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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

44th email

----- Original Message -----
From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday, May 21st, 1999 11:00 AM
Subject: RE so sorry

It was hard to hear…i have to say…I kinda hated you for a bit…not for being called cruel…

I hated you for tipping that dreadful spiritual smoothie concoction over me (by accident, hmmmm) in that fuck awful Spiritual bookshop!!!!!!

How dare you!!!!

…it was so humiliating…

…and you didn’t even mention it in your apology…don’t you think that you should?

I mean what kinda of guy doesn’t say anything about such an act…makes me relive it again...or makes me think you don’t care about it…

I mean, I have to say…it was hard to tell you about Marcus…you were the last one I told because I knew you’d be upset and I wanted your support…

Yes we had a nice night at the Norman…I really liked it too…I thought we connected and it was fun…but when you left…what was I to do..? Without a word, you left…

I thought it was me…I thought, ‘oh he mustn’t like you in that way…’ or worse…’I think I came on too strong – and revealed too much about myself…’

And of course…whatever…your choice…you can do what you want…that’s cool… it was a nice night…two friends talking and that’s it…I am just his friend…

And then Marcus was there and we started talking too…we connected too…and he sat in your seat at the table once you’d gone…

…he stayed…

…and we drank and we talked and we flirted…

…and he said, come back to my place…

And I did…

…we went back to his place…we fucked…it was good…we played Big Star…the good third album and fucked to Holocaust…it was sad and kinda funny…

and after we talked…we talked about Asterix and The Devils of Loudon in a weird francophile/belguim stream of consciousness way…even Tintin…

I never got Tintin…I liked the white dog but found Tintin looked too much like my Aunt who never married…

but hearing him talk about Tintin made me want to read it…and marry my aunt…and then we put on Jesus and Mary Chain and fucked again to April Skies and Darklands

…and in the morning it still felt good…he made me cup of tea…leaves…in this kitsch purple home made mug…he taught me how to do a cryptic crossword…and we watched a movie on telly…Doc Savage

…and when I went home, I still thought of him…it was painful not to ring…it was more painful to want to see him in the future and think of him from last night…he had made me move out of the present…I had memory and hope…

...and parted of me hated him for that and parted of me could see myself getting old…quilting and kissing and baking and toying with the idea of god…

I kinda felt human

And I know I shouldn’t tell you this…but I want to hurt you and make you understand that I never planned this…it happened…maybe it could have been you…and maybe I would have woken in the morning looking up at you dangling a hot cup of coffee over my head, tipping it and scolding me…

...'cause I know we flirted too…at the Norman…I know…but when you went home without saying goodbye…what was I meant to think? I thought you hated me…and after we shared so much…I didn’t understand…

…now I understand that you were drunk and just toddled off…but what was I meant to think?

..and now…fuck…I don’t know why I wanted your support…I think I wanted it, because I liked you…I really did…but maybe we are just friends…good friends… and nothing more…

My clothes still stinks of wheatgrass, carrot and noni juice by the way…


  1. So brutal of her to include so many details of what transpired with the other man...repeatedly...emphasizing them.

  2. AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I can’t take any more of this!!! She is a horrible, horrible, horrible, nasty, spiteful, insecure, manipulative, awful shell of a human being. Wrong, wrong and wrong!

    If I were Dom, i would not even want to be an acquaintance of this person, let alone a friend.

    Yuk! I am physically reviled by how she has revealed…
    Ah, I can’t even be bothered to type, I am so repulsed by this.

  3. cruel and heartless. don't know what he could possibly see in her anymore

  4. The date of this email is/was my 30th birthday.

    Oh, God! I can’t believe how affected I am by this. it feels like it’s happening to me. The details – the intimate details.

    You know that scene in Apocalypse Now, when they are going up the river and they get out of the boat and the guy who sees the tiger runs back to the boat and starts ripping his shirt as the impact of what just happened hits home?

    That’s me, right now.

