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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

224th email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Thursday August 20th, 1999 2:24 AM
Subject: RE RE Your Dad is a legend

I will come your mum, huh?

And maybe we could dig a hole in your garden too...just to escape... I’ll bring the bucket if you bring the spade...

...and we can dig and dig until we’re free...I know it seems like hard work...but sometimes it’s good to get away… don’t you think?




  1. If that's not an innuendo...

  2. My god. It went completely over my head. Really.

  3. Yeah, actually, I didn't catch the innuendo until you mentioned it - I thought it was just a sweet bring back to the story Dom told about his dad. But now I can't UNSEE the innuendo!


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