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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

232nd email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Monday September 14th, 1999 4:11AM
Subject: Landed and safe

Dear Stacey, I have just arrived after what was the longest flight. Okay might be being dramatic here. I know there are longer flights.

Perhaps safe to say – my longest flight.

Which is also untrue, as I went to Europe with the family a few years back.

Perhaps safe to say – a pretty long flight. Not the longest and not my longest but longish.


Anyway and regardless, it is weird to be here in Los Angeles.

For some reason I though the airport would be the gateway to dreams. I thought it would be modern or classic Hollywood. But it’s actually functionary and bland. Brisbane airport is more exciting. Really. Okay the Control Tower and the large LAX sign is thrilling to see but the rest feels in desperate need of a make over or at least a Hollywood rewrite.

I have to admit the first thing I did upon touch down, was search out a StarBucks. I’d never had a coffee from Starbucks and I was little excited about sampling this hellish brew. And it was alright, I have to say; an espresso monopoly on a filter culture. It helped with Jetlag anyway.

Then I found a public computer and decided to email you.

So here I sit; with my half drained Starbucks, my bags and a desperate disappointment of the airport architecture.

But I’m not taking this as a sign. This is how it should be; an alphabet of new experiences hidden in the sealed enveloped of cheap packet envelope.

(Man, I must be tired, that’s a really lame sentence – sorry – call myself a writer; huh!?)

Anyway, just wanted to email and let you know I am safe. I still have an Australian accent. I’ve already read the Little Prince (Thank you for that – one of your items from the house, right – though I have to say reading a book about a guy who’s plane crashes in the desert while on a plane is not an experience I need to replicate)

Once I’ve checked into the hotel, I’ll email again. I’m sure there is more to tell.

Miss you



  1. Ahhh Dom, you're killing me. A girl pours her heart and soul into one of the most hard hitting things I've ever read and you respond with "I had a long flight."

    Actually as an after thought it appears he hasn't even read her email.

  2. Maybe he'll write more emotionally when he gets to his hotel room...


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