  5. That's so nasty. A "good friend" wouldn't treat anyone like this. I hope Dom realises that!

  6. So hard to read, can't think properly. This pretty much did happen to me not long ago.

  7. Okay, I was starting to actually relate to Stacey....No fucking way now. Sorry for the language but there is no was I can not curse at this.
    What a bitch. It's one thing to tell him it happened, even to scold him for spilling, but to tell him exactly what happened as if she was the narrator....ugh.
    This is why I hate Stacey. I am starting to like Dom less, but I truly hate Stacey and if I ever met her in real life I think I would have to punch her in the head.
    I feel like I should try to interpret some deeper meaning to this but I don't think it deserves that. It is a spiteful stupid act that is just plain revolting.

  8. The detail! So unnecessarily mean! If he did call her cruel she so deserves that. And the stinky juice. Pour it on her evil spiteful head Dom.

  9. Plus also, how dare she imply she didn't know Dom was into her. He's being all nice and gentle but still pretty clear, just not pushing her. Which she says she doesn't want. And then she just shags Marcus because he's there? Bitch.

  10. Geeze, this was so hard to read. I don't think Stacy should have given all that detail. She should have considered being in Dom's shoes. How would she have liked it if he spilled the beans that he fucked another girl? I think she should have the guts to communicate with Dom -- ask him about his feelings about her. I think it's pretty clear in the e-mails that he was head over heels for her. And I don't understand why she'd want him to support her when she's with someone else. I know I could never do that. Sure, people might say "I'm happy for you," but deep inside you're hurt that someone you love is with someone else. It's complete torture. Just wow, I'm still trying to let this al sink in.

  11. ^ especially someone (Marcus) who supposed to be a friend.

  12. I don't even know what to say, where to begin... I don't think I -can- begin! This is awful, and I feel terrible.

    Knowing that I did something similar to someone, and that someone did something similar to myself, is hard to think of when I read this.

    It's so wrong, but I can understand her. If it's anything like how my experience went, Dom and Stacey will be true friends, exposing things in a much different way. They will fight for months, and then get over it and become the strongest of friends.

  13. funny but this actually made me like stacey more than i have .. i wanted to slap her last week... now not as much ...yes the details are hideous and they are there to hurt...but also to show the act as meaningful.. she didnt chose something meaningless and tawdry instead of dom but something with potential value and substance... is it easier to take being betrayed for something meaningful?...probably not!!!...but at least she knows it is a betrayal..if she had pretended no covenant had been made i would have slapped her!!!.. email/ riffing/ flirting..they both knew the dance they were dancing!.and at least it comes from a clearly authentically screwed up place.. i thought you didnt like me! i wondered what i had done wrong!... i believe that least she is not hiding behind nihilist crap...or philosophical porn coolness ...that stuff never really measures up.. .it is just she screwed up and misunderstood doms exit...HE SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING before leaving!!!... and the thing with Marcus was goood but the thing with dom could have been good...and she wanted forgiveness not support... and he didnt give it cos how could he!!!... so from here??... who knows??...i actually suspect it depends more on Marcus then either Stacey or Dom and I really dont know him yet..he likes fucking to music and he can talk impressively and probably amusingly about unusual pop- cultural icons and he is also prepared to sleep with someone his mate is cleary very interested in!!.. but what does he want...dont know yet... i will wait to find out...

  14. Gosh where to start. So many interesting and passionate comments.

    So, Anon 10:01 - I agree it is so brutal. But I guess she feels really strongly to have such a brutal response.

  15. I believe that we're are ignoring one very important fact. We don't actually know what he said to her at that meeting, we don't know what happened. He could've said something so incredibly hurtful that is thinly veiled apology meant nothing to her, and she knows it. She said she didn't believe him and I believe she's right. I'm still a member of Team Stacey. Dom was an idiot. He got to drunk and left, saying nothing. Of course she's going to get the idea that she wasn't into him. She said everything she needed to defend herself. And of course she rubbed it in, he was an ass about it. I'm glad she fucked Marcus and had a great time. I believe we're underestimating Marcus as well. The only impression we have from him is from Dom who was obviously a bit jealous of him in the first place.

  16. Chris, happy 30 for this date 10 years ago. Wow, what a response. I hope it hasn't shat your day too much.

    Like Anon, and lots of commenters, I hear your frustration. It's like Stacey has betrayed you all.

    But I do wonder if anyone out there thinks her feelings or actions are valid?

    And I hope you didn't rip your shirt off, Like Chef in AN. Her reponse is surely not worth a Dixon item of clothing.

