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Sunday, November 13, 2011

272nd email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday October31st , 1999 2:43PM
Subject: RE RE A thought

Hi Dom…your future seems so much more interesting than mine..I just spent the last two days doing a centrelink course on how to fill out a resume…kinda interesting…and when I say kinda interesting I mean…hellish… depressing…as I realise that when I fill out my resume it comes close to being a blank document...I mean how do I make poetry, failed song writing and nihilism seem appealing to a potential employer…

Nothing like a reevaluation of ones life to make one feel so totally like a failure… (and make one commence using the royal we to make one feel more important…)

Also …as it’s Halloween…the teacher…if I can call her that…took it upon herself to come in costume to today's class…if I can call it that…

So nothing like a slightly overweight woman… dressed as pussy cat (her words, not mine)… to reinforce you have no value…

Anyway feeling a little low…don’t want to bring down your travel…heard from your mum that you’ve booked your tickets to NYC…so no doubt there’ll be silence for a few days…I understand and will now return to this classroom Hades where the the Devil is only a few moments away from cleaning herself while teaching us how to present ourselves in a job interview…

Role play here I come…



  1. Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween.

  2. It does actually. Influenced by by the Americans. I'm Australian and it's a big fun deal in my town.

  3. "sigh" Always a critic a knockin'. Why can't people just sit back and enjoy or bugger off?


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