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Sunday, January 23, 2011

127th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Friday July 13th, 1999 21:21 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE RE Ways to Kill Russell

If you’re shouting, I’m getting me the biggest coffee ever.

And a sandwich.

And some cake.

And some orange juice.

And some more cake.

And a little chocolate something.

And a fancy coffee that actually ruins the taste of real coffee.

And some new trousers.

And some chocolate trousers.

And some socks.

And a new Television.

And a car.

And some more cake.

And a return ticket to Rome.

And a house.

And a chocolate house. (NOTE: It doesn’t have to be too fancy)

And a wife that adores me.

And children that respect me.

And a winning lottery ticket.

And a doctor on call to stop any illness.

And a Mausoleum for when the doctor fails.

Speak during the week.


PS And if you get my that Mausoleum, I want it to have a 24 four hour coffee-stand just in case I come back from the dead (‘Cause I’m really going to need a coffee then.)


  1. As do we all. Well maybe not all. I like my coffee and for a split second thought everyone was like me. :)

  2. Classic Dom - lighthearted and made me smile! But still with an undercurrent of honesty as well.....

  3. Classic Holly, always supportive and kind.

  4. when i first started reading this, i smiled at all the people who had to wait and was amused.
    now i'm one of them and it's killing me!

  5. It's funny how he through the wife and children lines in there in the middle. I wonder if our leading lady will pinpoint those two in her next email?

  6. and yes I know it's threw not through... sorry, in a bit of a rush this morning. lol

  7. I think Dom's more a fan of caffeine than just coffee (which I personally hate) what with his many references to chocolate. Other than the coffee though, he has some good taste.

  8. I want cake too Dom. Triple layer chocolate fudge cake...

    I'm still around, just haven't been commenting. My due date to give birth is tomorrow (the 26th)so this may be my last chance for a bit to comment. I wanted to let you all know I'll be lurking, but my commenting may be cut short for some time. XD

    Stephen, thank-you for this wonderful blog. It's like a great book that you can't put down.

  9. I'll have one of everything Dom wants. Except swap out "adoring wife" for "doting husband."


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