  17. Anon (10:04) I wonder what he saw in her to begin with. Do you think there is any future?

  18. Anon (10:25) I agree a good friend shouldn't treat someone like that. But if they do, why did it happen? What did Dom do to push her buttons, I wonder.

  19. Anon (10:53) I hope you're okay. Truly. I hope you are well. Sending warm thoughts to you virtually.

  20. ST, I love your comment. So raw (as are the others too) but I think it's amazing you'd thump her if you met her. I just hope (as the great Film writer and director Preston Sturges says) that you don't encounter...

    " of life's great tragedies that those in need of a thumping are enormous..."

    Thanks ST as amways.

  21. Oops meant always...
    As Dom would say, 'message to self, always wear glasses when typing...'

  22. Jo, I still wonder why she was so mean. Is it part of her makeup? It's such a deliberate act that something instigated it.

    And I agree, Dom was obvious about his feelings; and she did shut them down. She was cruel to him when he was vulnerable.

    But I wonder if she thought she was worthy if his attention? Is her punishing of Dom, a punishment fo herself.

    And do you think it was easy or hard for her to write this email?

  23. Steph, I am sure Dom is pain and hurting. Man - how awful he must feel. And I agree - the detail os so hurtful. But I'm sure deliberate.

    Now I'm hurting a bit.

  24. Randall, your comment is so sensitive. And thanks for sharing your experience of doing this action and having it done to you. Love can be cruel, I guess.

    And I agree; I think it was a needed step in their journey - one I too hope leads to a lasting and deep friendship.

    I remain positive.

  25. Anon (4:35) I am relieved to hear that there is some support for Stacey. Though I do understand that you think her actions where wrong, I love how you appreciate them as authentic and not 'philisophical porn coolness' (love that term - let's all use it)

    Interesting that you think it lies with Marcus for the next step. I look forward to your responses as he starts to play a bigger part in the story.

  26. Andy,
    Give me an S
    Give me a T
    Give me an A
    Give me a C
    Give me an E
    Give me a Y...

    Thank you Mr R' as always. Hey and let ST know where you're from in the North (if not already)

  27. he tipped a glass of fuck awful something something concoction on her..? called it an accident? .. and i suppose he walked away.


    So he did get pissed off. (!!!) I AM SURPRISED. ..and somewhat glad he displayed his true emotions at the lunch! Glad. and surprised. and also kinda proud of him for giving in to his emotions. I can imagine him saying "sorry, it was an accident" in the most distasteful tone and walking away. wow. sheeet.

    I'm going to sound like a hypocrite now, but it was definitely an asshole thing to do! I'm not condoning such behaviour to a lady.. but.. ahh i dunno what to think. It certainly wasn't a nice thing to do. public too.. Oh dear. And he certainly could have conveyed his upset in a more decent manner.. i guess for him, all of that was besides the point... he was in the moment.. hmmmmmm.. Gosh.. that was a big gesture. Soo much immaturity in it too though! And then the previous letter he apologised for everything, and did not mention this. gah! I think this, he screwed up big time if he still wants her.. then again.. his anger is justified enough.

    I'm going to continue sounding like a hypocrite - I never thought i'd say this.. but i am actually happy for Stacey, having read this.. Her including everything she did with Marcus in the email, even to my own dismay, makes me feel happy.. she sounds like she found something. Of course from Dom's shoes i will personally say "i hate that bitch for including all of the detail" but.. naa seriously, if she didn't include it, Dom would have been wondering what happened between them, forever pondering the possibilities and destroying his own mental health..

    So. I like that she spelt it all out for Dom. Long term, that was actually a decent thing for her to do, and yeah her trying to make him hate her is also another move she has played in trying to achieve the greater good.. so i have respect for Stacey because of that.. The girl i knew did exactly this - tried to make me despise her.. and yeah.. i knew why she did it at the time. i understood her strategy.. but i guess the reason for her to employ it wasn't good enough for me to actually commit to tha hate so-to-speak.. so now i don't really know how to feel about her trying that one.. when i think about it i still feel mixed up. I wish it was sometihng like she had sex with my best friend! It would be so much easier to forget about her..

    Anyhow. this is a killer..

