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Sunday, October 2, 2011

252nd and 253rd email

From: Dom Borax 
To: Stacey Marchenkova

Sent: Thursday October 8th, 1999 21:35PM
Subject:  RE RE RE RE RE change of topic
Hey Stace, don’t do that. I accept your apology, really. That’s all I need.
And it’s damn sweet that you’d consider coming to see me. That’s so cool.
But it’s not worth it. Really.
I’m just having a tough time at the moment. I’m just trying to work it out.
And sure it would be easier with you as puzzle wing-man – just to ease those moments with an offer in a glance that means; “Don’t worry, that simply doesn’t make any sense at all.”
But I don’t need you in person to do that.
I can imagine it.
I can imagine you there with your dark eyes – peering over your glasses, blinking with those lashes. I can see vividly that selling everything you have to be here in person would simply just exhaust you needlessly.
Not that I don’t appreciate the offer. If you were here, I would hold you so tight that I could possibly crush you to death.
And perhaps for that reason alone you should stay safe and alive on the other side of the world.
Because as much as I want to feel our bones break I know that kissing you after would be awkward.
So hear me, darling - I’ll be fine.  Trust me.  I’ll win in the end. And when I do you can come visit me then as a king of this town, as a victor of this city, as a man of the Angels.

Yours crushingly

From: Stacey Marchenkova  
To: dom borax

Sent: Thursday October 8th , 1999 22:17PM
Subject:  Well…after reading your last email
I’m frisky as all get out…

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