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Sunday, May 15, 2011

200th email

From: Dom Borax
To: Stacey Marchenkova
Sent: Thursday August 1st, 1999 18:21 PM
Subject: RE RE RE I’m actually feel a little guilty

Yeah, I was working in the bookstore a year ago. I started working there just after I moved out of home. My father teed it up. He knew the owner from on-campus business and I guess he used his status as an Arts Academic to get me a gig.

(Because Arts Academics truly rule the world, don’t you know – that’s why we still have musicals)

Sorry not quite sure why I’m telling you this – but yes I was working there a year ago. But I don’t think I served you. I am certain I would have remembered and I am certain we would have started this dance then.

Imagine that!? If we’d have begun one year ago where would we be now? Where will we be in a year?

Man, I rambling – had too much coffee today. Also I’m typing without glasses and making too many errors. I’m getting so sick of pressing that back space key.

I’m stopping now because I don’t make any sense.



  1. i don't remember him ever say love before....

  2. Hooray love!

    haha i know -soft call- :P

  3. this is a great email, really enjoyed it.

  4. I think this line is more telling:

    "I’m stopping now because I don’t make any sense."

    The rambling, the reminiscence...a refusal to leap forwards. He's dithering. He's stopping now. He's not making any sense. He's not even trying.

    No flirting, no seduction, no tension, no buzz. Is our Dom fleeing Stacey's all too steamy real and present reality?

    Was it the thrill of the chase, or the tentative steps, of the surreptitious sex that kept him going?

    Stacey's "aren't we naughty" declarations, kinda made it all official. There's no tension in that, no uncertainty, no excitement.

    You might write "love" Dom, but you don't particularly want it, do you? There's no room for The Dom Show in a loving relationship, when the ego's stripped aware and we are bare.

    What is Dom without the show? "I guess that's why we still have musicals."

    Indeed, Dom. Indeed.

    [P.S I've had real difficulty posting of late, there seems to be some fault on this site. Is anyone else having this problem? I haven't seen so many comments, and wondered if others are having these technical problems. Mind you, if they were, they wouldn't be able to post and say so! There's an existential predicament.]

    - Brent Olsen, Alexandria, AU

  5. Yeah I have to agree with the above comment, Dom seems like he's losing interest. The email seems to say nothing of substance. Oh Dom, what happened to those beautiful, engaging emails that could make anyone fall in love with you via email?

  6. Dom has glasses...

  7. I miss the boss, but just a reminder folks --

    Stephen Davis (April 2011) said...

    Again I have been so slack in replying. My only excuse is the busyness of life. See I've got some big deadlines coming up and I admit to moments of panic - most emphatically is the grand possibility of failure.

    Nevertheless, I adore the feedback that is generated and please don't take my absnece as lack of intrest.

    Truly it is the opposite.

  8. anyone else notice this is the big 200? was hoping for a big bomb to be dropped :O

  9. At Anonymous 11:19, maybe the big 200-bomb was the "love"?


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