    [continued below]

  28. Stacey does have a point, that Dom left without saying anything.. and i guess the moment unfolded as it was meant to. I personally despise this phrase -everything happens for a reason- [partly cos the same girl used to tell me this when times got bad.. sometimes it was comforting.. sometimes it made me feel like i was powerless - and now, after her i treat the concept of destiny as if it only existed for me to challenge it. It's my bizarre way of getting around hard times in my life..] but in this case it almost feels like this is exactly what has occurred. What was meant to happen, happened.. And it fits from Stacey's point of view. It worked out for her. I genuinely feel happy for her.. and Marcus.. ughh.. If you were my friend, i would BANISH you!!.. but you know what, at least he seems like a nice enough guy, that isn't just out for a cheap lay [OR IS HE!????!!?!?!] He appears to be treating her well. So its okay i guess.

    Deep down I rest easy that there was no time for him to "premeditate" anything as such. And.. even if Stacey ends up realising that he is a dick, it still fits with her nihilism thing. And she should be able to let it go easily enough i guess.. i hope. :S - i may regret saying that later on. Either way i've sounded like a skitzo thus far jumping between allegiances, so what the hell! haha

    Umm. Unfortunate for Dom, him spilling the juice of whatever on Stacey at the lunch (assuming he did it on purpose ?!?) only makes him look like even more of an asshole now.. it is a pitty. Insecurity. and being immature. He really needed those things under chains when this happened, especially at the lunch.

    I think the description douchebag is quite fitting given the circumstance now..

    PS. i read the comments above me only now - a lot of people, if not everyone hehe, are really feeling shit about Stacey describing all of that stuff she did with Marcus in the letter.. I am just as surprised, and was feeling seasick, as much as the rest of you guys about it all.. but i think not knowing that.. not knowing the details.. not knowing the extent of their interaction, would have hurt Dom a whole lot more.

    I respect her for that. And props to her also - it was two birds with one stone - to spite Dom for spilling the drink on her, and to help him get over her [at least i THINK it was good intentioned.. hmmm] Dom may not know it or feel it now, but her spelling all of that out is quite a favour if you think about it.

  29. PPS. you know what.. reading the comments all over again.. Dom should have made his move by now. Marcus did it. Simply said - he had the balls to, and so he did. None of this shilly shallying around like Dom. I can understand why Stacey jumped to the conclusion that maybe Dom wasnt interested in her in that sense..

    now THAT is fucked up..

  30. My guess is Dom told her he was falling in love with her – an admission of emotional intimacy. She should have known it, but she has been in denial from the get-go. So her only response is to vomit forth an admission of physical intimacy. I doubt she can really feel emotion at all if she equates the two admissions.

    She should have known how he felt. She has drawn him in, and he has followed. She has pushed him back and he has relented, and this has been the pattern. Him leaving the pub without a goodbye was part of the pattern, part of the game - and she knew it. I am fairly confident he will be stuck with for some time, however.

    Maybe Dom will amalgamate 2 of my favourite adages. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Living well is the best revenge.

  31. Hiranga, I love how you swap between camps. I think this is what romantic stories should do. You flip from one side to the other. I realises that most are in the Dom camp at the moment. But I felt the same as you when I read it.

    I was going back and forth between the two; hating and loving them.

    And, I don't know, maybe I'm a sucker but I still want them to get together.

    Man, it's so complicated.

  32. Chris, what would the revenge be, I wonder?

  33. revenge would be infiltrating her comfort zone and then having sex with her friend lol.. or her sister! :o ! .. lol naaw im just being mean :)

  34. Interesting Hiranga - very interesting. :)

  35. Stacey, you are GREAT. Honest, and as honest as he's demanding I'd say. I'm a Stacey fan. Surely he finds this honesty exhilarating! If not, Dom is too romantic too appreciate EXISTENCE when it smacks him in the face. Dom you're a sore loser and man it's your fault. The "oh tragic I am" departure -- the negative space you so indulgently offered her -- got its just deserts. At least Marcus played her a few tunes rather than listing them in an email. I'm with Marcus. I'm with Stacey. Sap out, Dom. [sorry I and H]

  36. Excellent, Essex is back and wonderful. I adore your 'dom is too romantic to appreciate existence' comment. It made me think that this existence indeed is romantic. Tragically so. Romance shouldn't be easy. Life does get int he way. But the true romantic will always step up and not let the dogs lie.

