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Thursday, December 15, 2011

And there it is.
The final email for this season.

Bored Olives will return Sunday 22nd April 2012.

The new address will be
It's that easy.

If you want to be emailed when the next season resumes please email

otherwise you can check out the story from the beginning at the bored olives archives
Again thank you all so much for reading and if you're looking at getting me a thank you present for the holidays please share the site in whatever way you see fit.

Love to all and happy holidays.


  1. get a holding page at

    or better yet host the archives there instead of a THIRD website

    This is constructive criticism

  2. miss spelled? or purposely misleading?

  3. spelling error - thank you. I have fixed it up now.

  4. its 30th now......still nothing on new blog.????

  5. "Dear Olives, as you may be aware the new site is still in the process of being built. I apologise for the delay and promise it will be up and running shortly."

    Posted on the Bored Olives Facebook page. I hope it'S up and running soon! I miss my D&S fix.

  6. Seriously Bored Now OliveJune 10, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    Good grief, you've really screwed the pooch here Stephen Davis. Any interest I had here is now dead and buried. I'll take a look at the new website once, when you eventually make it live, then i'll never look at it again.

    Presumably you're spending all this time coming up with ideas for the rest of the relationship?

    What, you don't think these are real e-mails do you!?

  7. Honestly, "Seriously Bored Now Olive"? Even though it sucks that the updates haven't restarted yet and the website isn't up, is that really necessary?

    If your interest really is dead and buried, why bother promising one more view after leaving that little barb? Even if the emails were fabricated, so what? You enjoyed them in the first place, didn't you?

    Being a dick doesn't get you what you want any faster.

  8. well....its 2013 mow....and still nothing....

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