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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

282nd email

----- Original Message -----
From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: Dom Borax
Sent: Monday, Dec 31st, 1999 11:59 PM
Subject: Happy new year

Dear Dom,

I hope you’re okay. I Miss you.

I would love to first foot with you.

Look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Love Stacey.


  1. To Bored Olives readers, I prepare you for the end of this season.

    It has been an absolute trip and I've loved every minute.

    To regular readers and old commenters, I am sorry for my lack of reply but life got a little too complicated.

    I hope you kept reading, though.

    and DON'T WORRY bored olives will return in April 2012 with a new site and a new chapter.

    On Sunday's postings I will offer details.

    Love to you all.


  2. I've been reading this blog since June 2010 and have loved it. I really hope that when it returns in April it's not just a wrap up to end the story and Steven is going along with the chronology of the story (perhaps Dom won't email for 5 months!). Bit of a solemn ending but at least Stacey is giving us a bit of hope and hasn't lost hope in Dom! Happy Xmas and New Year fellow readers (and Steven of course!)

    Fascinating read, a bit voyeurish even, yet still enthralling throughout.

  3. Anon (1:31) It will not be a wrap up. It is a whole new beginning for Dom and Stacey.

  4. Oh, come on, don't give the story away!!!

  5. Second thoughts...give away the story, can we have a teaser or a few teasers about where it's going next???

  6. Stephen! It's cold and snowy season in America... and you pull this? What will I have to look forward to now that I refuse to leave my warm and cozy home?

    Ah, well :)

    Looking forward to more info and a fancy(?) new website. Nice to see you around and I hope the life complications are all bad ones.

    Merry Christmas/Holiday/Blah/Stuff to all the hangers-on.

  7. Hi Stephen - well this will change my Wednesday and Sunday mornings... Will just have to now go into denial until April (much like Dom maybe?).

    Take care and look after those complications - I hope they right themselves soon.

    Merry Christmas to everyone - let's meet in the new year and see what these two crazy lovebirds get up to!


  8. Thanks Stephen. Have been reading and enjoying all the way along, though my life has also become quite complicated. Your emails have been a constant.

  9. thanks Stephen. I enjoy reading these posts (though I probably should comment more I suppose)

  10. Hi Stephen!

    Not sure if you remember me. But I posted as "Stephanie." Anyway, I thought I'd leave a comment and say hi. I started up my own blog recently. You should check it out (



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