    (I've been too influenced by your lovely poetic turn, Mr Essex)

  37. O my o my o my...

    what a tragedy of errors... It almost feels like a game someone is playing with my emotions... one day im hurting for Dom... the other for stacey... then im angry at Dom for not being aggressive enough and now im angry at stacey at wanting to hurt him so much.

    I understand this need of wanting to hurt someone when you've felt hurt by them. Why does ignorance (here D's walking away) hurt people so much when they're beginning to love?

    Did she sleep with Marcus to prove that she could get someone to? Cos she was mad D walked away? Or was it just another nihilistic act which happened in the moment? OR was she doing it just to see the reaction she'd get? OR Because she was falling too hard and didn't know how to handle it?

    Dom dropped a drink during their discussion (say that 5 times fast)... how childish and yet so Dom... he's either trying so hard to build up this exterior of a child-man or he is one and a tantrum fits right in (maybe you've noticed how unsure of everything I am in this comment... or maybe not?)

  38. @essex - "the negative space you so indulgently offered her"

    wow... how do u use turns of phrases so well?? hats off to you... and the phrase itself... so evocative and emotional.. u r quite something :)

    @ST - the name is Sharma, Ipshita Sharma :)

  39. Ipshi, you are such a wonderful commenter. So thoughtful, generous and honest. Thank you for that. How lucky I am to have you on this blog.

    I agress, Essaex line is beautiful too. Thank you for referencing it.

  40. aw shucks @papa bear... that was so sweet *hugz*

    I really envy you this responsibility and this generousity ... i dont know how I would've responded to such a life challenge ... I just might have been selfish enough to keep it to myself... this is almost an art project that is gaining momentum... quite like postsecret ... it touches me with its openness in quite the same way

  41. I'll respond to all of your beautiful comments when I'm back later this evening (it's 8:15 AM here and I just felt compelled to look at the volume of responses), but I must say to Stephen: Thank you for your kind words, you're a very good guy. I'm glad you're the one who's making this blog. :]

    Also, I'd like to say that seeing this, reading this, hearing the details... it's painful. It stabs through my heart and soul not because I think it's outrageous (though it is!), but because it struck so close to home.

    I guess... reading how it was for Stacey really gave me an idea for what happened. It wasn't just 'a couple of drinks and a couple of minutes' like I said an e-mail or two ago, but rather a smooth night and morning by Marcus. Put yourself in Marcus shoes, in Stacey shoes. Dom walked off. Neither of them knew that he was interested.

    If your date suddenly walked off after you poured out your life, wouldn't you think she/he really didn't like you? Marcus caught on to this and tried to replace Dom - maybe genuinely meaning to make her feel better.

    I think we'll have to see further on whether or not Marcus had pure intentions or not. I think we can tell by all of the 'fucked's rather than the 'made love's, we may be in for a bumpy ride.

    Wow, that ended up a lot longer than I wanted to make it, but sometimes it just spills over. :P

  42. Stephen- As much of a romantic as I can be, when people deserve it, I tend to be quite the fighter. I'm a lover and a of both worlds.
    I just want to make one thing clear, I am not at all on Dom's team anymore. I, however, am definitely not on Stacey's.
    I understand why she went home with Marcus. He might be better looking, based on the confidence probably better in bed. She may truly have believed that Dom was no longer interested(although I don't see how that mistake could have been made).
    Whatever the reason may be I don't really care that it happened. I just hate the fact that she went to an email and typed all of those horrible things.
    First of all, everyone is talking about how Dom hides behind his emails when clearly Stacey is doing the same thing. She gives only minor details when in person(even before Marcus happened). And then through email she reveals so much more than anyone ever thought she would, or could. She too is hiding behind her computer.
    Secondly, she could have explained that it actually meant something without saying it in such a vulgar manner. Talking about the music you fucked to with a man you know is clearly in love with you is not cool in my books. Even if she didn't know before that he loved her, there is absolutely no way she could be that ignorant and oblivious at this point.
    Third, props to Marcus. You managed to get this seemingly hot girl to feel a connection and sleep with you in a matter of hours where Dom couldn't produce such a reaction over dozens of emails. You must be very hot or very confident, or both for that matter. Either way, good job.
    Formerly (ST)

  43. @ Steph. In regard to Marcus’ feat of getting a Stacey to hop into bed where Dom couldn’t manage it, maybe Dom was after more? Call me old-fashioned, but perhaps Dom thought he was building a relationship. Maybe Stacey was just after “a root” (and, let’s face it, despite the angsty music, tea and nostalgic reading, when you sleep with someone a few hours after you meet them, it’s just “a root”), but if that’s really what she was after, it was not obvious by her emails to Dom. And as a so called friend, Marcus should have stayed the hell out of it, even if Stacey did come on strong. With the utmost respect to you and your opinion, this is one notch on his belt that Marcus should have not gone after.

