. Jamie, I think your reading is great. See above.

  9. Chris, I'm not suire. I think we're still on the loop myself.

  10. Jay, love your reading. Because that's one of the key questions. IOf Dom does jump - will Stacey follow? Mind bending.

  11. me concentrating on the sign off's again..

    she signs off with



    a blow to Dom, but he's still in with a chance..even if its not now.

    i dont think he'll move on if he thinks he can find eternal happiness with Stacey.

  12. im one for risk. Take the plunge Dom! Some things are worth the risk. And Stacey certainly has given him an opening. As someone mentioned early this can reflect how much Stacey is worth to Dom, and how much he is willing to put out there to win her back. If she is there to win back that is. And again, as someone has already mentioned it also depends on his attitude towards this new email - i hope Dom takes to it with optimism rather than pessimistic realism. I dunno about everyone else here.. but i've realised everything i've ever wanted, i've had to fight for it. No matter how simple, or obvious it seemed at first, trying to attain it has always demanded a battle beyond what any sane person would consider realistic or normal. So to hell with it all. If its worth it, which i hope it is, Dom, you are going to have to earn it - that is, by putting yourself out there. Taking the risks.

    and on that note.. i might take a bit of a risk and let you guys in on a bit of my personal story - I write lyrics and sing with the guitar, and recently i posted a new original track. I'm hoping to start up a band this year seeing as i've finished up with uni and yeah.. i have a blank canvas in front of me as far as the year goes, so i intend of painting some of it with my music. I just then caught up on the last two emails and yeah - it's sort of weird because Dom's last one (via Oftenbark) kinda relates to what i've written about in my last song - about reaching out.. Anyway apologies the sideways rant! Here's a link to my music profile and my latest original!

    Would love to hear what fellow olives have to say. A lot of my lyrics come out from a relationship similar to the D & S story.. so I consider myself very lucky to have been drawn into this blog - its taught me a lot about myself, ..and olives too. :)

  13. HA HA me too Stephen. And you are right "oh what a web we weave" never seemed more true. and just think if he would have stuck around that night a long time ago Marcus would have never been an issue.

  14. I think these two need a reality check.
    They are in unhappy relationships...why not end them... Clearly they want to be together. Why stay stuck with someone who makes you miserable?
    I don't understand why people torture themselves.
    Why can't things just be simple?

  15. *drumroll.........................

    and the email address does NOT bounce back!

  16. "*drumroll.........................

    and the email address does NOT bounce back!"

    You're playing a very dangerous game there nabs, please tread carefully

  17. relax jamie. blank email.

    but you're right, i should have offered viagra pills or penis extensions.

  18. ahahaha nabs!! :D Totally right! :P

  19. so stephen, did you just delete nabs email to oftenbark unopened, or did you see if it was really blank inside (jk)


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