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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30th email

----- Original Message -----
From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Thursday, May 13th, 1999 07:43 AM
Subject: RE smart arse

Yes, I’m a smart arse. Sorry about that. Just teasing.

If anything it was a playground tease as protection against revealing that I find you attractive.

Oops, I just said I find you attractive.

Please delete this e-mail. I’d hate to see it returned to me at the bottom of your reply.


PS dog name suggestion #8-11: Paw McCartney, Paw Newman, Paw Pot, Pup John Paw II… (Or Pup Boneyiface, Pup Feetlicks, Pup Droolius)


  1. Delicious. The obvious slip up, that is obviously an obvious slip up, somehow becomes cute and not all that obvious when you read it a few times.

  2. Are you saying, Dom's double bluffing?

  3. Not much of a confession. Would he persist this much if he found her hideous?

  4. I think Dom should start playing hard right back at her.

    There could be a few days of awkward silence but I am sure she will reply with some off the cuff idea for a dogs name and tell him her job is driving her crazy.


  5. Lance, you are gorgeous and I'm sure if Stacey met you she'd fall in a second :)

  6. Merrick, I think you're right - her job is driving him crazy...

  7. errr.. i hate to be a pessimist but i think, although obvious, that was a little premature :S

    ...errrrrr DAMNIT DOM! what tha hell man... and the dog names - he just went wild with the dog names!! ARGHH Not that they were anything but awesome names but DAIMN why did he say all that?? He just then spelt out that he's like an overexcited puppy about letting all the cats out of the bag! And she probably doesn't even like cats! She just wanted to know that there was a bag!! AND awwww damnation Dom! why didn't you keep her on edge instead of spelling it out. ahhh its already in email format {im dying now BLAAA}

    Too much of the ball is now in her court. Potentially both of his balls. I just hope the next email doesn't bring the knife down on them.. oh gaaad..
    {i can relate to this situation too much} Bad bad baad male confidence!


  8. hes just buttering her up... every girl likes to hear a matter how reserved or shielded they are..and the way he did it was cute and quirky... I dont think hes done that much damage :)
    she may coil up if he drops a few lines like that face to face tho.

  9. He's just indulging the thrill -- shall I gamble and tell her what she wants to know, but is playing hard to get? He's just like a high stakes gambler. Sometimes a gambler just throws his whole stash into the middle of the table because he KNOWS he could lose, but KNOWS that if he were to win, it would be SO delicious. He's playing a dangerous email game. He's having a relationship with the email, the computer keyboard, not her. Dangerous move, but -- hey, Dom! -- thrilling isn't it. (Idiot) When this kid grows up, he'll realise it's all just heart break. Romantic love, the rickety roller coaster ride for the heart. It's thrilling, but one day those bolts will loosen and he'll fall meters to the floor. they need to cut through this crap and find binding eternal spiritual love. Don't chose the thrilling heart break dom, chose who you want to be gladly lumbered with for the rest of your life. that's love. Pah, kids!
    all the best, Essex

  10. Of course she keeps the emails. They're like heroin. Every now and then she can reread it to get a little hit.

    Because if it isn't there in front of her she will doubt. Forever.


  11. Anon - I'd love to see what would happen if he said it to her face. Thoughts anyone?

  12. s, I reckon you've got Stacey in one.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Oh Duncan, what happened to you? I know you have to be a certain height to ride the rollercoaster but remember we do shrink as we get older too.


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