  44. Another question that springs to mind. What, if anything, would Marcus and Stacey discussed about Dom before they went home? It’s hard to imagine he would have been excluded from all conversations, and if he was, isn’t that a little… strange?

  45. Finally some Drama and the comments prove it
    Good place to start a play hey all the vitriole would change when they later saw the 1st naive meeting loves journey is one hell of a ride I'm almost crying thinking about it

  46. @Chris
    I said props to Marcus in a slightly sarcastic way. I bet that is all she was looking for or she was trying to cover up some sort of insecurities. Either way I don't think he deserved the, as you put it "notch on his belt", he got it anyways though. And for most guys of that type, I am assuming that would be enough.

  47. hmmm i read something once that was quite interesting about relationships, courting and quick flings. It talked about how courting a women was more likely to get you into the "good marriage material" category, whereas if you manage to pass all her barriers and get physically intimate with a woman (however soon it may be after first meeting her) you will have established that YES SHE IS DEFINITELY ATTRACTED TO YOU and (here's the good bit!) she'd still be inclined to consider you as long term relationship material - unless you were an asshole in bed that is. So.. Dom has played for long term gains, and Marcus (using this model) has gone for the short term, and as it happens she'll probably still consider him for a long term relationship.

    It seems Marcus has won half the battle already, whereas Dom has just been floundering around courting her. Anyway - i thought that was interesting when we started talking about the whole status of a relationship existing.

    It kind of makes sense though - Stacey did sound happy about the morning after. Perhaps Marcus is better bf AND marriage material! ? I guess we dont know for sure just yet. ..I wonder if Marcus has tantrums like Dom..

  48. hey just something on the side - what does Stacey mean by "parted" in that sentence from the email?

    REF: "..and parted of me hated him for that and parted of me could see myself getting old…quilting and kissing and baking and toying with the idea of god…"

    She used the word "parted" twice - is this simply a typo? twice ? Or does that word fit that sentence? I thought she meant "part", but is there such a noun - "parted" ? Would someone good at english care to offer a definition or explanation what exactly those sentences meant?

  49. I’d say it‘s a typo. But it might indicate that she did a lot of copying and pasting when composing the email. //Funny, I thought only Marcus took time and care with his thoughts and words.

  50. Yeah it was a typo, Stacey is an idiotic dolt. So is Dom, I'm angry at both, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GET SO DRUNK DOM?!??!?!?!???

    - Cariss

  51. Thanks you Ipshi - wouldn't it be great to have a community like Post Secret. I'd love that. Fingers crossed.

  52. Randall, thanks for the kind words. It helps me keep going, I tell you.

  53. Steph, please don't join team Marcus. Please. I'm still on team S and D if helps. They're flawed, yes... but not Marcus. Please not Marcus. :)

  54. Chris, I wonder if they did talk about Dom on the way home. I'm not sure. I think it's the last thing they talked about. Indeed, I suspect, Marcus mainly talked about himself.

  55. Anon (2:16) "loves journey is one hell of a ride I'm almost crying thinking about it..."

    What a great line. Maybe that's an even better way to start a play.

  56. Hiranga, 'parted' I think it's a typo - I didn't edit it as I thought it was kinda cute.

  57. yes Cariss - YES - whay did he have to get so drunk!!??

    It's a flaw for him. He gets drunk and sends aggressive emails. He gets drunks and leaves the girl just when he shouldn't.

    Nicely observed. Man, I hope he doesn't get drunk again.

  58. That Fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you. Dom, just walk away!!!!!!!! Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg ugh.

