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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

128th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: Dom Borax
Sent: Friday July 13th July 1999, 22:21 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Ways to Kill Russell

Yep, yep, yep… done and dusted…checklist ticked…you can count on me to give you everything…least I can do for a dying man, right?


PS though I might baulk at children that respect you...unless you’re made out of chocolate...


  1. And a quick shout out to PennyPup, a regular and treasured reader and commenter. PennyPup is scheduled to give birth today.

    I'm sure all readers wish her the best and eagerly await an update.

  2. Firstly: Congrats and good luck to Pennypup.

    Secondly: This email just makes me feel more like Stacey is avoiding something. Although she's focused on what Dom mentioned in his previous email, I feel that she's trying to keep things short and sweet.

    If I was Dom, I wouldn't really know what to reply to this email with starting a whole knew subject with something like "So, what's happening tomorrow? Night out, job interview with MI5 (although you may have to kill me if you told the truth), date with Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Other Hot Hollywood star".

    Maybe it's just the alchohol and cynical me speaking.

  3. Good luck to Penny pup. This email feels like it was written in a hurry... Like she doesn't exactly know what to say. But she did check off his list...

  4. Congratulations and good luck, Pennypup!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. She has shown that she paid attention to the detail within Dom's previous email though, so while it appears rushed, she has picked on a certain point in Dom's email to highlight in the postscript.

    Tellingly, the response of "You can count on me" is an interesting one and perhaps is something that Dom may latch onto. Dom can start a new email from there along the lines of imagining himself sitting upon Stacey and counting out some money or whatever. Start with something amusing to try and engage her a bit more as although she has clearly read his last email, she didn't particularly engage on a big level with it.

    I think Stacey is beginning to tire of the preamble. Too much talk, not enough action...

  7. Yeah what Jay said, like Stace and most of us, we want the action!!!!

    Anon 5.08


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