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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

203rd email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday August 2nd, 1999 15:32 PM
Subject: RE RE RE RE RE RE I actually feel a little guilty

Cool, I understand…I hate it…but I understand…I’ll see you tomorrow night though….your place…party…it’ll be intersesting


PS And I really hope there’s a least one moment we can sneak away and steal a kiss…just one moment…

PPS Gaelic for home is abhaile I looked it up.


  1. Unrelated to this post as such but last night I dreamt that I was at one of Dom's parties. That can't be the best of signs =/

  2. STephen Davis here: I'm having problems commenting and responding - anyone else having issues?

    Anyway in answer to Pete:

    Pete, that's wonderful. I wish I'd been there too. Can you tell us anymore? Who got drunk? Any hook ups? Whosed teeth fell out...

    Also has anyone else had a D and S dream?

  3. yep, I've had problems posting for a few weeks now. I have to trick it by pressing preview rather than post. That sometimes works, but there's definitely issues.

  4. yeah issues here as well. But all seems to be working ok now... I wonder if they'll be as interested in each other after the sneaking around excitement is gone?

  5. "looked it up" is 1999 for Google.

  6. I've always had problems posting, but I just keep clicking the post button until I get the secret image. It takes about 3 times.

    As for this email, I think Stacey is a little hurt about how much detail he went into about Elsa's parents abode. Or maybe I'm just thinking about how I'd feel if that was said to me....

  7. Aha! Now I finally know that it isn't just me having trouble posting! Maybe this time something I say will actually show up... Hopeful.

    I hope they get caught kissing. Oh, the suspense, the drama, the horror. The brilliance!

  8. I know that posting twice in a row may be frowned upon, but what a happy day this is! I thought my comments were just getting screened or something. Fail. Each post I tried in vain to comment on. And then was slightly disappointed that nothing I thought came into words on this page. Thank you so much PennyPup, for letting me know how to solve this great predicament!

  9. In regards to the posting problems, I've had some also. Some days I'll be signed in, others I won't be and have to enter all the details manually. It seems to be okay today.

    With the dream, all I really remember is me being drunk, but that's to be expected with the equation of Pete + party.

    Kimberly: I'm guessing you mean the daily phrase of "I'll Google it...", aye?

  10. i wish there was a "like" button for these comments!

  11. Yep, Pete... that is more accurate.


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