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Sunday, December 4, 2011

281st email

From: Stacey Marchenkova
To: dom borax < >
Sent: Friday December 21st 1999 1:21AM
Subject: RE RE What are you not getting?

It’s been over a month and I have been silent…but I am worried…I went to your Mum’s the other day… she’s bearing up fine I think…she still makes a fine cup of tea….good to see Oftenbark again…he misses you I could tell… and it was a relief to hear you’re fine…

Anyway…I’ll continue to remain silent…but just so you know…I am not going to stop loving you and regardless of your request I will check in every few weeks until you reply…if for nothing else to remind you I am still alive…and I am still moving forward…and I still want you in my life…

Happy Christmas, dear.


  1. It is depressing seeing the response dwindling down like this.

    Stephen, your absence (while due to the site) has clearly had an effect on discussion. Really though, I feel like we have reached a plateau. Dom is gone, his father is dead, and Stacey is in love with him.

    No more chasing each other, playing footsies under the table, etc.

  2. You're right Charles... I think it's not so exciting now that they are actually together. Some of that drama is gone, but the story is still pretty fascinating. I think people would stll be reading, but perhaps finding less to comment on.

  3. I wonder if the old enthusiasts are still out there. There used to be a whole community here checking-in in the comments section. I imagine apart from the site's posting problems, that replying to comments became a full-time job for Stephen who appears to be busy in other arenas. I hear he's a bloody good teacher as well as a screenwriter, playwright, and screenplay development consultant.

    Nevertheless, are you still out there regulars???

    I just wonder where this is going next. After all it's a ten year story, if my memory serves me right. And Stephen's enthusiasm for it must be for its inherent drama, human content, and complex twists and turns.

    Any thoughts on where it's going?

    Marriage and children?

    A return to that other girl?

    Stacey's pregnant?

    New York's calling?

    Maybe Dom and Stacey move to Sydney and get torn apart by new love interests...?

    I reckon we must be on the cusp of something really exciting!!!

    Come on, Stephen, give us a big chunk of emails for Christmas, and show us where this heart-breaking and heart-warming story's heading next!!!!!!!

    And let's have a big return of reader's comments with or without Stephen!

    Even if it's just for Christmas wishes!


    - Warren Devinn, Sunday 4th December.

  4. I'm still here!

    I agree with you Warren; we need a huge pile of e-mails for Christmas! =D
    I'll curl up with a mint hot cocoa and spend Christmas eve reading about D&S =D

    Happy Christmas All!

  5. I'm still reading, just haven't commented as, like was said above, there's not too much to comment on anymore. It's become a story of normality and lacking the excitement that was in it before. I won't stop reading though :)


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