  59. Anon (2:13) I feel your pain. Literally. I just hit my toe on the desktop.

  60. I'm not on team Marcus. I don't think this thing with D and S is going to work though.
    My view of this situation is now that Marcus must be very good looking, Stacey is really stupid and self absorbed, and Dom is a 5 year old.
    This is almost ruined for me.
    Hope it picks up soon......

  61. Like I said before, Steph T, I think that there will be a brief period of simmering, and then they will slowly talk back again into a friendship, and eventually they will be the closest of friends and realize they still have feelings for each other.

  62. Randall have you already read it?? :)

  63. Steph', I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way.

    I'm not going to give it away but suffice to say they are all flawed and complicated. Randall's words are wise and I dearly hope that we don't lose your honest voice. We all need it.

  64. poor stacey, the poor lonely heart, the poor dreamer, people rarely live up to what you imagine them to say or do or be but well... (i hate to do this so i'll make a silly rhyme)

    rome wasn't built in a day so don't push them all away la la laaaahhh...

    what a great email, i think it's the most hopeful one she's written. i can't wait to see how dom reads it...

    but hey a word to the (not so) wise,
    touch her mind then her body.

    (then fuck her to the doors!)


  65. Poor Dom! I feel so bad for him. Stacey is a cow. :(

  66. I think Marcus should have been the one to apologize; moreso than Stacy.
    There are unspoken rules of a friendship which he broke that night.
    I believe Stacy was wrong to sleep with Marcus but I believe it was mostly in part to do with alcohol and in the end, she liked what she had done.

    - PennyPup
    But I believe Dom was wrong to randomly leave Stacy by herself with his friends. But this I also sum up to alcohol.
    It's tragic but it's life uncensored.

  67. Haha Stephen, I have not read it, but like I said before, I have been in this situation before ;D

  68. Anon (5:47) Thank you for your comment. Wonderfully wild. And feel free to post anytime. Different points of view and rhythms only keep the discussion alive.
    Hello, goodbye (and hopefeully hello again) - Pix

  69. Hi Daughter of Sarah, welcome to the site. I'm sure many would agree Stacey is a cow. But what kind of animal is Dom.

  70. Hi Penny-Pup, thanks you so much for commenting. (love your name btw)

    I love your tragic - life uncensored - comment. It's messy and beautiful. Thank you.

  71. I wonder if my absence had been noted? Who knows. But it wasn't very nice to come back to this. I don't even know what to type, she was so heartless about it. No excuses for Stacey.

    I'm genuinely upset

  72. Yes, Dux - your absence was noted. I hope you're okay.

  73. Heartless bitch hahaa! Can't wait for the next email...

  74. Team Dom! I knew I didn't like that Stacey girl. She has no reason to be this detailed and cruel, smoothie or not. That's just not necessary. (Why oh why do guys get obsessed with girls like this?? I will never understand).

  75. Ipshi asked "Why does ignorance (here D's walking away) hurt people so much when they're beginning to love?" Someone once said "the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference". I truly believe that. Maybe that's what provoked Stacey (I still think she was way out of line though).

  76. omigod Missy... i just have been reading all your comments and have loved your thoughts and you've really made me think. Now that you've actually referred to my comment, I feel funnily enough, much more a part of this group. It's almost like a validation if you will.. so thanks :)

    Going on to the actual comment, I very much believe the comment about indifference being the true killer. Which is probably why S had to lash out and which Dom reacted to by lashing out himself... I do wish they'd stop all the hurt

  77. Wow, a lot of comments on this one.

    Just wanted to say, didn't read all of it but here is where I'm going to stop reading, it was fun while it lasted!

  78. Oh my god. I don't think any piece of written word has ever made me this angry.

    The unbelievable gall of this woman.

    I feel as betrayed after reading all of these in one shot.

  79. Guys as hard as this may be to believe... I actually understand where she's coming from... I mean yeah it's a dick move for her to put out so many of the details of what transpired but life is ugly. Who here hasn't been in a situation where you were hurt, truly hurt and did whatever it took to make that pain go away... and generally whatever it is that makes that pain go away becomes addictive... which is where I think she is with Marcus at the moment... And while an addiction makes you feel good for a time, there comes a point when you have to realize how bad it is for you. True love doesn't always win out but I would like to think that sometimes it does... Hell, I think we all want to believe that... if we don't why are we bothering living?


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