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Sunday, October 30, 2011

267th email

From: Dom Borax 
To: Stacey Marchenkova >
Sent: Sunday October 26th, 1999 4:11AM
Subject:  Everything closes at 2:00
Hey drlaing, how are you? I am a little druink - sorry
See, evrytnhing closes real ealy here which I don't;l understanf. Kinda weird, I reckon. Cause you just end up wandeinr the streets looking for somewhere to party which I did and found a place some guy I dn’t know but a nice guy he had some wine and a nice balncony so we talked for a few hours before3 I wante d tpo come home.
Then  I walked the streets for a bit and got back to this hotal that I have to miove out fo soon. I can’t keep usinga my dad to pay for me. I have to find an apartment – maybe that guy I met tonight could let me live with him - that would b e good.
God I don't know it dion]t think sio – I don't even know him he might be a killer or another wirter of a actor or even another PA – that would be woerd  - I don;’t think I ciold take that –
Not afyteter this week. It’s been awful. I’m noit having a good time here, stace’ I tell you. IT’S not the city of dreams it’s not. It’s lonely wuith weird values. It’s a company town – it’s just sells oil or bauxite or whatdver theose company towns sell.
Whioch is ironic as they actually wan t to sell human drama but it only sells it in bottles and boxes. Not really selling it. Actually the real drama is such a bad idea or a poison or a virus or something that if it’s really touched the town will fall to hell.
Anwyhows I hope you had a noce weekend. Glad to read that you spent some time with my fokks – they’re nice people not like thwt people here who are so not nice.
And don’;t let me mother get to you – she can do that mother trick of making it feel like its all your fauly – but it isn't – I will rign yher tomorrow –m even from work – fuck them, theyt can take the expense for some happiness occasionally – you know what I eman – I mean they give me such unhappiness that maybe one small call to hoem  is actually a really cheap price to pay for such lashing and lack of caring and shit.
Gotta go now…gfee;ling sleepy and not sure what I;m writoing, I still love you by the way,.



  1. LOL! This made me chuckle. Reminds me of my days of youth going online when sloppy drunk and not really knowing what you'Re saying at the time, or after the fact.

    Love it.

  2. I've decided that I am convinced Stephen that you really are clever and you are craftily making this up! :)

  3. I still love you ... hmmmmmm.

  4. Stephen can't spell this good, so Sonia I doubt it.

  5. It is made up:

  6. Hmm I'm pretty sure it is made up, as this coincidence is a bit too ridiculous:
    There was an Australian film released in 2000 originally called 'City Loop', but also titled 'Bored Olives'. There are two characters called Dom and Stacy, and it was written by none other than Stephen Davis......

    (Oh and Stephen Davis' author profile on IMDb lists his official blog as this website)


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